Up, Up and Away to Vanuatu

It’s annual vacation time and we’re heading up, up and away for a couple of weeks.

You might remember that last year we went on a Pacific Treasures Cruise around the South-Pacific Islands.  We loved it so much we thought we’d book the same holiday again however, when we looked at the itinerary we noticed the ship wasn’t stopping at our most favourite of ports, Luganville in Espiritu Santo, an Island in Vanuatu.


One of Santo's Blue Holes

One of Santo’s Blue Holes

So we decided, (late one night) that instead of re-doing the cruise, we would fly direct to Espiritu Santo and spend the whole time touring that Island.

Fresh water that comes up from the ground

Fresh water that comes up from the ground

Except that from Sydney you can’t fly direct to Santo.  But you can get a direct flight from Brisbane so we knew this would be a bit of a route-march.

A freshwater swim

A freshwater swim

Santo is three hours from Sydney and I don’t know what happened, (I must have been on drugs when I made the booking), but somehow I’ve blown that 3-hour journey into 24-hours.  We could get to New York in less time.

Crystal clear waters

Crystal clear waters of Champagne Bay

So very soon we’re taking a 90-minute domestic flight to Brisbane then we have a two and a half hour sit-and-wait at the airport.  I hope that won’t be hell.  Then we board our international two and a half hour flight for Port Vila because somehow there weren’t any direct flights to Santo.  Because of the time difference, when we arrive in Port Vila it will be almost midnight so we’ll have missed all the connecting flights to Santo so we have to overnight in Vanuatu’s capital.  The next day we’ll take a 40-minute domestic flight to Santo where hopefully we’ll be met by the person who will take us to the fares that will be our accommodation for the next 10 or so days.

We’ll have some access to the internet while we’re away so I do hope to be able to share the beauty of Espiritu Santo with you.

Arabella in the calm and warm water

A great place to snorkel

I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year and I hope 2015 is filled with great experiences, good times and plenty of peace.


  1. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Looks stunning 🙂 enjoy your time away 🙂 Liz xx

  3. Have a fabulous time…relax and enjoy!

    • Thanks Danielle but sadly, we have struck bad weather and it has done nothing but pour down with rain ever since we arrived. It is the wet season but this is OTT!

  4. Have a lovely relaxing time charlie.

  5. Sounds like it’s going to be an adventure already. 😛 Have fun!!

  6. Happy New Year Charlie. I do hope you have great weather and a wonderful holiday. It’s -10C today but the wind chill make it feel like -20C. I can hear the wind howling outside. Makes me want to stay in bed all day.

  7. What a lovely place to vacation. Enjoy! I look forward to some reports so as to give me a glimpse of tropical beauty in the midst of a deep cold spell here in Minnesota.

  8. Lovely vacation! While we’re about to have the coldest week of Winter in the next few days I’m sure feeling jealous!

  9. How lovely to have this beautiful place only 3 hours away. I hope you have a perfect vacation in every way.

  10. It sounds wonderful! Have a great vacation and may the new year bring you a lot of joy and happiness.

  11. Have a great relaxing holiday – Charlie – you might need by the time you get there:) Hope the trip home is a bit quicker!

  12. Have a wonderful time! I’m sitting here looking out my window at several inches of snow, fog, and pouring rain. Wish I were coming with you!! 🙂

  13. Sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to read all about it and see more gorgeous photography.

    Enjoy Charlie!

  14. What a trip! I can’t wait for all the wonderful photographs. Relax!!

  15. happy new year charlie, that sounds like a fab place to visit!

  16. Have a fabulous trip! Looks like your 2015 is off to a great start and is just going to get better!

  17. Sounds like a fabulous trip Charlie, can’t wait to see all the pics!

  18. Enjoy your holiday … Vanuatu is gorgeous! Such a fantastic way to start the new year!

  19. I look forward to seeing some more gorgeous snaps from you holiday. Bon voyage!

  20. Good luck for the journey – and I hope you have a fantastic time! The pictures from last year suggest the journey will be worth it 🙂

  21. Sweetie, how did you do that? Turn a 3 hour flight into a 24 hour journey? 😉 I’m laughing now at the memory of how long it took you to get from Mosman to Petersham… 😉

  22. Looks amazing, and hopefully totally worth that 24hrs of travel to get there.LOL! Hope you have a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing more of your adventures. 🙂

  23. Oh so beautiful Charlie! I really hope you have a wonderful time and managed to get over your epic journey to get there 🙂 xox

  24. The destination sounds perfect! I hope it Will be a lovely Holiday!

  25. Am backtracking in my reading, but looking forward to seeing how your trip goes. Happy New Year!

  26. First of all I wish you a very belated HNY! I am so behind on my blog reading and will be catching up with all your posts in the next few days. Thank goodness I had a chance to see bits of your vacation on IG and it looks amazing.

  27. I’m just catching up and what a wonderful surprise to see you are vacationing…and such a beautiful spot.

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