Let’s Eat, Neutral Bay

A modern interior

It was Carl’s birthday and being a work day, he could only find 40 minutes to celebrate.  Rather than sit at his desk and count how many people on facebook had wished him a happy birthday, he rang me and said he had a 40-minute window where ‘we could do something if you like’. Poor […]

A Cake of Joy

Decorated in heart sprinkles

Prior to sculpting the Titanic cake, I had no idea of exactly how much cake I would need to make.  Just to be safe I made four very large cakes that were 30 x 40 cms (12 x 16 inches) and stored them in the freezer.  Running out of cake turned out to be not […]

Mercedes Valente

Mercedes-Benz Sydney in Alexandria

Sponsored by Nuffnang for Mercedes-Benz Valente.   A few weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity to test-drive a Mercedes-Benz Valente for a week. I didn’t hesitate. I collected the car from Ian Watts at Mercedes-Benz Sydney in Alexandria.  Ian told me that in the past the Valente has been sold mostly to those in […]

The Cross Country

Running through the finish line

It’s the once a year event that has me cheering from up and down the sidelines.  This week was Alfie’s first week back at school after the Easter holidays and three days in, he had his school’s annual cross-country event. As you may know, Alfie loves to run and because he’s not a sprinter, the […]

In My Kitchen, May 2014

My hamper

I’ve been given a hamper!  And the even bigger bonus is that it was never actually meant for me.  It was bought for a couple who left the country before it could be given to them.  It sat in my husband’s office for a couple of months, gathering dust, before he finally did the right […]

The Bonfire

The fire the boys built by themselves

One thing we didn’t have to worry about hearing while down on the farm were cries from the little guy of, ‘I’m bored’, ‘There’s nothing to do?’ and ‘What are we doing today?’  Hallelujah! Farm life or being out in the country has so much to offer a boy but one added advantage to holidaying […]

Hunters and Collectors Antiques, Mittagong NSW

Jesus Christ

Carl likes to browse. When we were staying at Oakvale in Mittagong, we went for a drive and along the main street Carl saw a few antique stores and old wares-type shops and second-hand traders and these are his favourite types of browsing experiences.  He stopped the car and out we got and the first […]

Arabella’s Vegetarian Brunch

A plate of colour

Arabella has bought herself a cookbook.  It’s Donna Hay’s Fresh and Light.  All inspired, she said she wanted to cook brunch for when we were down on the farm. Arabella doesn’t cook very often.  Case in point, she recently found a recipe she’d like to cook.  She went out (with my wallet) and bought mountains […]

“Oakvale”, Mittagong

A gorgeous country property

It’s school holidays in NSW and it’s always a bonus if you’re able to go away for a few days to just relax and have some family time.  With the bills for Archie’s 21st coming in thick and fast, we knew an exotic or far-flung holiday wasn’t on our agenda – I wasn’t sure we […]

A Story Re-Told

My grandfather

Because it’s ANZAC Day, I thought I’d re-share a story I posted two years ago about my grandfather who was an airforce pilot in WWII. It’s April 25 and that date is an extremely significant day in the calendars of all Australians and New Zealanders as this is ANZAC Day, the day we remember those […]