Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Squares

I have a friend, Kat, who is very fit and extremely health conscious.  I know she’s fit because every morning when I check my Instagram account, there will be a photo posted by Kat of the morning’s sunrise.  Kat rises early and power walks along our coastline and I stay home in bed and judge […]

Vegan Crackers and…Mr Easy-On-The-Eye

That Alfie is involved in so many pursuits I’m being kept on my toes.  I need to stay fit, strong and energised.  Yesterday I dusted off my gym gear and paid a visit to my ‘charity’.  Having dropped Alfie off to early morning band practise (just another thing), I arrived at the time where the […]

Homemade Vegan Bread

Recently I have been up at Scoop buying everything I need to make my Christmas cakes.  And when I say I’ve ‘been up at Scoop’ I mean I’ve made 10 Christmas Cakes and two festive Christmas cakes. Because of my many and frequent visits, I’ve noticed that they’re selling jars filled with a mix of […]

Scoop Wholefoods Master Class in Making Peanut Butter

Alfie asks a lot of questions. So many questions. It can be exhausting and sometimes I reach my threshold and find myself saying, ‘We’re now going to have half an hour where you don’t ask me any questions.  I’m setting the timer.’  And in that half hour Alfie will find other people to target. Like […]

Scoop Wholefoods, Mosman

In the last few days a new shop has opened that’s within walking distance from where I live called Scoop Wholefoods.  It’s situated almost at Mosman Junction on Spit Road but the shop goes all the way through to the rear lane where you can enter Bridgepoint Shopping Centre.  So it’s in a great location […]