Candied Citrus Peel

When I was growing up my mother loved to host dinner parties.  This was in the 70’s and not the era of dialling in a caterer, ordering in pre-cooked meals or even driving to the local deli for an antipasto platter.  That isn’t to say that some didn’t take a few shortcuts.  I remember being […]

Candied Popcorn

This post is sponsored by Queen. I’m quite sure that the very first time I ate popcorn, it was the multi-coloured candied variety.  I just assumed that was what popcorn was and had no idea most commonly it was eaten in its natural colour, seasoned with butter and salt. Country fairgrounds with their ferris wheels, […]

Not Quite Nigella’s Halloween Party

Carl and I scooped the invitation of the year when we were invited to Lorraine’s Halloween Party.  If you are a regular reader of Not Quite Nigella you would know that her Halloween parties are famous and that her readers eagerly anticipate the Halloween post. The invitation strictly said that entry was only permissible if […]

Chocolate Red Back Spiders and…A Disappointment

You’ve all heard me say that Alfie asks a lot of questions.  I do tire of his questions and often say, ‘That’s your quota; no more questions until tomorrow’.  Because although I love how he has a thirst for knowledge, sometimes I just need a rest from the brain strain that’s caused by a barrage […]

It’s Halloween and a Beef Dhansak Curry

It’s Halloween and this celebration is not something I grew up with.  It was something we heard that they did in the US and from what we gleaned from the Chinese Whispers, children dressed up as witches or vampires and were rewarded for this by being given lollies from every house in the neighbourhood.  We […]

Spooky Spooks and Red Velvet Cupcakes

A few things have been going on with the offspring. Archie had planned a weekend at home.  A weekend where he would be unusually attentive and focused and clean my car (fulfilling the promise he made back in MARCH) and having fulfilled this promise he would study in preparation for his final semester at uni. […]