Mediterranean Salad


So…After the holidays we’re getting back into the routine and a whole new year. Archie is back at work and saving for some travel plans.  Remember his friend, Cockney-Dave?  For some reason he had to move out of the youth hostel where he had been staying and next thing he was on our back doorstep […]

Waterfront Bar & Grill, Port Vila, Vanuatu

A little bit of Elvis

Warning:  Dud photos ahead. Leaving Espiritu Santo we flew to Port Vila where we were going to spend 24-hours before flying home to Sydney. I’ll spare you the details but basically our day of sightseeing in Port Vila never happened because our Air Vanuatu flight was firstly delayed an hour and then another hour.  As […]

Matevulu Blue Hole, Santo, Vanuatu

Even on a dull day, the water is stunning

I just love swimming in the blue holes of Vanuatu and Matevulu is one of the best. Matevulu Blue Hole is about a 20-minute drive from Luganville.  There is a turn-off to the left off the coast road and you travel for another 5-10 minutes along part of what was in WWII, a USA airstrip, […]

Oyster Island, Santo, Vanuatu

Oyster Island Beach

I do love holidays where you get out and about and do some exploring.  Shane, the manager at the Beach House, told us that just 6kms up the road from Barrier Beach House is a turn-off to the right where you head down a dirt road until you come to the water’s edge.  Lying off-shore […]

Millennium Cave Tour, Santo, Vanuatu

Nearly there

The Millennium Cave Tour is an absolute-must for anyone visiting Espiritu Santo.  It’s an all-day tour with a pick-up from your accommodation at around 8am and you will arrive back at around 4pm.  While the cave tour does require a level of fitness, being sure-footed is invaluable. Our guide was the grandson of the chief […]

Riri Blue Hole, Santo, Vanuatu

Like a postcard

One of the loveliest things about the island of Espiritu Santo is that it is uniquely doted with ‘blue holes’.  The blue holes are naturally occurring and are formed by mineral water that comes up from the ground.  The base of the holes is limestone and it is the limestone that causes the transparent water […]

Barrier Beach House, The Dining Experience

Dinner starts at 7pm.

Nobody travels to the South Pacific for its culinary excellence.  Reasons for traveling to places like Vanuatu are more likely to be because of its climate, the scenery, the culture, the laid-back pace, and the welcoming and friendly people. I believe the dining experiences in places like Fiji and Vanuatu are improving but just at […]

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, Fireworks


Just because you’re staying on a remote island in the South-Pacific where there’s a population of around 30-40,000 people, doesn’t mean you’re not going to find a lot of ways to amuse yourself. On the day of our Wedding Anniversary, we hired a quad bike for the kids to get around on.  In Santo it’s […]

Barrier Beach House, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Rope swing

When choosing where we will have our annual family holiday, we select the destination first and then look for accommodation, hoping there will be something suitable for all five of us. After we’d decided we wanted to revisit Espiritu Santo after spending a magical day there while on a cruise at the beginning of 2014, […]

Dining at Moyyan, House By the Sea, Espiritu Santo

The setting

When we arrived in Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu we were aware there are limited dining options but were repeatedly told that if we had an occasion we wanted to celebrate or if we just wanted a really lovely night out, the restaurant at Moyyan, House by the Sea was the place to be. Well…we did […]