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Sydney’s Royal Easter Show is Australia’s largest annual event and this year, in its two-week season, is expected to attract around a million visitors.

Everyone's favourite

Everyone’s favourite

The Royal Easter Show was started by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) in 1823 and for nearly 200 years, has been the darling of Sydney’s events.

Our transport around the Show

Our transport around the Show

RAS is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and rewards agricultural excellence.  Revenue generated through the Show allows the RAS to invest in agricultural programs, education and rural communities.  Each year the RAS invests nearly $7 million in activities designed to promote agricultural excellence and keep our rural communities strong.

Judging the beans

Judging the beans

The premise behind the Show has always been to bring the country to the city, giving city dwellers the opportunity to embrace all that the country has to offer, and to witness and come up close and personal with some of the best produce and livestock in the world.

Lest we forget

Lest we forget

It’s the one time in the year when people in the city and the country join together to celebrate the great job our farmers do in providing for our nation.  As one of the members of the RAS said to me today, ‘We are blessed in Australia; whenever we go to the shops the shelves are always stocked’.  So we have much to be thankful for and attending the Show and viewing the country exhibits, is a great way to thank a farmer.

Animal Farm Exhibit

Animal Farm Exhibit

And while you can spend an entire day admiring the contents of all the pavilions celebrating agricultural excellence, the Show has plenty more to offer.  There is entertainment, shopping, food and dining options, carnival rides and those take-home essentials, show bags.  My Alfie has the app where you can view all 300+ show bags.  He’s spent hours on the app and after thorough research, has narrowed his wish-list to 19.  I’ve told him to keep culling.

Having a wee rest

Having a wee rest

Sydney’s Royal Easter Show opens tomorrow and has a two-week season with the last day being April 8.  I was fortunate to be invited to a special preview of what this year’s Show has to offer.  And the good news for Alfie is that I was allowed to bring a plus-one and when I thought of who to accompany me, he was my first choice.

Ready to hatch

Ready to hatch

Once we arrived at Sydney’s Olympic Park we boarded a train with other bloggers and media and headed inside the Showground.  Finishing touches were taking place all around us in the readiness for tomorrow’s grand opening and from viewing some of the exhibits, I could tell some people had a very long night ahead.



Feeding a baby goat

Feeding a baby goat

We went into the Food Dome to see the District Exhibits.  Without a doubt, the District Exhibits are one of the most popular exhibits in the Show.  This year the display designs are a tribute to the ANZAC spirit and the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli.

'At the going down of the sun, we will remember them'

‘At the going down of the sun, we will remember them’

Men in white coats were judging the produce that was then being put into the displays.  All ingredients in the displays have been grown by farmers.  I was certainly impressed with the size of some of pumpkins and was told the largest one weighs around 640kgs (1411lbs).

Just one day new

Just one day new

All the people working on the displays are volunteers.  During the course of the Show the produce in the displays is replaced.  The food brought down from the exhibits isn’t wasted but is available for purchase and at the end of each day, many people take advantage of the opportunity to purchase produce direct from the farmers.

An impressive bunny house

An impressive bunny house

Another very popular exhibit is the Animal Farm.  Over a thousand animals are in the exhibit and I was surprised to hear they all come from the same farm.  And the owner of the farm has a dachshund called, ‘Bella’ and seeing she is a distant cousin of my Ruby and Rosie, I absolutely needed to take a photo of her.  Isn’t she beautiful!

Beautiful Bella

Beautiful Bella

The geese have their own water feature

The geese have their own water feature

Alfie was in overload.  There are feeding cups available at one end of the pavilion so children have the opportunity to feed the goats and the sheep.  There are baby lambs and goats and after a demonstration he was given a bottle to feed one of the newborn.

Feeding a goat

Feeding a goat

There are puppies to hold, day-old ducklings and chicks, eggs with chicks waiting to hatch, alpacas, donkeys, pigs, deer, turkeys, geese, cows and bunnies.  A lovely variety of animals.  During the Show around 3000 people will visit the animal farm every hour.

Don't squeeze!

Don’t squeeze!

So cute

So cute

Then we went to the Spotless Stadium which is where the baseball games were played during the 2000 Olympics.  From the Field of Play we watched Xtreme Korruption performing dare-devil antics on motorbikes.

Just a few tricks

Just a few tricks

Alfie was in awe.  Mr Boom is also performing and I understand he has an act where he shoots his wife, Lady Canonball out of a canon and dusting herself off, she then puts her husband in a box of explosives and blows him up.  Somehow, they live to repeat this performance, night after night at the Show.

Xtreme Korruption

Xtreme Korruption

We were meant to see a bit of Mr Boom and Lady Canonball but she had a misadventure during yesterday’s rehearsal and broke her wrist.  Doesn’t surprise me.  The Show will go on though and she’s assured everyone she’ll be ‘alright on the night’.

Don't try this at home

Don’t try this at home

After a light lunch we left the Show allowing all those working there to get on with applying the finishing touches to their exhibits ahead of tomorrow’s big opening.

Getting up close and personal

Getting up close and personal

And as for Alfie, he’s been bitten by the Show-bug and pestered me all the way home about when we’ll be going to the Show.  I don’t know what day, but we will be there.

On one of the Xtreme Korruption bikes

On one of the Xtreme Korruption bikes

Alfie taking Mike Dalton's job

Alfie taking Mike Dalton’s job at Channel 9

The exciting news is that Hotly Spiced has a family pass of four tickets valued at around $115.00 to give away to one lucky reader.  As the Show opens tomorrow this will be a hard and fast competition with the winner being notified on Sunday.  The tickets will be express-posted to the winner on Monday.  All you have to do to enter the competition is tell me what you’re most looking forward to seeing at the Show.

A 'car-lounge'

A ‘car-lounge’

Sydney Royal Easter Show:  26th March – 8th April 2015.


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  1. Suzanne Abela-Hartard says:

    Hi there!
    Oh Charlie I dream about the food Hall every April. I have fond memories of cotton bags stuffed with assorted cheese’s, freshly icing-sugared Turkish delight and mouths gobbling salty oysters! My children love to sample as much as possible and delight in gross food combinations 🙂 Please . No Pretty please indulge our gang more happy memories . I promise to document the day if we win . Thank you .

  2. michelle smith says:

    The smith family would love to win. we have never been to the show. Lj only asked this morning again can we go. I want to see the baby animals though I’m sure they will all have something they want to see and do too. Looks like you had loads of fun.

  3. This looks a lot like the Minnesota State Fair, which started as agricultural based.

    I assume this event is also packed with food venues?

    No wonder Alfie wants to go back. Looks like he is having a fantastic time.

  4. Brad Stubbs says:

    I’m most looking forward to the faces of my two children should we be able to take them to the Show this year. Neither have had the opportunity to go before, so I can only draw on my own experience as a child attending for the first time and what an absolute spectacle and experience it is for a young kid! Thanks HS!!

  5. Yes, this looks like our state fair, too, but on steroids! And with more contemporary buildings. My kids loved going when they were younger–fun memories 🙂

  6. Kathy Williamson says:

    Hi Charlie. Its Jeffs 60th Birthday on the 12th of April and I would dearly love to take him along with Alora and Matt. Especially to see the produce display and the livestock exhibits at the Easter Show as they are what interest him. Being a wannabe farmer this has been his favourite whenever we go in the country. As a child I loved walking through the exibits and marvelling at the story each would tell. Painting a picture in detail using the cleverest and quirky elements. Fluffy clouds made out of teased wool. Thousands of well placed barley seeds, corn and peas for hills, houses etc. The painstaking time to bring pleasure to others is so appreciated. And to visit the arts and crafts. The neddle point the cake decorating the doll displays is one of mine. To slowly walk and drink in delights of peoples talent would be well utilized by the Williamson family.

  7. Belinda Gerreyn says:

    I love getting to chat to the farmers at their exhibits to get a glimpse into their lives on the land. Always the most friendly and ‘no fuss’ kind of people who can produce amazing things despite many obstacles! I also can’t wait to take my 1 year old boy to the animal farm to get up close with the gorgeous animals for the first time! I just hope he doesn’t bite them!!

  8. Well it’s a bit far away for us but it sounds like huge fun! Lucky alfie to get a good look at everything close up:)

  9. What lovely memories, Bec, and I’m so sorry to read about your father. So tragic. I’m not surprised that visit to the Show holds such a special place in your heart.

  10. I still remember the first Adelaide Show I attended when I first came to Australia and the wonderful memories still linger on to this day!
    What a great giveaway for a family in Sydney and think of all the wonderful family memories that will be made too!

  11. You could not have had a better companion in this foray then Alfie! I am so glad he has had the opportunity to see this very special event not pushed and shoved by most of town 🙂 ! Hope Mike Dalton could actually get him a few seconds on ‘reality’ news 😀 !!

  12. My favourite thing at the Easter Show is of course the cakes and in particular the cake decorating. There sure is some talent out there in rural Australia. I could stand there looking at all the details for hours.

    What a lovely way for Alfie to see the show. He must think you are a fabulous mum

  13. Always enjoyed the Easter Show when we lived in Sydney – have a great time Alfie:)

  14. Jane Kelly says:

    We look forward to everything
    The animals, the food, the beer and wine,
    The whole family will have a cracking good time,
    Dog shows, woodchopping, exhibits galore,
    Sounds, tastes and smells we adore.
    My family go wild as we enter the front gate,
    And boy do the kids sleep when we get home late!

  15. Oh Charlie… I loved the show… my favourite part was going through the produce hall and seeing all the displays and the winners of all the food as well. The scones by the CWA are literally the best and I enjoyed talking food with a few of the ladies… I did get some very good tips re my Christmas cakes! I can’t be in the running this year, as I won’t be able to make it to Sydney, unless you throw in a flight as well! LOL! But I will miss it. I am sure you will have a great time when you go back!
    Liz xx

  16. What a fun day you two had. I’ve never been to a show but I’ve been promised to go to the next Ekka in Brisbane. I’m going to make him keep his promise. All those baby animals would put me into awww overload too.

  17. Oh wow it’s that time already? Of course, with Easter being so near but it never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes!

  18. Karina Formosa says:

    I’m most looking forward to seeing the baby animals. It’s a tradition for me to see them every year, and this year is the first time that my 3 year old brother is going to the show! I can’t wait for him to visit all of the baby animals as well!

  19. Ok I will discuss how awesome this looks but $115 for a family pass?!? That’s as bad as our Ekka and that’s just to get in! I could spend hours in the produce pavilions and looking at all the animals. It’s so fascinating.

  20. How fun!! It’s that time of year in our part of the country too. The Warwick Show opens tomorrow and the Rock Swap next weekend. Such fun country events. 🙂

  21. As this is the first year we plan to take our children to the Easter Show, I think their eyes will light up like a Christmas tree at their first sight of the Showbag Pavilion. I am looking forward to every aspect of the show though 🙂

  22. When the Hollywood House of Horrors first came to the Easter Show my then 8 year old daughter had been begging and begging me all day long to go inside I kept telling her she was to young and she kept insisting we go in So at the end of the day i paid the 20 coupons at the time and we went in we had our photo taken with Freddie Krougar and started our walk through the claustrophobic corridor and around the corner a freaky witch jumped out scared the living daylights out of my daughter she then ran back the way we came from out of the house and i had to run after her loaded with show bags and a giant ballon she ran through the people behind us photo with freddie and kept running she ran right out of the showground and told me she wanted to go home i never laughed so hard in my life lol

  23. Tien Dong says:

    I am most looking forward to seeing the huge fruit and veggie display. When I first saw it for the first time and not knowing what most of the veggies were. A young farmer saw me in awe of it all and spoke to my family and I for about an hour educating me and gave me the best apple i had ever tasted. A simple gesture has lasted a lifetime with me

  24. Michelle Wang says:

    There is something for the whole family at the Easter Show. Whether it be the rides, animals, cars or food everyone is sure looking forward to going this year 🙂

  25. Sweet Posy Dreams says:

    Weren’t you lucky to get an advance peek at the show! And lucky Alfie to get to tag along. I just love the baby chick. All the animals look wonderful. We have county and state fairs here, which are not nearly as big, but still great fun. I haven’t been to the fair in several years. Maybe this fall I will make it! (Of course as a Yank, I’m not entering your giveaway. Too far away, but I sure wish I could attend.)

  26. Kylie Grech says:

    Having 9 kids i just look forward to seeing the excitement on their little faces as they experience the sights and sounds and smells of the show

  27. If we win tickets my daughter wants to head straight to the ducks and chickens while I want to see the district exhibits so fingers crossed

  28. What fun! This is very similar to what we call our County Fair. We love to go every year. 🙂

  29. Oh Charlie, I just love rural type shows… and my favourite things are beef cattle and cows!

  30. Kasey Catania says:

    I want to see the ducklings with my 3yr old cousin because she loves them

  31. What a marvelous exhibition! I would LOVE to see it – quintessential Australia!! Reminds me of our State Fairs – which are always fun and well-attended. Lots of agriculture and animals and rides and shows. My son got to march with his high school marching band at it last year so I attended ours for the first time. CROWDED…but fun! In the 50,000 people that attended that day I actually ran into someone I hadn’t seen in 12 years!

  32. Your son looks sooo sweet and happy with the animals, Charlie. What a great mum you are! LOL About culling his list of 19 down =)

    Sooo wonderful too that Australia honors the farmers who provide food, produce for its citizens. Love that idea of honoring that we are all interdependent on each other =)

  33. Crystal McFarlane says:

    I always love taking the kids to see the baby animals.

  34. Tara Baradaran says:

    I can’t wait to visit all the district exhibits and hear some stories about the farmers work, see the wonderful art and visit the Woolworths food dome to witness some cook-offs, grab some recipes and taste some great food. I also can’t wait to visit all the unique stalls and see all the exciting and interesting highlights of the show, with the family (spending some quality time together).

  35. Thanks Charlie, great article.
    For me, the Royal Easter Show is a culinary experience. I most look forward to the sights, sounds and aromas of Australia’s produce at its finest and the discovery of new products and recipes to enhance my own cooking adventures.

  36. Thanks Charlie, great article.
    For me the Royal Easter Show is a culinary experience. I look forward to the sights, sounds and aromas of Australia’s produce at its finest. Discovering new products and recipes to enhance my own cooking adventures.

  37. Thanks Charlie, amazing article, great pictures.
    I love the District displays and this year commemorating the Centenary of the ANZAC- is sure to be very memorable and touching. I also love the excitement and fun, the sights and sounds, the flavours and aromas that make the Sydney Royal Easter Show so unique and special. It truly is a sense sensation and one that creates happy memories to last me a lifetime.

  38. What a great event! I’m so glad you shared about it and now I’m in the know about Australia’s largest annual event! I’m truly impressed. And I’d love to feed the baby goats. 🙂 Alfie must have had an amazing time!

  39. Oh I just love the Easter show, mostly for the baby animals. Soooo cute. Kinda enjoy the baking / cooking comps too. Far out there is some amazing talent.

  40. Those are the glossiest cows and the cleanest sheep I’ve ever seen! What a fun event and a fun day.

  41. Sharon Evans says:

    I am most looking forward to:

    Entertainment Galore from Jamie Oliver to Dinosaurs!
    Amazing sights and sounds and smells.
    Show bags, show bags, show bags!
    The evening extravaganza with canon ball lady!
    Rides and more rides!

    Sheep shearing and baby animals & milking a cow.
    Hot dogs and hamburgers and fairy floss too!
    Only at the show cake on a stick!
    Winning tickets thanks to Hotly Spiced to make it all true!

    Happy Easter to you …

  42. I absolutely love the Sydney Royal Dog Show! Especially the poodles as my disability aid dog is a toy poodle. His name is Hugo. All of the dogs on show are just so cute! I

    I love to see dog breeds I’ve never see in real life, it’s amazing.

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