10 Questions

For the last few weeks I have been enjoying discovering, as I open a blog, that the blogger has been ‘tagged’.  And being the great sport that the blogger is, they have embraced the challenge and answered 10 set questions about themselves.   I’ve enjoyed these posts because it’s always so wonderful to find out a few interesting things about the blogger behind the blog.

Because I live in a fog, I was oblivious to the idea that someone might tag me so I was completely surprised when I read Bits & Breadcrumbs  and discovered I was tagged.  Oh, the pressure!!!

Me behaving badly

So here are my answers…

1.    Describe yourself in seven words

As my name has seven letters I will answer this like an acrostic poem:

C = Charming

H = Happy

A = Active

R = Reliable

L = Lively

I = Idealist

E = Enthusiastic

2.    What keeps you up at night?

Two of my three children are teenagers.  That will do it.

3.    Who would you like to be?

I’m so happy with myself but that doesn’t stop me  from visualising having  Elle Macpherson’s body, Cate Blanchett’s talent, Beyonce’s rhythm and Kylie Minogue’s voice.  I think that’s a package that would work for me.

4.    What are you wearing right now?

I’m blogging so Peter Alexander pyjamas of course.

5.    What scares you?

Teenagers driving in cars.  At night.  Late at night.

6.    What are the best and worst things about blogging?

The best things about blogging are that I absolutely have fallen in love with what I do, that the blogging community is a very positive and supportive place to be, that new friends are not restricted to the neighbourhood in which I live but can come from every corner of the globe and that it’s rewarding and satisfying to give birth to something and watch it grow.

The worst thing about blogging is that it’s highly addictive and I had no idea just how much time of each day (and night) I would happily sacrifice to blogging.

I have a fear of hitting the ‘publish’ button instead of the ‘save draft’ button.  It’s happened.  Am I alone?

The other ‘worst thing’ is that I like to leave comments on every blog I read however some blogs make you jump through hoops just to leave a few encouraging words.  If bloggers could make sure their comment section is very user friendly I’m sure they’d receive a lot more feedback.

7.    What was the last website you visited?

I googled ‘What’s the time in New York?’ because I just like to know.

8.    What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Only one?  Hmmm…should I mention that I have very fine hair and have always wanted thick voluminous hair like Jennifer Aniston?   Oh but then the readers could be thinking I’m vain and celebrity obsessed (given my answer to question 3) so should I instead say something that would make me appear to be more virtuous like ‘Lord grant me the patience of Job’ or ‘Oh to have the wisdom of Solomon’.  Oh the pressure of blogging.  What will the reader think!  Oh, never mind about that, I’ll just stick to the vain desire to change my fine, thin hair.

9.    Slankets – yes or no?

I’m an Australian.  That word is not in our dictionary.  What is a slanket?  I’m fearing it’s some sort of polyester curtain styled drape that on a cold night you wrap around yourself and fashion into a type of garment then slump in front of the TV.  Am I close?

10.   Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

The wonderful thing about blogging is that new friends can pop up literally, overnight and that is the case with Betsy from Bits & Breadcrumbs. We’ve only recently ‘met’ each other.  Betsy is from Georgia in the USA.  She works as a graphic designer and she started blogging in June of last year.  Her blog is about her life, food and recipes and she has already won some awards.  Betsy is generous with her comments and very encouraging and her blog is informative, well written and has a lovely style.

And now here are five tags.  Could the next blogger please step forward!

1.    Gretchen from A Fine Day for an Epiphany because Gretchen has been a wonderful encourager of Hotly Spiced.

2.    Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella because she has a cookbook coming out this year and I can’t wait to see it.

3.    Charles from Five Euro Food because he is a very new virtual friend from France and his writing is fabulous.

4.    CK from A Little Less Vanilla because she has a lovely blog and is very supportive of Hotly Spiced.

5.    Sonia from Life, Love & Hiccups because she is an enthusiastic, supportive and very generous blogger.

I do hope I haven’t tagged anyone who has already been tagged.  If I have, like I said, I live in a fog.

And just to finish with, I’d love to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented on my post, Paediatric Trauma.  I just loved all the comments.  They had me entertained for hours.  Who knew so many of you or your children have had such horrific accidents involving teeth.  Every comment seemed to become more gruesome than the previous reply.   If we’re able to laugh about it now it just proves the saying, ‘tragedy plus time equals comedy’.  xx


  1. I think we all can relate to question 3! I got to know more about you from this post — love it! 🙂

  2. awww thank you lovely you are just gorgeous and I am tickled that you tagged me. I will get to work on this asap. 🙂 I love getting to know you more and the more we get to know, the more I adore – you are an original!!!!
    I have hit publish before and I have never searched for the edit button so ferociously in my life before. I have also accidently hit delete on a post that took me bloody ages to write, and I had words come spewing out of my mouth that I didnt even know I knew. Go figure!
    By the way – I googled Slanket and it is a gigantic fleecy blanket with sleeves so you were on the money there. 🙂
    Thank again hun xxx

  3. Thank you for the insights. No, I have no idea what a slanket is either.

  4. Love this! Part of the fun of blogging is definitely finding out more about your favorite bloggers. AKA – web-stalking them.

    I have no idea what a slanket is either. I hope we find out.

  5. I thought your definition of slanket seemed fine! Does anyone know what it really means…

  6. Fun answers! You hit the button on slankets. They’re also called “Snuggies” and advertised as a “blanket with sleeves”.

  7. Charlie, so nice to learn more about you!! I know I had already enjoyed visiting your blog, reading your posts and now even more so as you seem like a truly fun, real chica!!

  8. That was fun! It is always nice to get a glimpse into the lives of favorite bloggers. I didn’t know what a “slanket” was either…

  9. Yep, I recently hit the “publish” instead of “draft” button, and spent the next hour in a panic working on, and uploading all the support files to the post, yikes! Thank you for your kind words and compliments, Charlie Louie, and I love your creative answers and the opportunity that tagging you gave me to “get to know” you a little better! I look forward to checking out your “tagees,” and reading more posts on your blog. Cheers!~Betsy

  10. I had never heard of tagging before this post. You have answered these questions in a creative and interesting way, I would be hopeless. I have enjoyed reading your posts very much and it is great to get to know you better. I can relate to what’s keeping you awake and to the utter addiction of blogging…..Thank you also for always commenting on my blog. I look forward to checking out the blogs you have tagged!

  11. What a great idea. You pretty much verbalised what I think a slanket is but I’ve never heard of it either!

  12. Really enjoyed learning more about you-glad I’m not the only one who had no idea what a slanket is!

    Hey, I live my life in a fog, too….maybe we are neighbors 😉

  13. Nicely done! Don’t let the slankets, or lack of knowledge about them, get you down. I had to google ’em before I answered the question. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you, Charlie, and am looking forward to your future posts.

  14. A slanket is a sleeved-blanket which has otherwise been marketed in Australia as a “Snuggie” of which you are spot on with your described perception! It gets advertised for purchase on late night television a lot… And I know this because I often stay up late, blogging =)

  15. OH, my gosh! You’re so nice! Now I’m all warm and fuzzy inside and I needed that today! THANKS! Stay tuned for my response!!

    …oh, and now I’m worried that my comments are not user friendly. Are they?!! Or should I change something?!! – G

  16. Ooh, what fun, thanks so much! 🙂 I’m looking forward to answering these! I’ll get to them on Tuesday if it’s ok as my next post will be already quite a wall of text because I’m posting some more photos and another little write-up of my recent vacation!

    I love things like this – it’s so much fun to get to know the person behind the blog and I really enjoyed reading your answers! Regarding your fear of hitting “Publish” instead of “Save Draft” – a little habit I got into is I always schedule my posts for 9am CEST every three days. That way, as soon as I start writing a draft the first thing I do is to set the publishing date to the future. That way, there is no “Publish” button, only a “Schedule” button, so if you hit it you don’t look too newbie 😀

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Glad to hear you’re up for the challenge Charles. That is such good advice about the ‘schedule’ button. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! I always do the scheduling thing after I’ve done everything else. Well not anymore! Have a great weekend and I’m looking forward to Tuesday.

  17. I love number 6! I have the same sentiments as you… I love blogging as it really opens up a whole world for me. I get to meet many friends including you and your friends on the blogosphere, learn many things which I otherwise would know nothing. And yes, blogging is extremely ADDICTIVE and hitting the “publish” button really makes my heart beats fast and I usually re-read several times, preview several times prior to that! And I find Charles reply about scheduling the publishing sounds like a great idea!

  18. What a great post Charlie Louie, thank you so much for sharing as much as you did. You are truly an honest blogger and I really enjoy reading how you combine your life activities with your blog. It is indeed a surprise to see how much time it does indeed consume, but well worth it in my opinion! PS, I’ve hit the publish button on a few occasions, one time I even published two posts in one day… 🙁

  19. Love this post and get to know you better through these questions.
    HAHHA i can totally relate with question 6 i’m always freaking out about pressing the wrong button! I usually don’t get the chance to blog until late at night ehhe

  20. Wonderful to know more about you. ‘Slanket’ sounds like a lady who’ll go with any old guy after a few drinks.

  21. I love that photo of you! When I first heard the word ‘slanket’ I thought it was a new offensive word for loose women, lol.

  22. These question games are always so much fun – a great way to learn more about each other. Seems none of us knew what slankets were – wonder who started this and thought to ask that?
    🙂 Mandy

  23. Just wicked

  24. And who blogs are not educational! Will any of us ever forget the slanket?

  25. Great to get to know you a little better and that picture of you is priceless!

  26. Whaaaaaa – tagged. Thanks Charlie. Is ‘thanks’ the right word?! Loved reading your responses. I am supportive of you as you have quickly become one of my top three favourite bloggers – because you write so bloomin’ well and are very entertaining, clearly a very decent person, have lots of amazing antics, a lovely family and your food always looks beautiful and is the sort of thing I would make. Love th pic of you above, it’s a goodie. I don’t think my responses will be anywhere near as entertaining as yours!

    • hotlyspiced says:

      You are so very welcome CK. I hope ‘thanks’ is the right word. I’m very much looking forward to your responses. Hope I haven’t given you too big an assignment this weekend. I’m sure your responses will be just wonderful! Good luck and I hope you had fun. And thanks for your very generous praise – I’m overwhelmed. xx

  27. Hey Charlie, speaking about user friendly comments sections – I have tried multpiple times to leave a comment on your ‘what a shocker’ post on Just B and have finally given up in despair. In short, I guess I just wanted to say that I hope you no longer call that woman a friend. And, you definitely have excellent legs.

  28. I don’t know if it is very BAD that I knew what a slanket was, I haven’t got one but I remember staring in complete bemusement at a picture of a double slanket in one of those gadget catalogues. Two of you share a giant slanket at the same time, four armholes. And woe betide you should the doorbell ring or the dog throw up on the carpet, or … who buys them, that is the question? I too like to leave comments and those captcha things drive me mad – there’s got to be a better way. Anyway I love your blog 🙂

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Thanks so much Joanna. Yes, it’s the captcha thing that really annoys me. I hope I don’t have it on my blog!

  29. I’ve hit publish instead of save more times than I’d like to admit 🙂 nice to learn more about you Charlie!

  30. Hi Charlie, great post! It’s reassuring to know that my fears of teenagers driving and hitting the ‘publish’ button are shared by others. Love your blog. Thank you for letting us know a little bit more about your good self.

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Thanks Paola. I just had a look at your blog and the gorgeous lemon and lime tart you made for Australia Day. I tried to comment on your blog but it keeps coming up as ‘unverified’. Can’t seem to comment on your blog for some reason.


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