Thai Beef Salad and…Travel Expenses

It’s school holidays and they’ve coincided with Archie having a mid-semester break.  I thought, seeing all three offspring are on holidays, that it might be nice to go away for a few days.  But Archie said, ‘I’ve got plans’. ‘What plans Archie?  Aren’t you on holidays?’ ‘Yeah, yeah I am, but a few of the […]

You Are Awesome!

The other morning I didn’t want Alfie to be late for school (again) so I was rushing him and standing at the front door yelling, ‘Come on, you don’t want to be late, get your bag on your back, let’s go’.  But he was stuffing around in the kitchen doing who knows what yelling back […]

Penang Curry and…Heightened Anxiety

Archie’s given me an anxiety disorder. On Thursday night Carl and I went out and when we came home Archie was out.  Arabella told us that he was staying the night at Webb’s.  Webb lives five minutes away from Archie’s uni so Archie likes to stay there occasionally and enjoy a bit of a sleep-in […]

Dance Steps

Archie’s stressed.  Apparently, it’s my fault. He’s tracking how he’s going with his degree and he’s a little underwhelmed.  I’m responsible. He was in a flap yesterday about an assignment he had to visually present and he fell apart under the pressure.  ‘Mum, you know I’ve got this presentation’. ‘What subject?’ ‘Dance.’ ‘Oh, that’s great, […]

Exposed Secrets

I was summonsed to Court. I could have paid the fine but chose instead to plead my case in front of a magistrate at the local court.  That seemed like a good idea at the time, but once the day of the actual hearing arrived I was twisted up with nerves and thought perhaps it […]

Thai Red Curry Pie and…Easy as Pie

Do you have a special pie recipe that has been passed down through the generations.  If so, you could win $10,000! Super Food Ideas has an ‘Easy as Pie’ competition searching for the best pie recipe.  Anyone within Australia can enter and thanks to Bertolli, the winner will received $10,000.  Entries close on May 15 […]

Massaman Lamb Curry and…Unaccompanied Minors

It was the August school holidays and I was 12 years old.  My mother told Em and I that in a few days the two of us were going on a plane to Christchurch to stay on our cousins sheep farm for the holidays.  I didn’t hear anything after the word ‘plane’.  It was all […]

Thai Beef Salad and…A Little Bit of Power

There’s one in every school.  A housewife with a need for power so they volunteer at their child’s primary school and step into positions like running the canteen, marshaling the children at carnivals and worst of all, running the uniform shop. As a parent you can avoid the woman running the canteen, you can stay […]

Caramelised Pork Salad and…It’s Cold in Antarctica

It’s so cold down there and so much colder than the Arctic.  Colder because Antarctica is surrounded by water but the Arctic is surrounded by land masses.  Antarctica has land underneath it and the Arctic has water and that apparently also makes a big difference.  Antarctica has much stronger winds making it colder and in […]

Penang Chicken Curry and…I’m on a Stretcher

I haven’t exercised since last year.  Not entirely my fault.  I like to go to swim squads at my local pool but towards the end of last year they closed the facility for renovations.  Then came the school holidays but they don’t run the program at that time so I had another forced absence.  But, […]