Wollemi Glow Worm Tunnel

The beginning

Carl doesn’t like to rise early on a Sunday morning so he wasn’t very pleased when I told him we had to be up at six to take a three-hour drive to go and see some glowworms. ‘What for?’ he asked. ‘Scouts.  It’s a scout activity we were supposed to do a year ago but […]

North Sydney Olympic Pool

The Olympic pool, the baby pool and Luna Park in the distance

As a teenager I spent many hours training in North Sydney Olympic Pool.  Perfectly positioned between the harbour bridge and Luna Park while nestled on the foreshore of Sydney harbour, and with all its retained charm of its 1930′s era, it is absolutely my most favourite pool to swim in. But this week it was […]

Shark Attack Birthday Cake

The birthday cake arrives on the table

Alfie has just celebrated his ninth birthday with a shark party where nine boys watched Jaws in his bedroom then had pizza and jelly cups followed by a Mintie scramble and a shark attack birthday cake. Hooray!  It’s all over for another year.  That probably sounds a bit mean but I’m currently organising a 21st […]

A Family Update

Your typical family photo

I thought I would give you an update on the parenting front. Archie is back at uni and on the days he’s not there he’s working at Bathers’ Cafe and also fitting in dance classes with the Sydney Dance Company.   Plans are underway for his 21st birthday party.  There’s an awful lot of organising […]

Raspberry Praline Meringue Cake – A Gluten-Free Dessert

A gluten-free dessert

Thanks for all your lovely comments regarding the ladybird cupcakes.  The children in Alfie’s class just loved them but there was one boy who went up to Alfie and said, ‘I have to be honest, I didn’t like the icing; it made me feel sick’.  There’s one in every crowd!  There were no mishaps with […]

Ladybird Cupcakes

Ladybirds out on the lawn

It’s Alfie’s birthday on the weekend and he’s going to be nine.  At his primary school, when it’s your birthday, you’re allowed to bring in something for the class to share. The school does suggest that you order cupcakes from the canteen or that you can bring in a box of ice blocks and I […]

A Summer Christmas Party

Vegetarian wraps

I’m back.  I’ve had a short absence as over the weekend I found the space-bar on my Mac Book Pro wouldn’t cooperate and so I couldn’t space out my words.  Frustrating!  On Monday I took my nine-month old lap top to the Apple repair shop and they confirmed the space-bar had died and as it’s […]

Trick or Treat, 2013

Miss Arabella's handiwork

This Halloween my little guy had a huge thrill.  Beyond all the lollie loot, it was that his favourite big sister wanted to help him celebrate and said she would create a costume and do his hair and make-up for the big day.  But not only that, she would also pound the pavement taking him […]

Chocolate Red Back Spiders and…A Disappointment

Red back spiders - perfect for Halloween

You’ve all heard me say that Alfie asks a lot of questions.  I do tire of his questions and often say, ‘That’s your quota; no more questions until tomorrow’.  Because although I love how he has a thirst for knowledge, sometimes I just need a rest from the brain strain that’s caused by a barrage […]

Sea-Scouts End of Term Break-Up

A beautiful sunset with the scout hall on the left and the city skyline in the distance

Every Friday night Alfie goes to Sea Scouts.  And he’s very enthusiastic about it especially when he found out that his birthday is on the same day as Lord Baden-Powell’s and because Bear Grylls is his absolute hero and worldwide, he is the head of Scouts. My dogs are also Scout enthusiasts because Sea Scouts […]