The Mustang

Back around 1980 there was a great Aussie sit-com on TV called, Kingswood Country where the central character, Ted Bullpit owned a Kingswood.  His famous catch-cry that he constantly yelled to his son whenever he needed to go anywhere was, ‘You’re not taking the Kingswood’.  Which of course was terribly funny because a Kingswood was certainly not worthy of being elevated into sacred status nor due any idol worshiping but for Ted Bulpitt it was his most precious possession.


Late ’70’s Holden Kingswood – not the envy of everyone!  This image is from

My husband doesn’t drive a Kingswood but he does have a precious possession in the form of a 1967 convertible Mustang that only he drives.  That is, Carl has been the only driver until last Friday.  Up until then, Carl has never needed to say, ‘You’re not taking the Mustang’.

Enter Archie.

Even little Rosie looks worried

Even little Rosie looks worried

The laws in our part of Australia are that no provisional driver (first three years of holding a driver’s licence) is allowed to drive a car with a V8 engine.  The Mustang was off-limits to Archie.

But time marches on and suddenly, Archie approached me with his hand out-stretched and asked for the money he needed to sit the test for his black licence.  Yes, the three years on his P’s had come to an end.  Archie drove off to the RTA in my ‘Rice Burner’ as he calls it, returned an hour or so later waving a black licence in my face and asked, ‘So where’s the Mustang?’

Now the Mustang had that morning been collected from the panel beaters where it had been tenderly having every little ding and scratch lovingly removed/buffed/polished or whatever it is that panel beaters do.  Carl drove it up the drive and asked me to come down and inspect the fine workmanship saying, ‘And remember how it had a scratch here?’ and, ‘Remember that little ding on this side?’, and, ‘See how well they’ve matched the colour’, and ‘I didn’t even ask them to do this panel but they’ve done it as well’.  And after I’d circled the car five times feigning interest in Carl’s obsession I said, ‘Archie’s home; he just got his black licence’.

Carl was pulled up short.  He had no idea.  Hadn’t been counting the days.  ‘He’s not driving the Mustang’.

But Archie is persuasive.  Very persuasive.  About the Mustang.  Because since 2004 when Carl bought this fine specimen of motoring history (who is older than he is), Archie has been biding time, counting the days until he would be behind the wheel.

We’ve just had a long weekend and on Monday Archie’s girlfriend was here bright and early.  Archie was taking her for a drive.  In the Mustang.  All the way up to Palm Beach and back.  Handing over the keys was very difficult for Carl who had gently backed the old girl out of the driveway then given Archie another verbal lesson on how to drive it including how much space to leave between you and the car in front of you and if it looks like rain, do put the top up etc.  Then came the moment when Carl had to step away and watch Archie with his girlfriend beside him disappear down the street.

It was twilight when we heard the car returning to us.  Carl rushed out to greet his old girl, circled her a few times and had to admit that apart from the tank being on empty, the car was unblemished.

Difficult days ahead for Carl to be sure.


  1. Oh poor Carl! I’ll bet he was sweating it out waiting until his “baby” got back 🙂
    Has Archie asked to take it out again?

  2. I’m very releived the Mustang came to no harm, but Archie sure does give it a certain level of cool. It looks to me like Rosie was grinning, not worried at all. Lovely car 🙂

  3. I was waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop with this story. So glad it had a fairy tale ending. This time. BTW, I love these vintage Mustangs.

  4. I imagine Archie is plotting the second drive, and Carl is planning his counter.

  5. It’s a beautiful car. I don’t know how Carl did it.

  6. Oh dear, poor Carl. But Archie does look good driving that Mustang! 🙂

  7. I agree that the pairing of Archie ,(Rosie) and the Mustang looks pretty cool. You just have to make returning the car with a full tank of gas a part the agreement to drive it again.

  8. Danielle says:

    And Archie’s girlfriend didn’t even get to sit in the front?! Indeed a beauty of a car, 1967 a fine vintage year 😉

  9. Haha I am sure Archie will take good care of Carl’s little baby – my dad is exactly the same about his car 😉


  10. So funny Charlie…it is sure a very nice car…and can only imagine what Carl is going through 😀
    Hopa you are having a wonderful week!

  11. I can’t believe Carl let him drive it! But Archie certainly looks like he was born for the role – that photo of him and Rosie is just priceless! And my heart did do a little lurch at the video – bet Carl nearly fainted.. 🙂

  12. Archie looks very suave indeed Charlie! But was his girlfriend in the backseat? That car would look even cooler with a beautiful blonde up front 🙂 MiddleC has her license too now, but I cleverly talked her into letting me garnish her paycheck until she saved enough to get her own car. We also have a V8 and a company car so we couldn’t let her use any 🙂 On MiddleC’s maiden voyage alone she came home with a football size dent in the drivers door…. and no idea how it got there! At least that’s the story she’s sticking with!

  13. I have to give Carl credit, Charlie. I know some guys who would never have given up the keys to the “baby.” Only a Dad …
    Living in Detroit, the Mustang’s introduction was a very big deal. I still remember a billboard with a blond figure riding a red mustang convertible, wearing sunglasses and a scarf to hold her hair in place. Over her head was the price: $2395.00. How expensive we all thought! Ha! 🙂

  14. Poor Carl, he has set a precedent now. It would have been much easier to have said “NO”!

  15. 1967 was a great year for Mustangs – that’s a beautiful car. I can understand Carl’s reluctance to let Archie borrow it. Wonder how long until it becomes Archie’s car? 😉

  16. How did Carl manage to stay calm until Archie brought back his baby?

  17. Yes, Poor Carl! The most frightening moments of my life were when I sat in the passenger seat and put my sons behind the wheel for the first time; the second-most frightening times were the first times I let them drive alone.Fortunately,I did not have a ‘sweet ride’ like Carl’s Mustang…what a gorgeous car. I’m glad Archie get his hands on it, though!

  18. Hahah, is that all boys think about? My brother was the same way…but he didn’t even get permission. One day he snuck out for a joy ride in my dad’s Porsche. The idiot that he is didn’t remember to change the radio back to whatever station that my dad had on, and so he got caught red-handed!

  19. Oh my God!!!! I SEE this coming, may in another…..6 years????? hehehehe! My husband could be Carl’s long lost brother, so obsessed is he with cars. I call it his OCD….cars!!

    This gave me a huge chuckle, and I do feel for Carl. I do. Trust me. But can’t help feeling good for Archie too. Good lad you have there.

  20. My dad recently bought a 1980’s Jaguar and, even though it’s not worth much financially, it is his pride and joy. Now, I’ve been off my P’s for nearly ten years, but my heart was in my mouth as he handed me the keys (for reasons unknown to myself, dad trusts me unquestioningly with his car and always had). Suffice it to say that when I parked it, I chose a spot all on its own and left a ridiculous amount of space between the car and the kerb. Tense times indeed. But it’s no Mustang!

  21. Am laughing my head off! Since I read my mails consecutively from oldest to newest, I have been wonderfing for hours what ‘THE Mustang’ with your name attached was doing on so many blogs!! Hmm . . . feel for your husband I’m afraid 🙂 !

  22. i can imagine him watching archie drive off! if my dad had something like that i probably wont even be allowed near it!

  23. Oh dear…poor Carl. That’s a sweet little car he’s got there…Archie, you better take good care of her!! 😉 xo

  24. Such a beautiful car and Achie actually looks great in the car. 😀

  25. You two are just so supportive. I on the other hand am not. There is no borrowing my car and no paying for licenses. Its partly because I cant afford the insurance or a day without my car and parlty because I think that if Skater wants to drive he’ll have to be able to afford to pay himself ( i know what a mean Mum)

  26. Oh Archie definitely has some magic powers because I was sure that Carl wouldn’t let him drive it! 😮 And it’s a bit depressing but Archie is off his Ps before I am 🙁

  27. What a classic car! There is definitely a fist in the gut the first time our children drive off without us. So glad he returned safely.

  28. Now THAT is a nice car! I’ll have to show this to my hubby 🙂

  29. Oh, lucky Archie! I’m sure Carl was relieved that car made it home unscathed. My guys always drone on about cars…and they all go on outings to ooh and ah over the latest model sports car. Thank goodness I rarely have to tag along.

  30. Sweet Posy Dreams says:

    I’m so glad nothing happened to the car. I know Carl was too! We have an old VW Karmann Ghia that our son loves to borrow, but he drove it so much last summer, it had a little nervous breakdown and we haven’t gotten the transmission fixed yet.

  31. Now that’s a car I too want to driving around in.. only if it didn’t make noise… haha

  32. WOW that’s such a cool car that Carl owns!!! I’ve never been in one of these cool cars before hahaha wow Archie finally got to drive it yay!!! how exciting for him!!! 🙂 I think he’ll get the chance to keep driving as long as he drives it safely hehe xox

  33. A HUGE rite of passage! I’ve never heard the law about the V-8 engines! That’s a brilliant idea, I think. But like you said, time marches forward. Carl was a good sport to trust his baby with his older baby! 🙂 I certainly saw lots of smiles…but no picture of Carl’s expression? I understand!

  34. My second car was a 67 mustang that had been painted green. No soft top but I loved that car! I’m older than the car 🙂

  35. Hahaha! Poor Carl… 😉

  36. Poor Carl……..Glad it came back in one piece this time…….Yikes.

    She’s a noisey beast.


  37. Oh Charlie that is just too funny!!
    Poor Carl…. poor poor Carl, if your son is anything like ours that old girl is in for a tougher ride than usual…

  38. Carl is a very very generous man, especially with a classic like that. 😉

  39. I’m not really in to classic cars but I wouldn’t even let anyone drive my regular car (I’m planning a road trip with a friend and have reiterated to him on many occasions that under no circumstances does he ever get to drive my own “baby”). I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Carl! As for the tank being on empty though… I’m surprised he noticed! Isn’t that something of a trademark for him, I think you mentioned a few posts back?!

  40. Ha! Great car!

  41. How fun for Archie! And, what a great car to have as a precious possession. Hope the car sharing continues uneventfully!


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