Mini Christmas Truffle Puddings

I’ve written about the little supermarket up the road a few times; most memorably was the time I was asked to present my Seniors Card almost two decades ahead of being eligible to receive one.  It’s where I do most of my shopping and for some reason, strangers don’t mind striking up a conversation.

Mini Christmas Truffle Puddings

Mini Christmas Truffle Puddings

December is a manic month with everyone stretched beyond limits as the school year comes to an end with all its concerts and graduations, the summer heat sets in, and Christmas races towards you with such a speed you feel unable to catch your breath.

Decorated with 'holly'

Decorated with ‘holly’

And in amongst it all, some children have birthdays.

Last week I was moving along the aisles in the supermarket when I saw a woman coming towards me at high speed looking incredibly anxious.  She clearly thought she only needed to pick up a few things as she didn’t have a trolley and now her two arms were burdened with such a bundle she looked like she was struggling to balance.

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

I asked her if I could fetch her a trolley and she said she was on her way to the check-out and would try to manage.  She said, ‘I’m just here to get the prizes for my son’s sixth birthday party; it’s tomorrow’.

I said, ‘Oh, I hope the party goes well’.

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

I think she needed to vent because then she said, ‘Can you believe some people had the hide to only let me know this morning that their son is coming to the party?  And not to mention there are still those who haven’t even bothered to reply.  Am I supposed to cater for them as well?  I suppose I’ll have to make them a lolly bag just in case they do turn up.’

‘I’ve had many children’s parties and I know what you’re talking about; some people don’t RSVP’.

Quick and easy to make

Quick and easy to make

‘This is his first party; I’ve got away with it up until now, but now he’s at school so he’s aware children have birthday parties so I couldn’t not give him a party.  I’m so stressed and I’ve only got two children to do parties for; just two a year and I’m a mess.  I’m one of 10 children; I don’t know how my mother did it.  And my mother can’t believe how much I’m spending on this party; I think she’s stopped breathing from the shock of it.’

‘Kid’s parties do seem to cost a lot these days.  A friend of mine had one recently and she hired a sports guy to come and play games with the kids.  I think she paid him around $350.00’.

A no-bake recipe

A no-bake recipe

And her face lit up.  ‘That’s what I’m doing; we’ve booked the sports guy.  We’re having it at a tennis club so it’s all nice and there’s a cafe if parents want to get themselves a tea or a coffee.  I can’t believe I’m spending that much on a kid’s party.  And I’ve got mums ringing me asking if it’s okay if they drop off early and pick up late and is it okay if a sibling also comes to the party and I’m on the razor’s edge’.

‘Yes, it’s difficult and I don’t know why people think it’s okay to drop off a few extra kids’.



‘Probably so they can go and do their Christmas shopping.  And what is with the fake philanthropy!  I’ve had people phone me up asking if instead of bringing a present, is it okay if they instead make a donation to an orphanage in India.  I said, ‘For f–k’s sake, he’s six years old; if you’re going to come, bring a present’.  If they want to have a birthday party for their son and they’re happy to tell their son he won’t be getting any presents because instead they’re asking everyone to donate money to an orphanage in India, fine, but that’s not what we’re doing.  I know kids get a lot these days but for f–k’s sake, he’s six years old.  He’s not going to understand that at his party there weren’t any presents because everyone instead gave money to an Indian orphanage.  He’s not old enough to even know where India is.  I don’t know what these people are thinking; is it to appease their own conscience or are they trying to have everyone believe they’re the pillar of Christian charity?  I take my kids to a nursing home every fortnight to brighten up the day of the residents.  You should see the condition these people are living in; it’s a disgrace.  If these Indian orphanage do-gooders who think it’s a dud idea to bring a gift to a six-year old’s birthday party were serious about doing something good, they’d be concerned about the conditions older Australians are living in two suburbs away in nursing homes.  If you want to be charitable you don’t just have to look overseas; you can look a little closer to home.’

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

‘It’s so true that we do have a lot of needy people so close by and it’s really good of you to take your children to visit those in nursing homes.  I do hope the party goes well’.

‘Thanks.  4pm tomorrow and it’ll all be over.  Nice to meet you.’

‘Nice to meet you too’.

I think someone needs a valium!

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

It is a manic time on year and with a bursting schedule, I’m glad I don’t also have to squeeze in a birthday party.  I’m continuing with my Christmas baking and still trying to use up the chocolate I bought for Arabella’s 21st (if you’re not tired of hearing about the leftover chocolate!)  I’m going to a carols event soon where everyone will bring a dish to share and I’m thinking of making some Christmas pudding truffles.

I didn’t have to go to the shops and buy any of the small number of ingredients; everything that was needed was already in my kitchen.  These little puddings are quick and easy to make, it’s a no-bake recipe, and they’re gluten-free.  And I think they look very festive.

Decorated with 'holly'

Decorated with ‘holly’

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Mini Christmas Truffle Puddings
Recipe type: Christmas Fare
Cuisine: Australian
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 20
Mini Christmas Truffle Puddings that are quick and simple to make, no-bake and gluten-free.
  • 250g dark chocolate, chopped
  • ½ cup thickened cream
  • 1 tsp butter
  • 1 tsp dark rum
  • ¼ cup toasted hazelnuts, chopped
  • ¾ cup rice bubbles, crushed
  • 50g white chocolate, chopped
  • red and green glace cherries
  1. Combine chocolate and cream in a heatproof bowl and microwave until just melted. Add butter and rum and stir to combine. Place in fridge to harden.
  2. Combine hazelnuts and rice bubbles in a small bowl.
  3. Remove chocolate mixture from fridge. Beat with an electric hand beater until soft peaks form. (This doesn't take long). Return mixture to the fridge to harden.
  4. Remove mixture from the fridge and roll small amounts of the mixture into balls then coat in rice bubble mixture. Place on a tray lined with baking paper and return to the fridge to keep cool.
  5. Melt white chocolate gently in microwave.
  6. Cut cherries into holly shapes.
  7. Remove truffles from the fridge, drizzle with white chocolate then quickly decorate with cherries.
  8. Keep in the fridge.




  1. A lovely recipe, Charlie. I’ve been making those hazelnut truffles with rice bubbles with years. Love the touch with the white chocolate deco on top xx

  2. Poor woman. She DID sound frazzled. How nice of you to stop and listen to her vent. The truffles look and sound delicious.

  3. LOL that woman. She does speak some truths there. And when I was little I was given a purse with $5 in it. My parents made me give the money back. I was crushed. I felt like I was a millionaire for about 30 seconds.

  4. That woman really needed to vent. It must be difficult to fit in Christmas with end of school year activities and birthday parties. She’s right though, a six year old wouldn’t understand and we should all look closer to home for who we can help. Love these truffles, a very pretty Christmas gift. GG

  5. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  6. That poor woman 🙁 Children’s parties have come a long way I don’t envy her the party politics at all. On the other hand, you tell a good story Charlie and yes, these do look incredibly festive. Maybe you should put in a bit more rum and deliver some to the frazzled Mum after the party it sounds like she needs it!

  7. These look adorable. And ah yes, I remember in our day the most expensive outlay at a birthday party were the party bags with lollies!

  8. That woman was hilarious! Brandon is 23 now so I haven’t had to worry about those types of parties in a very long time. I’d forgotten about all the people who basically want to use it as a babysitting service or add siblings. Your truffle puddings are beautiful and sound very tasty!

  9. OK, those are some pretty crazy parties for kids. Crazy. My girls each had one birthday party with friends invited. I planned all of the games and made all of the food and they had a great time. The son never had a party.

    I’m glad you listened to that frazzled mom. Sometime all people need is someone will to listen. Not judge. Just listen.

  10. !! How funny, although it’s probably lucky for her that she found you to vent to (who could be sympathetic) rather than someone who wasn’t so receptive – I don’t think she could have coped with any additional stress in the form of poorly thought out remarks.

    These look delicious, and better than valium 😉

  11. I was watching one of those real housewives shows on TV last week and I think the child’s birthday party cost 50,000 well many thousands anyway simply unbelievable I think we all need to learn to say no no you can’t bring an extra child no you can’t just turn up no I will not have food and drink for your child if you don’t RSVP ! Love your little puddings Charlie !

  12. Oh, these are utterly charming! Although when I saw the word ‘pudding,’ I was looking for the dish of creamy custard … that’s a Canadian for you, lol!

    As for kids’ birthday parties, thank goodness I’m done with those — they never were my cup of tea. That poor woman, lol! I can just imagine you patiently withstanding the onslaught of her venting. — your act of kindness for the day.

  13. You have such a knack when it comes to decorating your holiday sweets! These puddings are beautiful! And you were so kind to counsel that frazzled mom 🙂

  14. These are so cute! My dad used to obsess every year about how he wanted a perfectly round Chrustmas pudding “like in the Beano” – maybe I’ll make these in honour of him this year!

  15. Oh the poor stressed and frazzled woman – bet the party was perfect.
    Absolutely adore your mini truffles – will definitely be making these.
    Have a super day Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  16. Her for F-sake had me cracking up! While I’m all for philanthropy, there’s a time and a place and a six-year old’s birthday party is not it. That’s too funny! I can only imagine her stress. I said to Mike as I was reading, that I cannot imagine the school year ending in addition to the holidays. I’m already in such a frazzled state! Although I can relate to school ending the same time as two children’s birthdays. That’s no picnic either. Still, school ending and the holidays. It is such a tiring season – that said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s always so much fun too! Happy holidays Charlie!

  17. Love your Christmas truffles…especially the way you decorated them.

  18. Yes, the kids birthday parties are $300 and up nowadays! And everybody has them at our school! With 3 kids it really adds up, so I feel exactly like this woman at the grocery store! I need to eat a few of those truffle puddings to calm myself down 🙂

  19. Someone definitely needs a valium! Or a nice glass of wine. Anyway, love the pudding! So perfect for this time of the year — thanks.

  20. One of my grandkids, a newly turned six year old, rang from her home in Hobart to tell me what a fantastic party she had enjoyed with her friends. She loved the ‘put the tail on the donkey’, Simon Says (she was Very good at that) but tried to feel happy when she didn’t get the gift in Pass the parcel. Made my heart sing. Her parents were tired of the bigger, bigger, bigger, more money, parents, siblings, late pickups et al….. so – back to the beginning….
    (pure fun for a 6 year old – but will it change? I suspect so…)

  21. OMG I’m laughing so hard at, ‘For fuck’s sake, he’s six years old; if you’re going to come, bring a present’ I know she needs valium but I like the way she thinks.

    $350 for a party entertainer for 6-year olds? I’d need a valium too.

    Your little truffles are so cute!!

  22. Oh brother. You just brought back a lot of weird memories from when my kids went to birthday parties! Some mothers went so crazy. Yes, a 6 year old wants a little present!!! These little treats look so pretty and festive, and they sound delicious. Do you mean Rice Krispies? The cereal?

  23. MY days of kids birthday parties are behind me – and from the sound of that conversation I’m glad. I’m with her – if people want to donate to charity that’s wonderful, but a six year old is too young to understand why he’s missing out.
    I love the little puds – so pretty!

  24. These are adorable. 🙂 And after reading that conversation, boy, am I ever glad I don’t have to plan any children’s birthday parties. 🙂

  25. I love these bite-sied very festive Christmas treats! I will make them for Christmas!

    Great to devour with the coffee! x

  26. such pretty truffles and a great story too – I do feel for the poor woman because there seems to be so much pressure about birthday parties these days.

  27. I made them today, dear Charlie! Divine tasty treats! xxx

  28. Oh FAR OUT!
    I’m reading this in a cafe and I actually laughed out loud!! I still can’t stop smiling!!!
    Bahaha, that poor, poor woman, welcome to the world of kids parties, check your sanity in at the door and have a glass of wine.
    Lovely the puddings but the story trumped it 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing,
    Kind Regards
    Gourmet Getaways

  29. Oh but these little truffles look scrumptious! I would love to make these. And you did your good deed for the month letting this poor mother just unload! I really do understand her frustration, and if she’s just getting started with parties, she hasn’t yet learned to expect some of the weird responses, questions and assumptions. They just come with the party-giving, and you have to look past them, or you’ll never entertain. My daughter’s birthday is December 24th. I usually collapse on the 26th! 🙂

  30. Well, that was a very interesting little story. I have had conversation with strangers, but nothing like that. 🙂 For me, never having giving a kid’s party before (we don’t have children), I’m shocked at the concepts of bringing extra kids, dropping off early and picking up late, and then the donation in place of gift thing. Really? I would have to ask “So are you donating rather than buying your kid Christmas presents?” I would have been standing there with my mouth hanging open during her whole rant. 🙂
    I love these little truffle puddings! I’m not much of a baker, but the hubby and I are huge chocolate and nut fanatics – so are my in-laws. These sound perfect for a little “extra” Christmas treat. Love them!

  31. These are gorgeous! Never thought of decorating a truffle like this but a brilliant idea for Christmas…and so quick, too.

  32. What lovely little truffles! Thank you for sharing your recipe! I agree this season can be just TOO much! I would much prefer that we do this season – maybe over in February when things are slower?

  33. Because of all the Xmas craziness, I am only just catching up on some of the older posts I missed. I will be that crazy woman soon, I am sure. With my daughter being born three days before Christmas I know exactly how she feels. Except it is not summer on this side of the world, which makes the organization a little more complicated. I will however concede that it is luckily not the end of the school year here either (although we do have a ton of Xmas recitals,office parties, lunches, dinners, cocktails… you name it, they do it). I certainly do not manage all that incredible baking you do, but I always bake a birthday cake and a few years ago I made your whiskey log, which everyone loved!!


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