Asparagus and Poached Eggs on Toast

With the exclusion of the Gen Y’s who are reading my blog, would it be fair to say Gen Y’s are useless?  They’re not stupid as they’re perfectly capable of getting amazing results for their final school exams, and they walk right on into amazing universities, and they hold down jobs.  They can even converse […]

A Good Friday Brunch

Years and years and years ago, before Drew and I bred three children, we had good friends who were married with three young daughters.  As we lived nearby, we spent lots of time with them, mostly in their home because they were such great hosts.  In the kitchen they were the ‘Dream Team’. Then Archie […]

Coriander Corn Fritters

After the dinner where we enjoyed the roasted spatchcocks we woke to another opportunity to cook in the kitchen.  When you’re in the country and even if you’re not heading into the fields for 12 hours of digging holes and herding cattle and repairing fences and feeding pigs, you still should enjoy a cooked breakfast. […]

Mushroom and Asparagus Toast Cups

After I made citrus peel that was such a gourmet trend back in the 70’s I thought I would post another recipe from that era.  And it’s one I mentioned in that same blog post where proficient home cooks wouldn’t just serve something from a jar, or even serve a pickled onion and cube of […]

Arabella’s Vegetarian Brunch

Arabella has bought herself a cookbook.  It’s Donna Hay’s Fresh and Light.  All inspired, she said she wanted to cook brunch for when we were down on the farm. Arabella doesn’t cook very often.  Case in point, she recently found a recipe she’d like to cook.  She went out (with my wallet) and bought mountains […]

Raw Spelt Muesli

Just quietly, Miss Arabella and the boyfriend are no more. I can’t say too much but he was invited to Archie’s 21st and he’s now been uninvited.  I didn’t ‘uninvite’ him.  Prior to the announcement of her newly proclaimed single status, I did send the boyfriend a text asking if he could help us, on […]

Egg Baskets and…The Sleepover

Way back when Arabella was at pre-school she had one special friend, Olivia.  Arabella was tall, thin and all stick arms and legs and by obvious contrast, Olivia was well-rounded.  But that’s if you put it politely because actually, she was obese.  But Arabella and Olivia seemed oblivious to each others differences and they certainly […]

Best Breakfast Pies and…All is Well

As luck would have it, Alfie’s class is studying the life cycle of silkworms.  They have the silkworms in the classroom so this is a very ‘hands-on’ style of learning and the type that Alfie enjoys the most.  During the last week of the term, an email arrived from the teacher asking for responsible people […]

Fruit Muffins and The Specialty Generation

When I was growing up there was only one professional we were taken to and that was the local doctor.  He covered every complaint and condition and if it was beyond or outside his realm of expertise, you clearly had something that wasn’t worth mentioning. We didn’t have appointments with anyone else and we grew […]

What do you do all day anyway?

I’m trying to work towards handing in my tax returns ahead of the ATO’s deadline of June 30 (looming ever nearer) but progress is eluding me.  I’m not sure I’m to blame. This morning Arabella had an appointment with the doctor but at the eleventh hour she asked me to cancel because she really wanted […]