Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice

All it takes is three ingredients! I haven’t made coconut ice for years and while prevalent in the 70’s at just about every church fete, school fair and fundraiser, it seemed to then just disappear off the scene.  But recently I’ve seen coconut ice pop up in a few different places so I’m thinking all […]

Spit to Manly Coastal Walk

Turquoise water - great for snorkeling

In this house Sunday is a time for family and like it or not, we will be having a family day. I do get very annoyed when children’s activities are booked in for a Sunday as that interrupts forced family fun.  Alfie has been invited to a birthday party next Sunday and it’s on the […]

The Gym Junkie

Dinner outside on the verandah

I’ve never really liked going to the gym.  But everyone else has a membership so I’ve felt I’d better get one too.  Over the years I have spent thousands on memberships where I don’t even put one foot inside the establishment that’s taking an automatic monthly direct debit straight from my bank account.  Hopeless. Swim […]

Rudolph’s Christmas 2014

Carolsers - Is there anything better than carollers in your street!

I’m still without my lap top.  In between studies, Miss Arabella kindly lends me her computer and that’s been a huge help. As today is Day 4 and as there had been no word, I gave the repair company a call and asked what time today my computer would be ready for collection.  The reason […]

Password Fury

The start of my Christmas cakes

I’ve decided this new age of passwords only brings out the absolute worst in me. If you are wondering why I’ve been a little silent on social media and that there’s been a bit of an absence on the blogging scene it’s for due reason. A few days ago my laptop stopped behaving.  All that […]

The Prospective Tenant

A few months ago I shared with you images of an apartment we’ve been renovating.  The last of the tradesmen has finally left the premises and so we’ve been advertising for a tenant. The property has been advertised through a real estate office but I have been doing the open for inspections.  On Monday a […]

A Suburban Backyard

An arbour covered with wisteria

The first time I can recall visiting the home of my great uncle and aunt was in 1977.  Having just moved to Australia from New Zealand, Doug and Margaret were the only relatives we had in our new country. Doug was an author and a poet and Margaret, a painter.  After living in Circular Quay […]

Customs House Bar, Circular Quay

The Heritage-Listed Building

With a 160-year history, Customs House Bar is one of Sydney’s oldest and most nostalgic pubs.  Situated in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, it’s conveniently and centrally located on the edge of Macquarie Place Park where it’s just a short stroll to Circular Quay and to your left you can walk to the Harbour Bridge […]

Food Estate, Belrose

Food Estate

James and Donna are a husband and wife team who have recently opened a new business.  And for anyone who loves their food and entertaining, this is a great new business.  James trained and worked as a chef before running his own very successful catering business.  A year ago he had a desire to open a […]

In My Kitchen, November 2014

Bye, bye gin

November already.  This year really is racing to a close. In my kitchen I have Dick Smith Food products.  When I heard a few weeks ago that his business was in danger of closing due to not enough sales, I rushed to my local supermarket and bought as many of his products as possible.  Dick Smith […]