A Family Update

Your typical family photo

I thought I would give you an update on the parenting front. Archie is back at uni and on the days he’s not there he’s working at Bathers’ Cafe and also fitting in dance classes with the Sydney Dance Company.   Plans are underway for his 21st birthday party.  There’s an awful lot of organising […]

A Summer Christmas Party

Vegetarian wraps

I’m back.  I’ve had a short absence as over the weekend I found the space-bar on my Mac Book Pro wouldn’t cooperate and so I couldn’t space out my words.  Frustrating!  On Monday I took my nine-month old lap top to the Apple repair shop and they confirmed the space-bar had died and as it’s […]

Albion Lane Cafe, Mosman

A pretty little lane

Down a pretty little lane is a cafe that I walk past almost every day and it always catches my eye not because of how tiny it is, but because it’s always busy – they must be doing something right! As I mentioned a few posts ago, Miss Arabella is studying for her exams.  She […]

A Birthday Cake with a ‘Day of the Dead’ Theme

'Day of the Dead' inspired 21st birthday cake

One thing I never had to worry about is having too much spare time.  Because if my schedule looks like it’s lightening up, Miss Arabella will fill the gap.  This time it was her friend’s sister who was turning 21 and would it be at all possible for me to make the cake.  ’I told […]

Trick or Treat, 2013

Miss Arabella's handiwork

This Halloween my little guy had a huge thrill.  Beyond all the lollie loot, it was that his favourite big sister wanted to help him celebrate and said she would create a costume and do his hair and make-up for the big day.  But not only that, she would also pound the pavement taking him […]

Thai Red Curry Pork with Pineapple and Ginger

Red Curry of Pork, Pineapple and Ginger

Thank you all for your concern for Arabella.  She has bounced back – bounced right back into the arms of her boyfriend, the one who was the ex-boyfriend for around 16 hours.  Yes, it appears ‘the break-up’ was just a slight hiccup on the romantic path to happiness. When I made the pork satay skewers […]

Gluten-Free Choc-Nut Cake

Gluten-free chocolate nut cake

September is always a busy month for my family; so busy that as usual, this year we didn’t have time to get together to celebrate my sister’s birthday, my daughter’s birthday, my father’s birthday, my niece’s birthday and a nephew’s birthday that had been even a little bit earlier than the others. So in October […]

Sour Cream Black Forest Cake

Serve with some fresh cherries (when in season!)

I would love to have a nice and tidy scheduled life but it’s just never been that way. Today is a classic example where for a few weeks I’ve known that tonight Carl was going to be at a wine appreciation night.  It’s just that somehow the communication containing the details broke down and it […]

The Burger Shed, Mosman

Brick walls, weatherboard walls and a concrete floor

There’s a burger restaurant in Mosman that opened a few weeks ago that I’ve been keen to try. It’s located on the corner of Military Road and Raglan Street and in recent years the site has had a chequered history where a revolving door of businesses have opened then closed, barely before the locals have […]

Vodka O Birthday Cake

Miss Arabella and her cake

Arabella has just celebrated her 19th birthday.  While this was not a birthday carrying the weight of other milestone birthdays like an 18th or 21st, it still had huge significance to Arabella who was keen to ensure the date didn’t slip by without a loud splash. We booked a clubhouse on Balmoral Beach that has […]