Praline Meringue Torte

Served with some fresh figs

I’ve had my first date. With Tiablo, the Brazilian. I was running a couple of minutes late and he even sent me a text message making sure he wasn’t being stood-up. After the initial greeting we spent an hour in the downstairs part of the gym with all the bulky-blokes with rugby league sized thighs. […]

Easter Sunday

No stone left unturned

I thought I’d share with you how we spent Easter Sunday. It started early with war games.  That’s what I’m calling the Easter Egg hunt.  Prior to Easter Sunday I made the mistake of thinking everyone was too old for an Easter Egg hunt and when I dared to vocalise this I was severely admonished. […]

Spelt Hot Cross Buns and…The Emergency Meeting

If you slept in you missed out.

Thank you all so very much for welcoming me back so warmly.  Your words have been very kind.  By popular demand, here is the final chapter in, ‘The Early Days of Boarding School’ quadrilogy. Term II started and Archie threw himself into all the school had to offer.  He enrolled in Speech and Drama classes […]

Hot Cross Buns and…Alison, Linda and Cherie

Hot Cross Buns

A few weeks ago I started my day by walking Alfie to school then went to do a swim squad.  As I entered the pool the person on reception said, ‘Oh hi Alison, how are you?  Looking forward to your swim?’  And I said, ‘Oh, sorry it’s not Alison, I’m Charlie’.  And she said, ‘Oh, […]

Marshmallow Easter Eggs and…The Fragile Generation

Marshmallow Easter Eggs

Recently at Alfie’s primary school a boy was injured on the playground equipment.  He sustained quite a nasty cut to his face and I’m not sure of all the facts but I believe he did need a general anaesthetic with plastic surgery to repair the gash.  The playground was immediately closed ‘until further notice’.  An […]

Archie’s Middle Finger Salute


Yesterday Archie had a job interview.  I felt it necessary for me to clear my entire schedule because he is going through a feral stage.  He went to one of those schools that requires a neat and tidy appearance so as soon as the boys leave school they’re on a mission to shake their constrained […]