The Senior Citizen

Last Tuesday I took Alfie to the movies.  You don’t have to get too dressed up to see a movie, I mean, it is dark in there so it’s not like anyone will be looking at you but I did put in some effort and I was wearing make-up, a smart jacket and shoes with a heel.  We saw Man of Steel.  Yes, it’s good but it’s also too long.  Too long by about half an hour and I kept thinking it was about to wrap up but no, there were at least another thousand and one buildings to be blown up.

Having entered the theatre in the afternoon sunshine, we walked out into the black of night.  And it was dinnertime.  Now we’d have to go home via the supermarket to pick up some emergency supplies so I could put dinner on the table.  To make the trip more speedy I dropped Alfie at his father’s office so he could play on the i-pad while I whizzed around child-free.

Little boys are addicted to all things concerning petrol, speed and danger.

Little boys are addicted to all things concerning petrol, speed and danger.

In five minutes I had everything I needed to put together a simple meal.  I rushed to the check-out and emptied my basket onto the counter.  I was busy collecting my packed groceries when the male check-out person said, ‘Have you got your senior’s card?’

I stopped and stood absolutely still.  Had I heard right?  I said, ‘I beg your pardon?’

He looked at me and said again, ‘Have you got your senior’s card?’

To qualify for a ‘senior’s card’ you have to be over 60.  On Tuesdays this local supermarket offers the ‘seniors’ 10% discount if they present their senior’s card.  Even though I’d only bought about $30 of stuff, this man didn’t want me to miss my $3.00 discount.  And I know I can look bad on a really bad day but I thought I was looking pretty smart with my lipstick, jacket and shoes with a heel.

I glared back at him and said, ‘I’m not old enough for a senior’s card; I have to wait about another 15 years.  They don’t give it to you just because you look old’.

And he tried to recover from his double faux pas by saying, ‘Oh, it’s just a habit.  I ask everyone out of habit’.

Nuh, not feeling it.  Not feeling like that took the sting out of that double blow one little bit.

Alfie on the quad bike with the 'senior' in the background.

Alfie on the quad bike with the ‘senior’ in the background.

I’m thinking I should avoid supermarket shopping and just buy everything on-line.  Because it was at the same supermarket where I was offered a membership to an over-50’s gym and I was shopping with Alfie in another supermarket when someone asked me if he was my grandson.

Good things do not come in three’s.

We visited a cemetery dating back to 1806.

We visited a cemetery dating back to 1806.

I’m currently down in the country town of Mittagong having a few days rest.  Here’s hoping the country air takes a few years off me.  Who knows, I might look like I’m in my mid-50’s by the time I get back to Sydney.

Making the boy work.  Bringing in the firewood.

Making the boy work. Bringing in the firewood.

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  1. Oh god Charlie I’m so sorry. How rude of those people! You don’t look a day over 30.

  2. Lordy, that’s even worse than asking when the baby is due! I’m surprised you didn’t slap him.

  3. After an experience like that, I hope you find the country air rejuvenating Charlie!

  4. How utterly rude! You look fabulous!

  5. Mary Galea says:

    Oh Charlie – that’s terrible!! LOL!! I get the opposite thing….take my grandies (1 is 16 and the other now 14) shopping, and since they were little, we are perpetually asked something along the lines of “ask Mum” – to which they chorus, “she’s our NANNA, not our Mum!” Of course I don’t mind it that way…but I do understand – and, I can’t wait for the next 2 years to be gone, because then I WILL qualify for a seniors card!

  6. LOL made me laugh…..poor you, but I am sure you can handle it, doesn’t country air make you look older 😉

  7. Oh Charlie – I do feel sorry for you but am also hugely amused because I have seen photos of you and there is no way anyone could think you look within 20 years of deserving a seniors card! How ridiculous. Perhaps the supermarket in question has the kind of young staff who aren’t able to distinguish between those of us aged over 25…25, 30, 35, 65 – all the same thing to them. I hope you enjoy your break 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness. How insulting! What a cheek, so glad you can laugh about it now.

  9. That’s just horrible, particularly on a good day. So sorry for that person’s rudeness, I just hate it when they call me Ma’am; barf! Do I look like I could be a ma’am, why not a miss?????? Grrrrrrr. Sometimes I just feel like calling them Embrio just to prove a point.
    A few years ago I was carded in Illinois and I thought it was a joke so called him a sweety and I walked on, but then the big burly cop says “excuse me, ID please” and I show him quite embarrassed, but very flattered. Then he carded my 60 year old friend and my 54 year old husband and so on. Apparently they card everyone in Illinois! Sigh.

  10. Hi Charlie, so dear…what a day! Some people are so ignorant, they don’t think twice before they speak. Regardless 40,50 or 60…they should respect the ladies by addressing them Miss or have the courtesy to ask instead of take for granted or just simply judge blindly.

    Am glad you take things easy but it’s ok as long as we feel young at heart always.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Blame those hideous fluorescent supermarket lights – it’s absolutely not a reflection on you. Those lights have the power to make the springiest spring chicken look like they are 205 and counting. If you get a spare moment in the Highlands, check out Gumnut Patisserie in Bowral – – it’s fabulous!

  12. Oh Charlie! I’ve never met you, but from pictures I’ve seen, I can assure you you certainly don’t look anywhere near ready for a Seniors Card.
    I get asked if I’m pregnant ALL THE TIME. I still carry a baby belly from 2 years ago but the awkward questions still pops up 🙁 Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut than ask questions.

  13. Great post!

  14. I know, I know that’s just terrible but I can’t stop laughing!

  15. Danielle says:

    What a complete idiot that bloke is. You look stunning in your blog photos and I don’t know on what planet you could be considered anywhere near eligible for your senior’s pass!

  16. It’s funny to read, but I cringe when I remember the first time I did use a senior’s discount. I would almost have rather paid full price than to do so!

  17. How annoying, but then most young people can’t estimate age. I actually wish I could quality for the senior citizen discount especially when going to the movies as tickets are $6.75 compared to $9.99. Only 8 yrs to go before I qualify. 🙂

  18. Aww my friend, you definitely do not look like a senior citizen, the guy was probably high or something!

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. These people have no idea what they’re on about! I’ve had a couple instances where people thought I couldn’t speak English properly (just because I’m Asian).. people can be rude! Hope you enjoy your break xoxo

  20. You know what I find interesting about this post? I’ve been having many discussions with people lately about age, and we’ve all agreed that “old” doesn’t happen until 70. I honestly don’t even think 60s is old. Which means that you and I are practically twins, so take that, check-out dude. 😉 x

  21. I know how you feel, When it happens to me all the time and I simply look outraged and stalk on – and I’m 75!

  22. Oh my! There is absolutely no way that you would ever pass for 60!! What a cheeky bugger! I can imagine your response was delivered through gritted teeth with the death glare!

  23. Next time tell him you forgot it because you haven’t been taking your dilemma

    • Sorry, hit the wrong button!
      Tell him you forgot your dementia medication, then give him a big wink and ask if he’d like to play with a cougar! He will be so embarrassed that he will be unlikely to ever ask anyone for their senior car again 🙂
      Btw, you have nothing to worry about, you’re a stunner 🙂 xox

  24. Oh god! That’s so awful 🙁 relax and enjoy your break. Pay no attention to him!

  25. WHAT that is insane Charlie! I can’t believe that it has happened to you so many times! That is so silly you do NOT look old enough to have Alfie as your grandson or anything close to having a Seniors card! That is so rude of that person!

    Don’t worry some people are just blind! Cheer up and hope you’re enjoying your weekend away!

  26. Well he clearly needed to get his eyes checked! If I were you I would have played it up and gotten the discount 🙂

  27. Charlie, I am stunned. What an insult to someone who looks absolutely nothing like a senior citizen. OMG! people can be so rude. You look great!

  28. You know that anyone who is 21 or under thinks every one is old as the hills.I was listening to Skaters bandmates talking the other night. One of them is 26 and he was saying how he is slower now and feeling old!!!!! Heaven help him. You dont look old…enjoy your rest

  29. I agree with the previous comments. Some kids honestly see ANYONE over the age of 25 as ‘old’. Bugger ’em, you look great, Charlie!

  30. I might have slapped him. Just saying.

    And I’ve seen pictures of you…you look nowhere NEAR 60.

  31. Sheesh! Take comfort in the fact that 60 today doesn’t look like 60 used to! AND the fact that these baby clerks think of anyone over 35 as old!

  32. I think it IS time to change supermarkets.
    Hope your break down in Mittagong was lovely.

  33. How hilariously horrid! From your photos, you definitely don’t look senior but maybe to the young anyone over thirty is ancient. They will all get there too and then there will be payback.

  34. Ooh, boy, that stings. But I think anyone our kids’ age looks at us and sees someone over the hill…I think you look YOUNGER than you are. I bet you looked darn cute in your smart jacket and heels!

  35. You poor thing. What a crappy thing to happen, especially when you had heels on your shoes. Now sit back, put your feet up and have a shandy. There there.


    (old people drink a shandy, right?)

    I love you to bits and I think we should visit that supermarket carrying bats. (cricket or baseball)

  36. As my father used to day “You’re born but you’re not buried yet”. I wonder how that check out guy will look when he is 45. Which you don’t look a day over by the way.

    My God I think it’s time to change supermarkets.

  37. Well, you’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?!! The chap simply needs his eyes tested, it’s that simple. I am forever telling the twins that I’m old enough to be their granny, which I most certainly am, and that they should go easy on me. They pay no attention, mind you.

    Enjoy your break… and daredevil driving.

  38. What! You sure this supermarket isn’t trying to punk you Charlie, that’s the only explanation for such ^(*&^*R%.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  39. I’d find a supermarket with older checkout people. There’s no excuse for that, but I’ll bet it’s a function of age – a lot of younger people can’t tell the difference between 35 and 60 (really). Just like a lot of older people can’t tell the difference between 18 and 28. Pretty amusing story, though.

  40. How rude! I bet he felt really embarrassed after that!

  41. Jees, Charlie! If he thought you were a senior, he’d probably arrange for me to get a wheel chair. Don’t let it bother you. I doubt there’s a single person who’s seen your photos thinks you anywhere near 60. Me, on the other hand … 😉

  42. Oh my!!! Charlie, I know I should feel upset, but I can’t help but laugh at how stupid people can be. Loong time back, when I was 20 something, I went in to have a hair cut. My hair was knee length, and my hubs had recently convinced me to chop it off. In India, elderly people are referred to as ‘Aunty’. The hair dresser, who could not have been a day less than 40 himself, suggested, patronizingly, to my husband, that “Aunty” might not like to have a hair cut as she has grown it sooo long….I could have killed him. Seriously! I have never grown my hair past my shoulders since, and wish I could have gone back to that salon after one of my blow dry sessions. I feel sometimes they are just mean.

  43. What a rud eman with a rude question! I don’t think you look old anyway you look great & you feel alive,….! 🙂

  44. From the pictures I’ve seen of you on your blog I can’t believe someone would think that you were even near close to 60! But don’t you just hate it when that happens?!?! Six years ago when I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks I had two nurses refer to my husband as my son! Like I really needed that at the time. 🙁

  45. Oh man he needs glasses – you sooooo do NOT even look a day over 40! xx

  46. I remember when those first inquiries began to come at me, and I was waaay short of the senior citizen age. I still remember being very rude back to some poor woman just doing her job, but I was so shocked! Now I am at the age where in most places I qualify for the discount, but not all…and if I can pass as just a wee bit older, I go for it! Hahaha! Once you cross the threshold it isn’t so bad, but you don’t want to cross it until absolutely necessary. Speaking of being on the aged side…I really like that cemetery! I would enjoy reading the headstones. ox

  47. Supermarkets are bad places; I frequently get asked if I am pregnant because of that little…ehm… bump left were my two kids once were. But the place it happens the most is at the supermarket when I am paying. I dread waiting at the till to pay now!!

  48. lol, oh dear! Poor thing :(. It’s not just “little” boys who are addicted to all things involving speed and petrol and danger! I went driving a dirt-buggy one day in the middle of the night at an activity centre. We went really far, over a lot of muddy fields and I’d never had such fun in all my life! 😀

  49. Oh my! I would have about died. Kids have no concept of age though – even teenagers are still clueless. They just lump adults in the same group. And yes, boys love their iPods and electronics. Mr. N is sitting next to me on his playing some game with another little boy that’s also on an iPod. I guess it makes their sisters’ gymnastics class tolerable.

  50. Katrina says:

    Oh Charlie I’m with Kari@ on this one. I remember being 23 and talking to a friend who was 30, I had no idea what I was saying when I said “Wow, you look fabulous for 30, I so hope I look like you when I reach that age!”.. as though 30 was geriatric!! You are stunning and have nothing to worry about!!

  51. That’s ridiculous! I’ve seen pictures of you and you look great!

  52. Charlie, I just loved this post! It is so confronting to think we are getting older – let alone that we might be perceived by (young) others as old! There is good news however about getting older – Mondays are magic! No work, no meetings, no worries! I’m just living the dream!

  53. Charlie, I know how you feel when at some particular age they stop carding you for your cooking wine you know it all down hill from there. Hey I’m looking forward to my senior coffee at McDonalds. LOL Even here in HK I could ride the bus at half price. I know we just have to wait a few years to enjoy these fun creature comforts. You have to just laugh it off as the weekend is just around the corner. Take Care, BAM

  54. They are idiots,Charlie…you in no way look entitled to a senior discount…maybe I do now,(I still have another year to go), but I have been hit with it for years, despite everyone telling me how great my skin looked….and I was asked if my son was my grandson when I was barely 40, so don’t let the idiots get to you.


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