Millennium Cave Tour, Santo, Vanuatu

Nearly there

The Millennium Cave Tour is an absolute-must for anyone visiting Espiritu Santo.  It’s an all-day tour with a pick-up from your accommodation at around 8am and you will arrive back at around 4pm.  While the cave tour does require a level of fitness, being sure-footed is invaluable. Our guide was the grandson of the chief […]

Riri Blue Hole, Santo, Vanuatu

Like a postcard

One of the loveliest things about the island of Espiritu Santo is that it is uniquely doted with ‘blue holes’.  The blue holes are naturally occurring and are formed by mineral water that comes up from the ground.  The base of the holes is limestone and it is the limestone that causes the transparent water […]

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, Fireworks


Just because you’re staying on a remote island in the South-Pacific where there’s a population of around 30-40,000 people, doesn’t mean you’re not going to find a lot of ways to amuse yourself. On the day of our Wedding Anniversary, we hired a quad bike for the kids to get around on.  In Santo it’s […]

Castle Rock, Middle Harbour

The water is beautiful and clear

Yesterday’s forced family fun was on the water.  While a lot of you are huddled indoors around your fireplaces, we here in Sydney are in the middle of a heatwave.  Sunday was going to be one of the hottest days with coastal temperatures around 39C (102F) and much higher out west. Apart from squashing myself […]

Spit to Manly Coastal Walk

Turquoise water - great for snorkeling

In this house Sunday is a time for family and like it or not, we will be having a family day. I do get very annoyed when children’s activities are booked in for a Sunday as that interrupts forced family fun.  Alfie has been invited to a birthday party next Sunday and it’s on the […]

Food Estate, Belrose

Food Estate

James and Donna are a husband and wife team who have recently opened a new business.  And for anyone who loves their food and entertaining, this is a great new business.  James trained and worked as a chef before running his own very successful catering business.  A year ago he had a desire to open a […]

Robertson Pie Shop

The famous pie shop

Still in Robertson, the one thing we were told to do while there is visit their famous pie shop. At first we thought it must have pulled up stumps and headed out of town as when we drove through the main street we didn’t see anything that looked like a pie shop.  But then a […]

Robertson, NSW

Cross over the railway line and you're in Babe-country

When we’re down on the farm in the Southern Highlands, we always like to do a bit of exploring.  One town we hadn’t visited was Robertson.  Known as the ‘Green Heart of the Highlands’, I’ve been wanting to visit Robertson ever since finding out that it was the location for the film, Babe. From Mittagong, it […]

Reef Beach, Sydney

The girls love an outing

One of the best things about spending time at Oakvale is that on the neighbouring property lives two boys, both around the same age as our little guy. Alfie spends every daylight hour with them and it’s all old-fashioned fun which means being outdoors and doing things like riding dirt bikes, playing with the hose, […]

Mosman Rowers

Mosman Rowers

The Mosman Rowers’ is situated on a prime piece of heritage waterfront land in Mosman.  The club started in Circular Quay in 1873 but now has its very unique and special location in Mosman Bay. The clubhouse is a rustic weatherboard building that has a balcony overlooking the very pretty bay and it’s a great […]