Roasted Tomato and Leek Quiche

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Frico Landkaas Cheese. I meet with Tiago, my personal trainer, once a week.  He’s not just interested in sculpting me, he’s also obsessed with my diet. When I met with him last Friday he asked, ‘What did you have for dinner last night?’ I said, ‘Champagne’. And he looked […]

Cherry Clafoutis

Last Saturday we were having our first dinner party in about three months.  I beetled around the house in a frenzy trying to knock the house into shape to give the illusion we are respectable.  I set the table with all my new homewares from Bali, I bought a vase full of lilies, and there […]

Beef Bourguignon

This week the little guy had his athletics carnival.  While the event is a whole lot more than just a lovely day outside of the classroom, and while Alfie is very enthusiastic about it, the events on offer are not his most suited.  The athletics carnival is for sprinters and my little guy is at […]

Roasted Pumpkin, Sage and Spinach Quiche

The little guy does swim squads three afternoons a week but actually, it’s more like three evenings a week because we don’t arrive home until after 7pm. By then everyone else is walking through the door and announcing their state of hunger and looking with great hope around the kitchen. If we don’t want to […]

Dealing with PR Companies

Being a blogger involves so many things I never thought about before that first post went to air and one of the things is dealing with PR companies. As my blog is only around 18 months old I do not have a wealth of experience when it comes to PR companies but I can say […]

Pear Tarte Tartin and…A Friendly Social

Last night was Alfie’s school’s Year 2 Social Evening and the organisers chose to hold it at the local lawn bowls club. I was desperate and dateless as Carl had double-booked himself and ended up in a seminar on the other side of town so I walked in hardly knowing a soul, adorned myself with […]

Coq Au Vin and…Entertaining Perils

Entertaining can be full of perils and the perils absolutely multiply if you’re trying to pull off a dinner party with your own small and unpredictable children under your feet. My mother didn’t like to do things by halves so instead of inviting a manageable amount of six guests, she would invite 12.  And there […]