The Hymn Book


A few weeks ago I was trying to help Alfie with his homework while also cooking dinner and bringing in the washing and feeding the dogs and keeping an eye on the news and sorting out the RSVPs for Archie’s 21st while playing solo parent because Carl had a late meeting.  And the phone rang. […]

‘I’m very sorry to hear that’

Totally irrelevant to the story but I'm getting my stained verandah furniture recovered.  T

I was talking to a friend this morning and she said, ‘I think you must be exuding a special kind of energy’.  And she said that because I was telling her a story of what happens to me when I go to the supermarket.  (And you know the supermarket I’m talking about because it’s the […]

Rosewater Meringues with Raspberry Sauce and Cream – Gluten Free

Sandwiched with raspberry sauce and whipped cream

If you’re going to be vain, you have to have a very high pain threshold. A few weeks ago I went to a dentist for a long overdue overhaul.  While pretty much unable to speak due to my tongue and both sides of my mouth being numb, I decided to mention, through slurred and barely […]

The Joy of Christmas

Just decorated - our 10 foot Christmas Tree

There’s a lot to do with getting ready for Christmas and I know I’m not alone in feeling that at this time of year it would be handy to have an extra day in every week.  Adding to the mayhem is that things can and often do go wrong and I had no less than […]

Two Poor Little Girls

Such sad faces and you can see Rosie's swollen mouth

Over the last few weeks there has been an increasingly appalling wafting of halitosis coming from my sweet little Rosie.  She has had trouble with her teeth in the past and late Friday night she was up on the couch with me and we reached ‘situation critical’.  I could no longer abide her on the […]

Pressed Brick Sandwich and…The Disappearing Ham

Best sandwich ever

Around a decade ago and before my youngest child was born, I used to host Christmas Dinner for everyone in Carl’s family.  And I didn’t mind.  It was something I loved to do and not least because it spared me from going to his parents’ house and (I say in the nicest possible way), suffering […]

Book Week

You could play quoits where if you managed to get the quoit around the bottle, you could keep it.  Carl and I failed to win a thing but Alfie won a long neck of VB!

Sunday nights is when I think about the new week and do the planning and organising for all the things that are upcoming for the week ahead.  Last Sunday night I was tallying up Alfie’s events and working out his schedule.  I realised he had the Zone Athletics Carnival on Monday, his speech due on […]

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution

Making my own non-chemical, non-toxic cleaning product.

Two years ago my thyroid packed it in.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Syndrome and am now on daily medication to keep things ‘normal’.  That little gland is amazing.  I had no idea how important it is and how it is responsible for regulating just about every system in your body.  When it doesn’t work […]

The Senior Citizen

Little boys are addicted to all things concerning petrol, speed and danger.

Last Tuesday I took Alfie to the movies.  You don’t have to get too dressed up to see a movie, I mean, it is dark in there so it’s not like anyone will be looking at you but I did put in some effort and I was wearing make-up, a smart jacket and shoes with […]

Mum’s Baked Cheesecake and…JAS058

I usually serve this with fresh raspberries on the side

A few posts ago I let you know that Archie now has his full licence and as such, can legally drive a V8.  And he has been looking forward to this for many years, given his father has a V8 and it’s a 1967 Mustang. When I was growing up with my four sisters my […]