Trick or Treat, 2013

This Halloween my little guy had a huge thrill.  Beyond all the lollie loot, it was that his favourite big sister wanted to help him celebrate and said she would create a costume and do his hair and make-up for the big day.  But not only that, she would also pound the pavement taking him trick or treating.

Alfie in The Hair and Make-Up Department

Alfie in The Hair and Make-Up Department

Miss Arabella even collected her little brother from school.  Once in the door she sat him on a stool in the kitchen and started on ‘the look’.  Alfie had said he wanted to go as a Zombie and so Miss Arabella had purchased scars to put on his face and some white powder for his face and black hair spray (I don’t know why zombies can’t be blond), and her father’s hair gel to make a mohawk and then rummaged through Alfie’s drawers and found near new clothing to attack with scissors and splatter with ‘blood’.

Best behaviour from Alfie

Best behaviour from Alfie

Alfie was entranced by all the fuss, attention and devotion.  I’ve never seen him so well behaved; he was like an zombie-angel.

My zombie

My zombie

It took around half an hour to complete the look and then he looked in the mirror and was beyond pleased.  Looking at his bloodied and scarred face he asked, ‘Do I have to wash this off or can I go to school like this tomorrow?’

Miss Arabella's handiwork

Miss Arabella’s handiwork

Last year we bought a special Halloween plastic pumpkin to put all your treats in but who knows where that ended up.  Scrounging through Alfie’s cupboard I found an Easter basket that I thought was inappropriate but just perfect for trick or treating.  It got the thumbs down from Arabella and Alfie.  They found another container and off they went, together.

My two nephews and Alfie's 'partners in crime'

My two nephews and Alfie’s ‘partners in crime’

My niece whose hair is usually quite tame

My niece whose hair is usually quite tame


My nephew who lives in LA.  He's only three and dress as The Lorax

My nephew who lives in LA. He’s only three and dressed as The Lorax

It was a very successful mission.  Alfie came home with more treats than I have ever seen.  Many had said how much they loved his costume.  But beyond the costume, the hair, the make-up, the treats and the compliments on his look, Alfie just loved his big sister spending time with him.  He went to bed a very happy boy – the best Halloween ever!

Not bad for an hour's work

Not bad for an hour’s work

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  1. Fantastic!!! Yes, it’s all about making some fun memories!! Good on you Arabella, he will remember the time you devoted to him his whole life !! xxx

  2. It looks like you guys are having so much fun! I so much miss Halloween since living here in HK. I did not even have one trick or treater. The adults get really into it at LKF but the kids, not so much here. I am glad I bought only candy that my boys enjoy. Take Care, BAM

  3. Now that is truly one of the nicest things I’ve read about miss Arabella! I can just imagine how happy your little Alfie was and to have such a fantastic home made costume to boot! I always prefer the home made costumes. We didn’t have many kiddies this year but across the street Kim said she had record numbers! Strange. But then maybe the wee ones were too frightened to come to the door, we had scary music playing on the porch. It was a warm night (16C) so st least they did need to wear their parkas as they usually do!

  4. Older siblings don’t realise how much the younger ones want their attention and how much they look up to them. As much as my girls won’t admit to even claiming Laith as their brother, they do love him and are very protective.
    Good on Arabella! She’s making perfect memories with Alfie, ones that will mean the world to him.


  5. How kind of Arabella to do this for Alfie. Even just spending the time with him creating the makeup and costume, let alone the secondary payoff of the Halloween goodies, will be something they’ll both never forget.

  6. It sounds like it was a perfect Halloween for Alfie.

  7. I can still remember my brother, who was 7 years older, taking me trick or treating–that was so incredibly special to me. Good for Arabella–making memories with her little brother. Cute post.

  8. Arabella did a great job! And how nice of her to step in and be the big sister. You can tell he must have loved her attention. How cute when siblings get along so well!! 🙂 I sure do miss have little ones around.

  9. Tell Arabella i love her! What a great sister she is!

  10. Arabella’s doting reminds me of how my daughters did the same for their “baby brother.”

    I think this is just wonderful.

  11. Aww that’s so sweet. What a cutie. She did a great job of his costume!

  12. How wonderful for Alfie, all that attention and some fun time too. He looked great, well done Arrabella. GG

  13. Alfie couldn’t look more happy could he? I wish I had been a nicer big sister now!!!

  14. G’day! Am sure you are proud of Arabella for Alfie, Charlie!
    It is moments like this in life that become a lifetime memory!
    After all, Halloween is about traditions and fun! 🙂
    Cheers! Joanne

  15. Isn’t that sweet that she spent all that time making Alfie feel special. It’s a day he’ll never forget and hopefully she won’t either.

    So… did you get to share the candy?

  16. Aw, you have such wonderful children! Isn’t it amazing when they actually do nice things for each other? Makes a mom proud! And Alfie’s costume deserved lots of extra lollies! Nice work, big sis!!!

  17. Nothing better for the soul than some big sister love and attention. I’ll bet he will remember that evening for the rest of his life.

  18. I love this post, and love Arabella for her efforts 🙂 This must be in the nice category of having children!

  19. It was really sweet of Arabella to spend so much time outfitting and chaperoning Alfie. She did a great job of giving him a very ghoulish, creepy look! He did come home with some good loot, too. It’s nice to see the other little monsters in your family, although the little Lorax is adorable! 🙂

  20. How gorgeous do these kids look! And how nice of Arabella to spend Halloween with her little brother too 🙂

  21. Must have been such a fun celebration!
    Alfie looks more than happy with his make up ( greatjob, Miss Arabella!)
    Love the pictures of the kids in there cute costumes.

  22. How sweet of Arabella to do that for her little brother. That will be such a wonderful memory for them both throughout their lives…and for you, too, Charlie. Looks like it was a fun and successful Halloween!

  23. It was fun seeing the little kiddie’s costumes. Hallowe’en is so much fun for the little ones! Looks like Alfie had the best one yet, what a great sister to spend quality time with her brother. He’ll never forget this day!xx

  24. So nice of Arabella! Alfie looks great. Always so much fun to see kids use their imaginations in creating Halloween costumes. Fun post – thanks.

  25. alfie’s costume looks unreal – well done arabella!

  26. a zombie angel! mwahahahahahaha!! xx

  27. I wish we had trick or treating when we were young. Next year you must try some of the inner west areas for a scene change. They really get into it with whole streets in Halloween mode!

  28. That was a great Halloween, one that both Arabella and our favorite zombie won’t soon forget. I had a good laugh when I read that Alfie wanted to wear the make-up to school the next day. I bet he wasn’t the only zombie to ask that question. Too funny.

  29. Loving these cute costumes, except Alfie may be a little too scary for me! Hehe 🙂

  30. This year Halloween was a mix for us. Great for the younger one, not such a fun one for us. Alfie seems to have a lot of fun, good for him 🙂

  31. It’s the little things isn’t it? She did a terrific job on him.

  32. the kids are having lots of fun.

  33. Aw, so sweet of Arabella to spend time with Alfie! He obviously worships his older siblings and I think it’s just adorable 🙂

  34. Oh he looked so cool. What is it with boys and Zombies though? Mine made me sit through World War z the other day. Have you seen that? The only saving grace is Brad Pitt 🙂 xx

  35. Alfie is looking handsome even in zombie costume! 😀 It’s really cool to have a bigger siblings because you will be able to get help on this kind of stuff. 😉

  36. Aaaaaaw!

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