A Birthday Cake with a ‘Day of the Dead’ Theme

One thing I never had to worry about is having too much spare time.  Because if my schedule looks like it’s lightening up, Miss Arabella will fill the gap.  This time it was her friend’s sister who was turning 21 and would it be at all possible for me to make the cake.  ‘I told […]

Caribbean Christmas Cake and…An Autopsy

My mother’s birthday was a few weeks ago and a celebration was certainly due so I invited mum and dad over for dinner.  At the time the invitation went out I had no idea what I would cook and as much as I tried I couldn’t focus on the event because the annual council clean […]

Fruit Muffins and The Specialty Generation

When I was growing up there was only one professional we were taken to and that was the local doctor.  He covered every complaint and condition and if it was beyond or outside his realm of expertise, you clearly had something that wasn’t worth mentioning. We didn’t have appointments with anyone else and we grew […]

Rainbow Cake for a Special Birthday

After the Valedictory Dinner and the graduation and finishing school and the formal for the Catholic girls, there was Arabella’s 18th birthday party.  I consider that Carl and I got off lightly in that instead of a massive party with a cast of thousands, she opted for a Champagne Breakfast with 25 of her BFFs.  […]

A Country Sojourn

I have a beautiful friend who always starts her emails to me with ‘Dearest Charlie’.  The email I received from her during the week let me know she’d enjoyed a wonderful weekend on a property in Cootamundra.  ‘I always feel quite soul restored after a sojourn in the country’, she wrote and I couldn’t agree […]