Caramel Pork with Green Apple Salad and…Geriatric Care

Apple and mint salad

Last week I phoned my vet to ask if he could see my two girls, Ruby and Rosie.  He asked what their presenting issues were and I said, ‘Geriatric care’. My girls are in their twilight years and becoming more precious by the day. Today was their day of reckoning so off we went in […]

Radicchio, Watercress and Witlof Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Radicchio and watercress salad with pomegranate molasses dressing

When I was preparing our Christmas Eve dinner where glazed ham and crispy potatoes roasted in duck fat were two compulsory menu items, I needed something to bring a little colour.  And I knew pomegranate seeds could do just that.   I’ve always loved the taste of pomegranates but I’m even more impressed with the […]

Moving On…and…Pear, Rocket and Blue Cheese Salad

Thanks Pippa for a great recipe

Everything’s fine. There’s no need to worry about Miss Arabella. Recovering swiftly from her setback it was, ‘Don’t worry, mum; I’d gone off that course anyway.  I’m going to do Law instead and be a barrister’. ‘But you didn’t get enough marks for Law’. ‘Yeah, but I’ll start with Arts and if I get a […]

Truncated and Lectionary and…Avocado, Mango & Walnut Salad

Just five ingredients for a wonderful salad

Many moons ago I volunteered at a church that would put on end-of-year productions and my job as a volunteer was to write these for them.  I would work on the productions with a very talented friend of mine who is a music director and he would give me the concept and I would go […]

Salad Season and Vietnamese Lemongrass Beef Salad

Vietnamese Lemongrass Salad

Today I’m guest posting over at The Life of Clare. A few days ago we had a horrible cold snap that plummeted temperatures down around the 10 degree mark (50F).  Today it was 35C (95F) and I definitely know what I prefer. When the weather is this lovely, we like to eat salads.  Here is […]

Mixed Bean Salad and The Dinner Party

Perfect for lunch boxes

On Friday night we had a dinner party.  Carl had invited clients over for dinner.  People I had never met.  Carl’s good like that, he’s sadistic. I wasn’t stressed though because I knew it would all go well because the teenagers wouldn’t be there – out as usual and I would have the whole day […]

Chicken and Quinoa Salad and…Near-Death Holidays

Chicken and Quinoa Salad

Some holidays are not relaxing and you arrive home just grateful to have survived. When I was a teenager some friends of my parents thought it would be a fabulous idea for us to go away with them and another family for a week on three boats we would hire from a company in Akuna […]

A Wrap-Up on Mother’s Day


I had the best Mother’s Day. It started on Saturday night when we went to see Prince in concert.  I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it as I like some of his music but it’s not the sort of music I listen to regularly.  But he gets an 11 out of ten for […]

Chicken Pesto Salad and…Critically Fed

Chicken Pesto Salad

There’s a lot of criticism around here at the moment and it’s all to do with lunch boxes. I try and I try and I try but the children are proving difficult to please and I don’t think I’m alone because I know so many mums who are like me and dread the daily chore […]

Thai Beef Salad and…A Little Bit of Power

Thai Beef Salad

There’s one in every school.  A housewife with a need for power so they volunteer at their child’s primary school and step into positions like running the canteen, marshaling the children at carnivals and worst of all, running the uniform shop. As a parent you can avoid the woman running the canteen, you can stay […]