Garlic and Coriander (Cilantro) Paste

In my latest In My Kitchen post, I showed an image of a garlic and coriander paste I made to marinate some pork skewers.  A lot of you showed interest in that paste and asked if I would share the recipe. The recipe comes from a favourite restaurant of mine, Spirit House.  As the restaurant […]

Caramel Pork with Green Apple Salad and…Geriatric Care

Last week I phoned my vet to ask if he could see my two girls, Ruby and Rosie.  He asked what their presenting issues were and I said, ‘Geriatric care’. My girls are in their twilight years and becoming more precious by the day. Today was their day of reckoning so off we went in […]

Pork Satay Skewers with Peanut Sauce

Earlier this week I posted about my family’s birthday get-together.  I mentioned I had made pork satay skewers with a peanut dipping sauce and showed an image I had taken on my i-phone of the cooked satays. From the wonderful comments it became clear that quite a few of you were interested in the satays […]

Thai Red Curry Pork with Pineapple and Ginger

Thank you all for your concern for Arabella.  She has bounced back – bounced right back into the arms of her boyfriend, the one who was the ex-boyfriend for around 16 hours.  Yes, it appears ‘the break-up’ was just a slight hiccup on the romantic path to happiness. When I made the pork satay skewers […]

Lime and Garlic Chicken and…A Miracle

Remember how Arabella had to go out and get another piercing to aid in her recovery from a broken heart?  And she rang me and said, ‘Mum, I’ve got some news?’  And I said, ‘Did you go and get another piercing?’  Because when Arabella phones to say she has ‘some news’, it usually means she’s […]

Vegetable Noodle Omelette and…A Recee of Schools

The saga continues… Archie made it to the end of Term I.  He came home for the holidays and we went away to Far North Queensland for a holiday.  Archie seemed fine but it was apparent he was a touch subdued but he said little about his life at boarding school.  We returned home and […]

Penang Chicken Curry and …Moving on in Boarding School

Right…so….after the one and only letter and the end of the compulsory three-week stint in boarding school, Archie was allowed to come home on weekends.  With my new baby, I would drive out on a Friday afternoon and meet him at ‘Hogwarts’ with enough time to help him pack then cut my way back through […]

Massaman Thai Curry and…Boarding School Beginnings

A few posts ago I was telling you how Archie wasn’t accepted into the school we had chosen for him because they said he had severe learning difficulties and so we found another school for that would take him, but only as a boarder. Archie was quite keen to board and we thought it would […]

Chargrilled Eye Fillet with Massaman Curry Sauce

In a previous post I mentioned to you that while we were on a family holiday in Noosa, Maureen and Claire, two amazing bloggers who have become my friends, came over to our apartment for dinner, (except that Claire could only stay for a drink as she was double-booked). You would think that seeing there […]

Salad Season and Vietnamese Lemongrass Beef Salad

Today I’m guest posting over at The Life of Clare. A few days ago we had a horrible cold snap that plummeted temperatures down around the 10 degree mark (50F).  Today it was 35C (95F) and I definitely know what I prefer. When the weather is this lovely, we like to eat salads.  Here is […]