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June 2015

In March, 2016 and in partnership with Rush Expeditions, Hotly Spiced will be hosting a boutique tour to India.  We will visit not only the Taj Mahal and other significant landmarks, but taste the culinary delights and attend hands-on cooking classes as well.  I would love you to join me on the tour and you can read all about this unique opportunity here.

January 2015

Hotly Spiced is no longer going to be focused solely on cooking, recipes, restaurant reviews and challenging, naughty but entertaining children.  We’re now adding Travel Writing to the list of posts we’ll be sharing with you – just because we love travel and we know you do too.

March 2013

Kidspot and Village Voices listed Hotly Spiced as one of the best blogs in Australia.

June 2012

A few weeks ago an exciting new blogging website launched, Village Voices.  It’s a website owned by Kidspot which is a site that currently enjoys over a million views a month.  The new site features some fantastic bloggers who write on all the topics we love to read about including pregnancy, parenting, things to do, food, lifestyle and family health.

There are quite a few bloggers contributing to Village Voices and they are all Australian and they are all women.  Do come over to Village Voices to meet the writers and I’m sure there’s a few there you will already know.

I would love for you to visit and I’d like to share with you my first post, Remembering a First Kiss.  See you there!

April 2012

The Australian Women’s Weekly announces their Top 5 Best Mummy Bloggers:

Top 5 Mummy Bloggers

March 2012

I have been invited to be a contributing writer on the fabulous blog, JustB.

JustB is a blog with three (but now four) contributing writers including Sarah Bryden-Brown who is the editor of the Blog.  Sarah’s background includes being a newspaper reporter and editor of The Australian, magazine editor for The Australian, and Family Circle and the author of several books.  She then became a blogger and launched various very successful blogs.

I hope to be posting very regularly on JustB and hope you will join me not only on Hotly Spiced but also at JustB.

My first blog post titled Angelic Beings relates to the very beautiful person, Kristian Anderson who lost his life on January 2 at the age of 36 after a two-year battle with bowel cancer.  His birthday gift to his wife became a U-Tube sensation.  My advice, only read this post with a box of tissues handy!