In My Kitchen, March 2015

A new bed

And just like that, summer was over. But not exactly.  Because here in Sydney the first day of autumn was a scorcher with temperatures soaring to 36C (97F).  With February being so short, when March arrives the seasons don’t cooperate. In my kitchen I have two passionfruit.  Yes, just two but these are homegrown and […]

Iceberg Lettuce Salad and…Turkey Time

Iceberg lettuce salad

But it’s not really turkey time is it. Since Christmas I have had a 7.5kg (13 stone), free-range turkey in my freezer and while delighting in how I was able to purchase it at cost price, it’s actually started to annoy me because it was taking up 85% of my freezer space.  I was intending […]

SoCal, Neutral Bay

Corn chips with guacamole and salsa $12.00

Since the beginning of this year, Alfie has let us know that for his birthday he would like to go to SoCal, a Mexican restaurant with a name that is short for ‘So Californian’.  He had been there just once before when Arabella took him out for lunch one day and ever since has declared […]

A Medical Emergency

A few drugs onboard

My life has been such a whirlwind I’ve barely had time for any on-line presence.  It always seems that just when you think the week ahead is looking like plain-sailing and you might actually have the chance to tackle the overdue tax reports the accountant has been asking for since October, that another crisis rears […]

Pandanus Bay Waterfront Apartments, Vanuatu

Spacious and modern living areas

We planned on flying out of Santo early in the morning so that 50-minutes later we would be in Port Vila and all set for a day of sightseeing before heading back to Sydney the following morning. Alas, we had a five-hour delayed flight that robbed us of any sightseeing opportunities.  However, I’m not sure […]

Grecian Blue, Mosman

View onto the quiet part of the street

After all the excitement of the swimming carnival we felt it was only appropriate to take the little guy out for dinner to celebrate.  Another motivating factor was that when I unpacked his swimming bag I found his entire lunch and all snacks completely intact.  He’d swum eight swimming races on nothing but a fried egg […]

The Swimming Carnival

Just won his breaststroke race

My little guy has a love/hate relationship with swimming.  The ‘love’ part is that he’s a very natural swimmer with a beautiful swimming style and he has the potential to be a very good swimmer.  The ‘hate’ part is that he’d really rather not swim. Up until yesterday, that is. The problem for Alfie is […]

A Trip to Hospital


Miss Arabella has always had a mouth full of drama.  In primary school she had an expander and then braces followed by an operation to remove a ‘super-numery’.  In high school she had braces but the result wasn’t good so she then had an extraction to create some necessary room and then braces for another […]

Champagne Bay, Santo, Vanuatu


When tourists come to Santo, the one place they want to go is Champagne Bay. Just a 40-minute drive from Luganville it is arguably one of the prettiest beaches in the world.  It has all those ingredients everyone is looking for; warm turquoise waters, white sand, tropical fish, a coral reef, together with that feeling […]

Diving the SS President Coolidge

Put down that gun

Espiritu Santo played an enormously significant role during WWII yet somehow it seems its role was very much swept under the rug and only now is the island becoming known for its contribution to the Allied Forces. As mentioned in my post on Million Dollar Point, Santo was the USA’s largest army base during WWII. […]