Candied Popcorn

So 'fairground'

This post is sponsored by Queen. I’m quite sure that the very first time I ate popcorn, it was the multi-coloured candied variety.  I just assumed that was what popcorn was and had no idea most commonly it was eaten in its natural colour, seasoned with butter and salt. Country fairgrounds with their ferris wheels, […]

BRITA 3-Way Water Filter Tap and…Ricotta and Lemon Tortellini


This post is sponsored by BRITA. About a decade ago I became concerned about our drinking water and while not understanding completely what exactly is in the mix, I just knew I could have a cleaner form of water if the amount of additives were reduced.  I bought a water filtration system that had a […]

Jarrah Hot Chocolate and a Giveaway

The range

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Jarrah Hot Chocolate. Have I told you I used to be a nurse?  I worked at one of the major teaching hospitals in Sydney and was shunted around for blocks at a time on all the different wards. On every ward there was a Charge Nurse and these […]

My Three-Day Juice Fast

Delivered to my door before 7am each day

Some time ago I received an email from Schkinny Maninny, an Australian company specialising in nutritional juice cleansers.  The email asked if I would like to participate in a 3-day juice detox program.  I’m not used to dieting or going without food or skipping meals or depriving myself so I wasn’t sure if I was […]

Morphy Richards Elipta 60s

A retro toaster and kettle in cornflower blue

One day I will take you on a tour of my dream kitchen.  But not today because right now my dream kitchen hasn’t materialised. My current kitchen came with the house that had been owned by the same woman for over sixty years.  Trust me now, not a lot changed in those sixty years.  She […]

Casa Barilla and a Giveaway

Me with Gabriele and Luca

A few nights ago I attended a cooking demonstration at Casa Barilla. Although Barilla is a fourth-generation company turning over $7B per year, it’s products have only been available in Australia for the last decade or so.  When Barilla did start selling its pastas and pasta sauces here I was an instant convert.  In those […]

Incaberries and…The Morning Ritual

Dark Chocolate Incaberry Clusters

I think I’ve mentioned, (probably numerous times) that Arabella is onto a new eating regime where basically everything I buy deserves a roll of the eyes.  It’s because the boyfriend with no tattoos from the neck up, is health conscious.  And in between he and Arabella’s five break-ups and six getting-back-togethers, this new eating regime […]

Cooking with Sunbeam

Lunch time

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a cooking demonstration by Jill Cooney, Senior Home Economist with Sunbeam.  Sunbeam is an Australian company that started in 1880 when two enterprising young men began making equipment to shear sheep.  In order to maintain revenue during the off-season they developed and marketed small electrical appliances.  […]

Leggo’s Vine Ripe Pasta Sauce


I’m back!  Back from a two-week Telstra imposed exile.  In exile, there’s no internet and it’s a bit how I imagine hell, really.  Anyway, just before I was cast into exile, I was invited to a dinner hosted specifically for 30 food enthusiasts to celebrate the launch of Leggo’s Vine Ripe Pasta Sauce. When I […]

In My Kitchen, March 2013

All Natural Effervescent Fruit Juice

I haven’t done an ‘In My Kitchen’ post for a while because I have had nothing of interest to show you unless you’re interested in weevils flying around in the pantry and a stack of dishes in the sink and all over the benches because the dishwasher repairman is on his way – one day. […]