Praline Meringue Torte

Served with some fresh figs

I’ve had my first date. With Tiablo, the Brazilian. I was running a couple of minutes late and he even sent me a text message making sure he wasn’t being stood-up. After the initial greeting we spent an hour in the downstairs part of the gym with all the bulky-blokes with rugby league sized thighs. […]

Vegan Crackers and…Mr Easy-On-The-Eye

Crispy and crunchy

That Alfie is involved in so many pursuits I’m being kept on my toes.  I need to stay fit, strong and energised.  Yesterday I dusted off my gym gear and paid a visit to my ‘charity’.  Having dropped Alfie off to early morning band practise (just another thing), I arrived at the time where the […]

Northbridge Baths

50-metres is further than you think.

Do you remember my friend, Mr Competitive?  Well he surfaces again because a couple of days ago he frantically phoned and asked if the little guy and I were available for a spot of swimming. And I was highly suspicious.  Because Mr Competitive runs a swimming club and I just knew he didn’t have anything […]

Someone Call a Plumber

Fragrant lilies

Sometimes (okay, rarely), I have an excited feeling in my stomach because my day is going to plan and I just know that before the sun sets everything on my to-do list will be accomplished. Last week there was a moment where I had that feeling and I was feeling confident that I was actually […]

Up, Up and Away to Vanuatu

It’s annual vacation time and we’re heading up, up and away for a couple of weeks. You might remember that last year we went on a Pacific Treasures Cruise around the South-Pacific Islands.  We loved it so much we thought we’d book the same holiday again however, when we looked at the itinerary we noticed […]

A Christmas Dinner Party

Hand towels that weren't used.

After selling 150 Christmas trees for the Scouts I came home to get ready for a dinner party.  I do like to host at least one dinner party every Christmas. We had three couples coming for dinner, my friend Jen and her husband who do a lot of entertaining, Mr Competitive and his wife, and […]

Christmas Trees and Christmas Cakes

A heavenly messenger

Coming up is the big, tree-selling day and not wanting to be knocked over in the rush, I went down to see John the Italian greengrocer to kindly ask him to set me aside a tree. When I got there I saw he had a few scrawny and draught-affected looking trees that were knee-high to […]

3-Ingredient Cranberry Sauce

3-Ingredient Cranberry Sauce

Today was my right leg’s turn to be operated on. And yes, I am talking it up.  Not exactly an operation as such, just continuing on with the sclerotherapy and ligations I had last week on my left leg. After an ultrasound where my leg was marked-up I went into the operating room.  The surgeon […]

A Wee Bit of Drama


Today was the day of my ‘procedure’.  I had to be at the clinic before 8am so I planned on leaving the house no later than 7.3oam. After I’d done a day’s work in an hour by making beds, putting the dogs outside, washing the kitchen floor, emptying the dishwasher, putting on a load of […]

A Tripe Story

Collaroy Beach

I promised you a tripe story so here it is… When I was a student nurse, part of our training included an eight-week secondment to one of three centres.  You weren’t given a choice (standard) and instead, given orders as to where your secondment was to be.  Up for selection was eight weeks in a […]