A Titanic 21st

Arabella and the waitresses

Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and best wishes and interest in Archie’s 21st.  I’ve been bursting to share this with you and would have done it sooner if there hadn’t been so much cleaning up.  Right now I’m still in a daze; it was a very special and wonderful evening that I […]

Shark Attack Birthday Cake

The birthday cake arrives on the table

Alfie has just celebrated his ninth birthday with a shark party where nine boys watched Jaws in his bedroom then had pizza and jelly cups followed by a Mintie scramble and a shark attack birthday cake. Hooray!  It’s all over for another year.  That probably sounds a bit mean but I’m currently organising a 21st […]

Ladybird Cupcakes

Ladybirds out on the lawn

It’s Alfie’s birthday on the weekend and he’s going to be nine.  At his primary school, when it’s your birthday, you’re allowed to bring in something for the class to share. The school does suggest that you order cupcakes from the canteen or that you can bring in a box of ice blocks and I […]

A Summer Christmas Party

Vegetarian wraps

I’m back.  I’ve had a short absence as over the weekend I found the space-bar on my Mac Book Pro wouldn’t cooperate and so I couldn’t space out my words.  Frustrating!  On Monday I took my nine-month old lap top to the Apple repair shop and they confirmed the space-bar had died and as it’s […]

A Sunday Lunch

Raspberry Ripple with berry salad and fresh cream.

My mother always told me to choose my friends wisely and I certainly did that when I chose a chef to be my friend and better than that, a chef who loves to invite friends over for a very fine feast. Stumbling out of the Hilton on Sunday morning then foolishly filling up on Eggs […]

Vodka O Birthday Cake

Miss Arabella and her cake

Arabella has just celebrated her 19th birthday.  While this was not a birthday carrying the weight of other milestone birthdays like an 18th or 21st, it still had huge significance to Arabella who was keen to ensure the date didn’t slip by without a loud splash. We booked a clubhouse on Balmoral Beach that has […]

Pinata Birthday Cake

It actually hides its flaws very well

Over the weekend, Alfie has had his birthday party.  Before you get all complimentary and think I’m ‘Mother of the Year’ for having hosted children’s birthday parties multiple times every year for over two decades, I should let you know that Alfie’s birthday was nearly six months ago. Well, in my defense; we couldn’t have […]

Not Quite Nigella, the Book


When I started my blog two years ago, no one was reading it.  Carl’s job every night was to click in and out of my blog to cause something to show up on my blog stats.  But quickly Carl’s fingers wore out.  As did his keyboard.  So as I didn’t know of any blogs besides […]

Sea Scouts

The scout hall on the beach

Here in Sydney we have had the wettest start to April in many, many years.  Umbrellas are out in full force and I’ve been going on-line trying to find myself a pair of colourful gumboots. Yesterday started out sunny which was nice for a Sunday.  Carl had a meeting at Sea Scouts that was to […]

200 Cupcakes

Ensuite for the guest bedroom

For those who follow me on Instagram, you would be aware that in the last few weeks I’ve been making cupcakes and cupcakes and more cupcakes.  It’s all because of Archie.  His best mate, the one Archie traveled with during his Gap Year was turning 21.  Ever-caring Archie rose to the occasion and said, ‘My […]