Ellen’s Stardust Diner, New York

Ellen's Stardust Diner is currently covered in scaffolding

On the recommendation of a couple of friends, while in New York we went to dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner which is on Broadway and close to all the venues where music theatre is performed. We arrived at around 6.30pm and the first thing I noticed is that the building is covered in scaffolding.  New […]

Tom’s Restaurant, New York

Film Crew outside the famous restaurant

It’s hard to imagine a restaurant with a more famous facade.  This humble diner on the corner of 112th Street and Broadway has people descending on it from all over the world.  ‘They land at JFK and take a cab right here’, the owner tells me.  And Arabella and I also had Tom’s Restaurant on […]

QANTAS Economy

Hello New York

I have been reunited with Arabella and we’re having a fabulous and very special time together but first I have to tell you how about the journey from Sydney to New York traveling with QANTAS at the wrong end of the plane. After the long day of packing and organising and stocking the freezer with […]

‘So Don’t Get Stressed’

What a mess

One of the other hats I’ve been wearing is ‘Project Manager’.  It’s a hat I acquired a few weeks ago when one of the tenants in a building we own moved on.  It was decided that before we advertised for a new tenant, some work should be done on the premises; it is after all, […]

Homesick No More

Liev Schrieber with his arm around my lucky daugher

Miss Arabella has recovered from her homesickness. That’s not to say I’m cancelling my trip. All it took was my sister taking her for a trip down Rodeo Drive for some therapeutic shopping where she purchased a Michael Kors jumpsuit. Followed by being picked up by an Audi chauffeur and taken to the premier of […]

Raw and Wild, Bowral

Gorgeous flowers

Thank you all for your kind wishes and positive comments regarding my imminent trip to New York to be with Miss Arabella who now knows, solo-travel is not for everyone.  It’s truly lovely that so many of you have offered to catch up with us, if only we were in your part of the US. […]

Arabella’s Misadventures


Disclaimer:  The images shown are irrelevant to this post but show you how we spent some of our time in the Southern Highlands. As most of you are aware, my daughter, on a whim, went on-line and bought herself an airline ticket to the USA.  She had an idea in her head that traveling solo […]

The Little Hand-Stirred Jam Shop, Berrima

Where is the Damson Jam?

Berrima is such a delightful and small country town where every building seems to have either colonial history or good produce or both.  It’s such a small town that it’s very easy to walk through and so Carl and I took a leisurely stroll and meandered through a lot of the stores that line the […]

Surveyor General Inn, Berrima

Surveyor General Inn

After touring the Berrima Court House, you can wander down the road to the Surveyor General Inn. The Surveyor General Inn was established in 1834 and is Australia’s oldest continually licensed Inn.  It was constructed with locally sourced sandstone and was built with convict labour.  A lot of convicts were sent to Berrima to build […]

Berrima Court House and Berrima Gaol

A judge and a barrister from the 1830's

When we were down in the Southern Highlands we visited the historic town of Berrima.  The town of Berrima was built in the 1830′s which wasn’t too long after European settlement in Australia.  By 1840 it had a court house and a gaol and it became the administrative centre for the local district.  Many people […]