Raw Spelt Muesli

Serve with fresh berries

Just quietly, Miss Arabella and the boyfriend are no more. I can’t say too much but he was invited to Archie’s 21st and he’s now been uninvited.  I didn’t ‘uninvite’ him.  Prior to the announcement of her newly proclaimed single status, I did send the boyfriend a text asking if he could help us, on […]

Radicchio, Watercress and Witlof Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Radicchio and watercress salad with pomegranate molasses dressing

When I was preparing our Christmas Eve dinner where glazed ham and crispy potatoes roasted in duck fat were two compulsory menu items, I needed something to bring a little colour.  And I knew pomegranate seeds could do just that.   I’ve always loved the taste of pomegranates but I’m even more impressed with the […]

Three Vegan Dips

Three dips with potato crackers

Last month we celebrated Arabella’s 19th birthday and as you know she had a small party to celebrate.  I’m a big believer in serving food at teenage parties and although Arabella kept insisting I wasn’t to make anything because, ‘no one will eat it’, I ignored my wise old sage and stepped into the kitchen. […]

How to Make Gluten-Free Gnocchi

Mushroom gnocchi all plated

A few weeks ago I attended a course by Gabriele Taddeucci on how to make gluten-free gnocchi.  He kindly and generously allowed me to share his recipes with you. A close-up view! I do have to let you know that I’m no expert in making beautiful, light-as-a-pillow gnocchi.  I have horror memories of once ambitiously […]

Beetroot Hummus and…a Walk to School

Beetroot is currently in season

It’s now winter in Sydney and the last two days have been noticeably cooler.  This morning when I was asking Alfie to get dressed for school he said, ‘Do I have to wear a singlet?’ ‘Yes, put it on; it’s only going to be 19′, (66F). When we were leaving the house he asked, ‘Do […]

Nasi Goreng and…the Police

A quick, easy and affordable mid-week family meal

Back in the boarding school days but in the happier days rather than the early days, Archie would be in the school’s musicals and have one of the lead roles.  On one of the opening nights, Carl and I wanted to be there.  So we organised with Arabella for her to babysit her little brother […]

Vegetable Noodle Omelette and…A Recee of Schools

A great low-budget meal that's vegetarian and full of flavour

The saga continues… Archie made it to the end of Term I.  He came home for the holidays and we went away to Far North Queensland for a holiday.  Archie seemed fine but it was apparent he was a touch subdued but he said little about his life at boarding school.  We returned home and […]

Zucchini Flowers in Beer Batter

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers in Beer Batter

Carl and I went away for the weekend.  The teenagers were left to fend for themselves and that wasn’t so bad, they’ve been on at me for years about how I need to let go and let them have their space.  So they had plenty of space because I walked out shutting the door behind […]

Marinated Mushrooms and On the Trains

Great on an antipasta plate

The solo and impromptu performance on the bus gave Archie inspiration.  A few weeks ago he came to me and said, ‘Mum, I won’t be home Friday night.  Don’t cook me any dinner’. ‘Where are you going, Archie?’ ‘I’ll be catching a train.’ ‘Where to?’ ‘I don’t know’. ‘Is everything okay?’ ‘We’ll just be going […]

Stir-Fried Mushrooms and Downtime

Swiss brown, oyster, enoki, shiitake and cloud ear mushrooms

I have to say I’m enjoying my downtime from Arabella and her dramas.  We had the final week of her schooling that was intensity plus and now there’s this wonderful breather before the exams begin.  It’s a wonderful breather because she’s gone and is away on study camp so I feel like I’m having to […]