Chicken Korma Curry and…Mr Competitive Moves House

All packaged and ready to go to the moving victims.

Do you remember my friend, Mr Competitive?  The one who was running the swimming club and rang me on the eve of a very important ‘meet’ to ask if I could ‘assist’ him by swimming in one of the races?  And being the kind and generous soul that I am (naive would be more to […]

Indian at Boambay

The two curries with Alfie's chips in the background

During our holiday at Boambee Bay Resort, Carl found out about a swim club that meets at 9am at Sawtell Beach every day of the year except Christmas Day and they do an ocean swim then head back to the club-house for coffees.  Carl joined them and was warmly welcomed into the fold and quickly […]

The Stampede and…Quick Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry with a Rice Pilaf

Back in the day when Archie was at boarding school, the boys felt a sense of being deprived, neglected, or even underprivileged. While this was a far stretch from reality, the boarders did share the sentiment that should any blessing, any privilege or any offering come their way, they would dive on it.  And dive […]

It’s Halloween and a Beef Dhansak Curry

A good family curry with no heat!

It’s Halloween and this celebration is not something I grew up with.  It was something we heard that they did in the US and from what we gleaned from the Chinese Whispers, children dressed up as witches or vampires and were rewarded for this by being given lollies from every house in the neighbourhood.  We […]

Chicken Tikka Masala and…Christmas with the In-Laws

Chicken Tikka Masala

Christmas is a time that so many of us look forward to but is it also a time that we dread because it brings family members together who at all other times of the year do their very best to avoid each other? Last Christmas my friend Julie had to spend Christmas with her husband’s […]