Angler’s Rest, Greenwell Point

Last weekend Drew had to be on the South Coast for an appointment.  Rather than battle the two-three hour drive there and back in one day, he suggested we have a mini-break and enjoy a night away.



Drew’s appointment on the Sunday morning was in Nowra so it made sense we stay either in Nowra or near by.  Let me tell you now, finding accommodation on the South Coast isn’t easy.  It’s almost impossible.  There are surprisingly very few hotels, resorts or apartments.  There are houses or cottages available for holiday accommodation however they insist on a minimum two-night stay.  Our only options were seriously dated motels or a cabin in a caravan park.

View from our cabin

View from our cabin

Not far from Nowra is a tiny town on a river called Greenwell Point.  I had never heard of it before.  In Greenwell Point there is a small caravan park that provides accommodation in cabins or in safari-styled glamping tents.  I did like the sound of the glamping tents and thought that would be a fun experience for the little guy however, accommodation in the tents was fully booked.

View from our cabin

View from our cabin

They did have a two-bedroom cabin available.  I wasn’t overly excited about it as from the photos it looked rather ordinary but it did seem adequate for our needs.  What shocked me though was the price.  I couldn’t understand how a tiny cabin in a caravan park could possibly cost $275.00 per night.  I was sure Drew must have made a mistake and paid for two nights instead of one but no, that was the price.



We arrived after 5pm on the Saturday.  The office shuts at five so there wasn’t anyone to greet us and instead we found a piece of paper attached to the door of the office advising where we could find our cabin and how to gain access.  The cabin was attached to another cabin like a pair of semis.  The two cabins were elevated off the ground providing under cover parking below.



We climbed the stairs to the cabin and noticed that from the deck we had a view of the laundry and toilet block but if we leaned over the railing and looked right, we had water views of the river.



The cabin was very compact with paper-thin walls where it was impossible not to hear every word being said by the occupants in the adjoining cabin.  All the rooms were tiny which I guess is typical of the camping experience.

Main bedroom

Main bedroom

The cabin slept four/five however there was only one two-seater sofa in the living room.  Sitting on the couch with a glass of mineral water it became obvious there was no coffee table or side table to place your drink or book or computer or bowl of chips.  I thought a rug on the floor might have given the room a less spartan look.



The cabin was clean and it did seem to have everything we needed in terms of crockery and cutlery and glassware, if you don’t mind that no two wine glasses matched.  There was little privacy from any of the windows but limited privacy is fairly typical of staying in a caravan park.  Wifi is complimentary but you do need the password.  We weren’t given the password but Drew sent a text to the owners and they very quickly texted back the necessary details.

Second bedroom

Second bedroom

In the bathroom basic toiletries are provided and in the kitchen, there are provisions to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.  The sheets and towels are of good quality and the beds comfortable.  When Alfie saw his room he had a big decision to make; he couldn’t decide between the fun of sleeping on the top bunk or the thrill of having lots of space in a double bed.

View from our cabin

View from our cabin

As much as the cabin was clean and comfortable, I still struggled to understand how the cost of $275.00 per night was justified.  It’s a very compact cabin devoid of any charm or character that’s been cheaply constructed with minimal furnishings and not a great outlook and is situated in a caravan park.  It wasn’t peak season, school holidays or even a public holiday, and it’s located in a fairly remote part of the South Coast.   The price does vary depending on the length of your stay but we were there for one night and for the amount we had to pay, it wasn’t good value for money.



Angler’s Rest is a small caravan park that is being very well run by fairly new owners who are ex-Sydney.  The glamping tents they are adding to the park are a fantastic addition to the site and would make for a fun family holiday.  The tents have a queen-sized bed, two day beds and a small kitchenette and bathroom.  AT $165.00 per night these represent much better value for money.

Verdict:  Go glamping not cabining.

Luxury Safari Tents

Luxury Safari Tents

Angler’s Rest:  119a Greenwell Point Rd, Greenwell Point, Shoalhaven, NSW, 2540

Telephone:  02 4447 1207


  1. That does seem like a lot of money for what you get. Sparsely decorated is an understatement! What a shame, it could have been adorable!
    A few years ago, we rented a flat in the Upper West Side in NYC. I’d never rented from this group before. We arrived and were greeted by a lovely guy who was clearly not the owner. It seemed (to us) that the owner had JUST vacated the unit just moments before we arrived! Literally!!! Their tooth brushes were still in the bathroom! I had to cloak my hand in TP to move them! There were brand new sheets (thank God, I saw ‘our guy’ pull them out of the package). I wish we had mismatched glasses! We had to buy glasses because there were ONLY CUPS (damned if I would leave them there, I packed them and brought them home!!!!) your place was sparsely decorated, our place had at least five (yes 5) sofas/couches/lounges, dorm-style! And it was an inside apartment so it did not get much light. Probably, one of the worst places we’ve ever stayed! It only gets better though!

  2. eek that does sound expensive for one night in fairly ordinary surroundings charlie. i think i would be a bit miffed when i got there:=)

  3. Wow! What an expense for the very basic albeit clean cabin.
    Can’t say any form of camping is my idea of fun.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. Oh what a shame. I’m amazed there wasn’t a wide range of Air BNB given how many people have holiday houses there.

  5. Pamela hayward says:

    Cannot believe the cost of your cabin…..I travel frequently from Sydney to Brisbane and stay overnight at a much prettier pet friendly campsite with cabins near coffs harbour for half that…..with matching wine glasses and a lot more….

  6. Here in the Midwestern U.S., you’d get a pretty nice room (likely a suite) for that price. I’ve never heard of a caravan park or glamping tents, thus found this post especially interesting.

    It is good to see you posting again. I’ve missed your humor. But I know you’re just a tad busy with school and all now.

  7. How strange – I think that we recently paid less that per night for a one bedroom apartment with a loft in the heart of paris! And it was really beautiful with a gorgeous kitchen, albeit a smaller space than this one. I hope you found somewhere nice to have breakfast and enjoyed being down the coast!

  8. Wow! it was a bit spartan and very expensive compared to prices here out of season. Still sometimes it’s just a means to an end. GG

  9. That does seem a bit pricey for the bare essentials. And for that price you’d think the owners would have been around to at least greet you knowing that you were coming. The glamping does look like it would be more fun and at a far better price. Hopefully next time a tent will be available for y’all to try.

  10. Sounds like they are charging Sydney prices.

  11. Sounds like they are charging Sydney prices in the back of beyond.

  12. A night away is always fun, even when accomadations aren’t up to par >.< It looks nice inside! But very!

  13. Yikes! Not very glamorous, but at least it was clean. I’ve gotten spoiled in my advanced age!!! Plus you got a chance to get away 🙂

  14. Hi Charlie, my husband and I had a similar experience, the bed was tiny and the shower was so small we could barely move our arms about. We still giggle about that one. Yours Sounds like a experience to laugh about later.

  15. Wasn’t good value for money at all, The Luxury Safari Tent, that is so much cheaper and stand alone, looks a whole lot nicer and bet would be more fun especially for Alfie.

  16. Heavens to Murgatroyd!! Whata pleasure to see Notre Dame has actually given you a weekend off 🙂 ! You will not believe I thought of you last night before bedtime!!! With two uni exams coming for myself wondered whether you had ‘half-yearlies’ 🙂 ? Nowra: lovely part of the world . . . but there must be s’thing more comfortable in the surrounds if you can go again!!!! Hope all well before and after . . .

  17. Seems a bit pricey for what you get, but how lovely to have a get away. I love how you photograph all of it for your readers. Always fun to see.

  18. –Okay, that’s the kind of camping I like.
    No tent for me! Although, it would be cheaper.
    Love reading about your little holidays, Charlie. xx

  19. Sounds a bit pricey for accommodation that was so basic … I guess though, it was clean and would have made a nice break from your regular routine. Good luck with your studies!

  20. Yup, at those prices I’d definitely want to glam rather than cabin. Sounds like a fun adventure, though. And always a good thing to take a break, short as it might be. Fun read — thanks.

  21. I remember how exciting bunk beds were as a kid!

  22. I have never understood the pricing of cabins at caravan parks! It’s good that it was clean though and a vessel that holds wine is indeed a wine glass (IMHO)!! I’m paying far less than that for Airbnbs in Melbourne at the moment. And I mean IN Melbourne!!

  23. Isn’t it frustrating when accommodation options are so limited?! We stayed in a cabin not unlike this in Wave Rock in Western Australia, and it was basically the cabin, camping, a terribly reviewed motel, or an extremely expensive resort. I don’t think the cabin was quite $275 a night but it was over-priced. I hope you enjoyed the break in spite of it!

  24. May be the lack of accommodation allows them to charge the hefty price. Supply and demand.

  25. Certainly spartan especially for the price. I guess the one good point was that it was clean.

  26. Wow that is so expensive for a basic cabin!! How can they possibly justify it!! I think we paid less than that in Disneyland and Vegas!! Plus the accommodation was so much nicer!! Oh well it’s always good to get away with the family. Good luck with your studies xx
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

  27. You.Are.Kidding. A girlfriend visited from BrisVegas last week and we stayed in the Amora Jamison, a 5 star hotel in Sydney, for $265 which included buffet breakfast. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $275 for – as you said – a cabin with paper thin walls and no charm. Urg.

  28. We had a similar experience last winter when we traveled a few hours from here. We rented a house and it was awful. We called to complain right away and they set us up in another house which was much better. It’s hard to relax when the accommodations are so stark and uncomfortable. Luckily you only had to endure it for one night! xo

  29. That is a ridiculous amount of money for one night! And I can’t stand paper thin walls (or mismatching wine glasses). At least it was clean…The glamping looks like a much better value. Nice to getaway for the night though! 🙂

  30. Holy Moly! That is ridiculous, what a huge expense for that pretty ordinary cabin. Actually would have been pretty miffed about that, especially as time and getting away for mini vacays can be difficult to organise. Least it was clean I guess?!
    I would MUCH prefer the glamping option, still havent done it actually. Might make it a thing when the weather warms up. Hope your study is going well and that you are all happy and healthy. xo

  31. Yep…275 does seem a little steep for those accommodations. But hey…you never know until you try it. At least you had a couple of days away from the books. 🙂

  32. Wow, that does seem expensive! Too bad you weren’t able to get a glamping tent. Looks so cute!

  33. WOW!!!!
    275 bucks!!! I thought WA was expensive!!!! And I agree, although functional it doesn’t look beautiful or inviting!

    We visit Albany about 4-5 times a year and always stay in the same motel, the rooms are clean, the showers are hot and the pillows are super comfortable! I wouldn’t say it was stylish, but it is perfectly nice. And the biggest plus point is it has an indoor heated pool and spa!!! It is the only place we ever stay, although there are quainter places and posher places, it represents great value for money. I took the boys down over the school holidays and for 2 nights it cost me $230 for the 3 of us for both nights. Which I thought was pretty reasonable, especially given how relaxing it was. After 3-4 hours in the pool and some time on the beach, a take away (no washing up!!!). They were both asleep by 7pm….nice quiet night for me 🙂

    I struggle so much with how much places charge! I know it is a transient business and you aren’t guaranteed an income 365 days a year. But I wonder if it was less would more people stay?

    It is my life long dream to have cabins. Each set secluded enough that you feel like you are alone, with large beds, beautiful decor, deep spas on the verandas and open fires for winter. Add the option to have a hot meal waiting, or a perfectly packed picnic hamper. One day I will make it happen….just need to keep writing and plodding on and finding a way to fund it!

    Lotto win???? Yes please 😉

  34. The south coast particularly Nowra does seem to be very difficult to find accommodation. Thats a big disappointment for you Charlie.

  35. I can easily understand your frustration with the high costs for such a spartan cabin. I hope you had a good time, nonetheless. I also hope your nursing studies are going well. Once you’ve completed your educational goals you’ll be ready for another get-away more in keeping with the style you enjoy! 🙂

  36. Now I have new terminology! Glamping! Love it! I’m sorry that it wasn’t a very good value! It did look clean! I’m glad you got a night away from school though!

  37. Oh wow – that was one expensive camping cabin! But at least they were clean and had the necessities! Sorry that y’all could get one of the glamping tents at Angler’s Rest – they look like so much fun! xx

  38. We have noticed in the States that camp sites and cabins have become increasingly more expensive as they become more popular choices for vacation options. You now have to reserve a campsite in most parks and forests and the cabins are ridiculously expensive, bordering on the cost of a fine upscale hotel room. I think the glamping option looks great!

  39. That’s a bit expensive for what you get really.

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