A Hearty Ragu

It was all as you said it would be.  ‘They’ll be fine’, you said, ‘they will rise to the occasion’.  And I can tell you that is exactly what happened even though when it came to looking after the little guy and caring for the home, one rose a lot higher than the other. Of […]

Mini-Mos 2015

If there’s one event our little guy looks forward to, it’s the Mini-Mos; a community event organised by the local primary school that’s now in its 33rd year.  Everyone is invited to take part in either a 2km, 5km or 10km fun run with funds raised from donations and entry fees going to selected charities.  […]

Mini-Mos 2014

Yesterday was the day where I ran in my first running race since 1983 (apart from the Mother’s Race at Alfie’s Athletics Carnival a few years ago). As most of you are aware, I tried to prepare for the race by buying new shoes, purchasing orthotics and joining a jogging group.  From the outset things […]

The Jogging Group

I survived. To replace my stolen Lulu Lemon pants I bought a replacement pair for the outrageous price of $118.00.  Am I missing something or should these cost no more than about $35.00?  They asked me if I would like the matching top for an additional $75.00 but I told them I’ve been mismatched all […]