The Little Hand-Stirred Jam Shop, Berrima

Berrima is such a delightful and small country town where every building seems to have either colonial history or good produce or both.  It’s such a small town that it’s very easy to walk through and so Carl and I took a leisurely stroll and meandered through a lot of the stores that line the […]

BRITA 3-Way Water Filter Tap and…Ricotta and Lemon Tortellini

This post is sponsored by BRITA. About a decade ago I became concerned about our drinking water and while not understanding completely what exactly is in the mix, I just knew I could have a cleaner form of water if the amount of additives were reduced.  I bought a water filtration system that had a […]

Jarrah Hot Chocolate and a Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Jarrah Hot Chocolate. Have I told you I used to be a nurse?  I worked at one of the major teaching hospitals in Sydney and was shunted around for blocks at a time on all the different wards. On every ward there was a Charge Nurse and these […]

Mercedes Valente

Sponsored by Nuffnang for Mercedes-Benz Valente.   A few weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity to test-drive a Mercedes-Benz Valente for a week. I didn’t hesitate. I collected the car from Ian Watts at Mercedes-Benz Sydney in Alexandria.  Ian told me that in the past the Valente has been sold mostly to those in […]

Delassant Candles and a Giveaway

There are a lot of good things about blogging and one of them is having beautiful products arrive on your doorstep.  Recently a box from a local Sydney business called Delassant Candles arrived at my front door.  Delassant is a French word meaning, ‘relaxing’.  This box sounded good before it was even unwrapped. When I […]

Oven Express – A Mobile Oven Cleaning Service

There is only one household chore worse than ironing and that’s cleaning the oven.  In the past I have always done this job myself and resisted doing it more than twice a year, no matter the condition of the oven.  It’s a very messy and dirty job that usually involves harsh chemicals that have my […]

Sydney Chocolate School – Coco Chocolate

When introducing myself at parties and events, it’s most likely I’ll then be asked, And what do you do?’  And I’ve always wanted to say, ‘I’m a Chocolatier’, because it just sounds so interesting and fabulous and I’m sure I would receive a very animated response compared with saying something like, ‘I’m an Auditor for […]

Cactus Skincare

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for cleaning your home naturally, without using harsh chemicals.  The post received a terrific response with many of you letting me know that you’re also interested in decreasing the amount of contact you have with toxic substances and harsh chemicals. Well…I’m not just reducing my exposure to […]