Asparagus Rolls

Miss Arabella has lost a kilo. That is of tremendous significance. Because now, the outfit that was too expensive in the shops, that she was out-bid on in an E-bay auction, that she then did buy in a smaller size at an E-bay auction, that was then too tight so she put it back on […]

Coconut Ice

All it takes is three ingredients! I haven’t made coconut ice for years and while prevalent in the 70’s at just about every church fete, school fair and fundraiser, it seemed to then just disappear off the scene.  But recently I’ve seen coconut ice pop up in a few different places so I’m thinking all […]

Melting Moments with Passionfruit Cream

Moving down from the Sunshine Coast where we tried Maureen’s Asparagus and Potato Tart, is the second stop on our 10-part journey.  It’s the Gold Coast which is about a three-hour drive south of the Sunshine Coast and where we find Liz, from  Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.  Liz is a fairly new blogger and one of […]

Mushroom and Asparagus Toast Cups

After I made citrus peel that was such a gourmet trend back in the 70’s I thought I would post another recipe from that era.  And it’s one I mentioned in that same blog post where proficient home cooks wouldn’t just serve something from a jar, or even serve a pickled onion and cube of […]

Paradox, Crows Nest

My very good friend, Karina, shares the same birthday as me.  For many years we have tried to always go out for dinner for a joint celebration.  Her husband, Christian, is very good at organising a different venue each year;  it’s always somewhat local, always moderately priced, always BYO and each year we usually try […]

Sour Cream Black Forest Cake

I would love to have a nice and tidy scheduled life but it’s just never been that way. Today is a classic example where for a few weeks I’ve known that tonight Carl was going to be at a wine appreciation night.  It’s just that somehow the communication containing the details broke down and it […]

Mum’s Baked Cheesecake and…JAS058

A few posts ago I let you know that Archie now has his full licence and as such, can legally drive a V8.  And he has been looking forward to this for many years, given his father has a V8 and it’s a 1967 Mustang. When I was growing up with my four sisters my […]

School Lunches and ‘B’ is for Beautiful, ‘D’ is for Dysfunctional

As I walked Alfie into school this morning I saw his lovely teacher who was smiling and laughing and looking so happy to be there.  Alfie is so lucky to be in her class and I know this because all the other mothers whose sons and daughters missed out, will never let me forget that […]

Blackberry Flummery and The Family Doctor

Long, long ago when I was just a wee lass, medical centres didn’t exist.  Every family had a local doctor who they stuck with through every stage of their lives.  The doctor ran his clinic out of ‘rooms’ that were more often than not, within his own home, and answering the phone and making the […]

Mince on Toast and Valiants, Lollies, Paintings and Mince

I’ve had a couple of trips across the Tasman and the first was when I was two years old when we moved to Sydney.  I don’t remember that trip at all and I only have a few memories of the two years we spent in Sydney before returning to New Zealand for another decade. I […]