A Tripe Story

Collaroy Beach

I promised you a tripe story so here it is… When I was a student nurse, part of our training included an eight-week secondment to one of three centres.  You weren’t given a choice (standard) and instead, given orders as to where your secondment was to be.  Up for selection was eight weeks in a […]

The Gym Junkie

Dinner outside on the verandah

I’ve never really liked going to the gym.  But everyone else has a membership so I’ve felt I’d better get one too.  Over the years I have spent thousands on memberships where I don’t even put one foot inside the establishment that’s taking an automatic monthly direct debit straight from my bank account.  Hopeless. Swim […]

Rudolph’s Christmas 2014

Carolsers - Is there anything better than carollers in your street!

I’m still without my lap top.  In between studies, Miss Arabella kindly lends me her computer and that’s been a huge help. As today is Day 4 and as there had been no word, I gave the repair company a call and asked what time today my computer would be ready for collection.  The reason […]

Password Fury

The start of my Christmas cakes

I’ve decided this new age of passwords only brings out the absolute worst in me. If you are wondering why I’ve been a little silent on social media and that there’s been a bit of an absence on the blogging scene it’s for due reason. A few days ago my laptop stopped behaving.  All that […]

The Prospective Tenant

A few months ago I shared with you images of an apartment we’ve been renovating.  The last of the tradesmen has finally left the premises and so we’ve been advertising for a tenant. The property has been advertised through a real estate office but I have been doing the open for inspections.  On Monday a […]

Fawlty Chinese


Last Saturday night we had a concert to go to with a bunch of friends we went to school with.  Six of us decided it would be a good idea to meet up for dinner before the concert.  Suggestions were called upon for where we should dine.  And here’s the unfortunate part.  I enthusiastically said […]

A Dud Dachshund Cake

Pretty cute

Not every day in the Hotly Spiced kitchen is a happy one.  In the lead-up to Arabella’s birthday party I set about making the cake she had requested, a dachshund.  What could go wrong! Pretty much everything. But not the baking-the-cakes part; that went very well except for being too heavy-handed with the tint.  I […]

The 11-Mile Store

All ready for new tenants

We have a little piece of real estate on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where once upon a time we planned on extending and modifying the original ugly eye-sore and building our dream home.  For so, so, many reasons, it wasn’t to be and so when a few months ago our tenants said they were moving out, […]

Going to Court and Lunching in the Planning Room

Bryant Park

Today’s been one of those days.  Archie’s been summoned to Court and Alfie’s been sent to the Planning Room.  I wouldn’t mind if my boys paced themselves through their dramas but they want me living on the edge and so when a storm hits, it’s more like a hurricane where I am in the middle […]

Travelling Home Solo

Eton Mess - too much for three

After Arabella finished hugging the pilot, she stepped onto the plane and the door was closed behind her.  Organising her own itinerary, she had about a 35-hour journey back to Sydney via China (China being in no way, on the way). Meanwhile, I had the trolley with all our luggage and I again took it […]