Silk Worm Sagas

Thank you for your concern regarding the silkworms.  Clearly there is a lot of love out there for creatures not only great, but small.

You inspired me to engage in one final search for the silkworms and all the while I trusted that if they were hardy, there was a slim chance that although probably on the brink of death, they might just have survived this period of extreme neglect.  Searching the house turned up nothing so I headed out to the car, the scene of the last remembered sighting.

I folded myself in half to peer down under the front seats where it’s a constant source of amazement as to what can end up being concealed under there.  No, the silkworms were not there but I did find one of Archie’s two jazz shoes he lost about three months ago and needs daily for uni.  How he’s danced and done his assessments wearing just one shoe is something I’m not even going to ponder.

Me and Alfie walking the dogs through wet sand.

So having searched high and low I can only assume silkworms are hot property and Alfie’s were stolen.

I left many messages for the guy on Gumtree who lives in Bondi and was advertising his silkworms for 10 cents each.  And Bondi’s not too far from home.  Only, he didn’t reply or respond to any of my emails.  Perhaps his silkworms have also been stolen.

Gumtree had other dealers selling silkworms but they were all from far-flung regions of Sydney taking a day trip on a crowded tollway costing more than $5.00 each way to get to them and these dealers were selling theirs for the inflated price of 30 cents a worm.  But desperate times call for desperate measures so I asked Carl if he would like to, on the public holiday,  ‘go for a drive’ to some remote and isolated and distant part of Sydney to collect a few new pets.  He refused.  He’s so unreasonable.

Lots of sniffing opportunities for dogs.

So I had no idea what to do about the worms that belonged to the school that we were supposed to be pet-sitting over the holidays and Alfie was getting anxious about having to turn up to class with everyone saying, ‘Where are our silkworms?’  The pressure!

But then there was a miracle.

My blog has gone viral.

It must have because Miss B is now reading it.

And Miss B took pity on our situation.  Apparently Alfie is not the first of her students to have a ‘mishap’ with the worms.  As luck would have it, she just happens to be housing a few spares…

Worms, worms and more worms

Miss B is happy to donate a few (unlucky ones) to us.  She will be in my part of town tomorrow and is prepared to drop off a few replacements.  Who could tell the difference!

And there’s the happy ending you’ve all been waiting for (if you don’t dwell on the fact that somewhere in Sydney there’s some silkworms trapped in a clear plastic container starving to death from neglect).  If you block out that thought, this story has a very happy ending.

A beautiful Spring day in Sydney

So instead of traipsing out to the furthest corners of Sydney on a public holiday to pay inflated prices for a couple of worms, we packed up a picnic and the dogs and went to a beautiful park right on the water.  And that’s how we spent the day of no work.

And it was lovely.

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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says:

    Oh phew! Well who knew that there was a worldwide kidnapping epidemic of silk worms! Guard them with your life Charlie! 😉

  2. Eva Taylor says:

    What luck! But I am kind of curious as to what happened to the first set. What do silkworms do?
    Glad the story had a happy ending. Jetlag sucks and I’m still catching up from our time in Europe.

  3. Karen (Back Road Journal) says:

    It appears that all’s well that end’s well except for that missing container…..

  4. Yay, for Miss B. And Archie’s reputation among his classmates is now saved. 🙂

  5. Hurrah! Yay for Miss B. And your pictures are reminding me of a gorgeous cove I used to picnic at when I was a child…. 🙂

  6. oh dear Charlie, reminded me my childhood days… these silkworms… You are amazing. Thank you, love, nia

  7. Jennifer Cullen says:

    Thank goodness. I was so very concerned! Looks like it was a nice day by the water!

  8. Victoria at Flavors of the Sun says:

    Whew! Rescued! Yippee! So glad you didn’t have to buy them individually as that is a lot of worms! Love the photo of you, Alfie, and the pups.

  9. says:

    Those silkworms are fascinating! This was a delightful, mid-day read. Beautiful pictures of the water too. Makes me wish I lived closer to sea!

  10. Sounds like a fabulous day at the shore! Love the photos. I’m glad the silkworm situation worked out…I’m catching up out of order though so must go read how they were lost now. 😉

  11. So glad the silkworm saga ended happily my friend (definitely ignoring the last fact 😉
    And yes the days of spring are simply beautiful right now!

    Choc Chip Uru
    P.S. Come check out my international giveaway for my Blogiversary 🙂

  12. Jackie Brown says:

    Am so glad you solved the silkworm problem and all is happy back in the hotly spiced household. Got to love modern technology, really does come in handy at times 🙂

  13. Juliet Batten says:

    Wonderful. What a happy ending to the story. And some relaxing time in a beautiful setting. You deserve a reprieve after so much time running around after your children. Enjoy!

  14. IronWhisk says:

    Glad you got your silkworms 🙂

  15. Claire @ Claire K Creations says:

    Yay! The power of the internet strikes again.

  16. WOO HOO!!! YAY!!! You got the silkworms back 🙂 I love how powerful the internet can be and how nice Ms B is to help you! YAY! SO happy for Alfie poor little guy!

  17. Norma Chang says:

    Glad the silkworm saga has a happy ending. Am sure you had a relaxing day at the park by the water. I find water to be very soothing.
    Norma Chang,

  18. Haha, so glad you’ve found some silkworm replacements. I’m sure the others will turn up eventually…although I don’t think I’d like to be the one to find them…

  19. InTolerant Chef says:

    Yay! But have you considered that perhaps the silkworms somehow got packed in with Arabellas luggage and may be enjoying a lovely bush holiday? That is what you should tell Alfie, and thus protect him from PTSD when he’s older and has flashbacks on the therapists couch about his poor, lost silkworms. So glad you could relax on your long weekend xox

  20. Glad to hear you got some replacement silkworms! What a gorgeous day for a picnic on the beach as well 🙂

  21. I was more than happy to exchange a few worms for the yummy treats from your kitchen, Charlie…. Scoffing one as I type..

  22. Whew, all is well that ends well. On the upside the photos are gorgeous.

  23. yummychunklet says:

    Good to hear about the replacement worms!

  24. Thank goodness – you really have to unburden yourself with all this running around you do. What a lovely way to spend the public holiday, much better.

  25. What a great end to a tricky situation! Thank goodness for Miss B 🙂

  26. My Kitchen Stories says:

    Oh praise the Lord of worms a happy ending. I wonder where those worms are . Maybe you left them on the roof when you drove away. Why are Silkworms being stollen, and why didnt that guy in Bondi answer your calls……all very creepy

  27. Whew! Glad you found some replacements…but I had to giggle at the thought of losing worms 🙂 I was sort of hoping you found them and could give me some hints on finding my missing shopping list!!

  28. wow silkworms. They are for sure precious. Poor boy, thank god for the kind soul whos helping you out. I would have panicked if I was your son.

  29. Has it come to thins? Thieves preying on unsuspecting keepers of silkworms? Thank goodness for good samaritans like Miss B who not only replaced the stolen crawlers, thus saving your reputations, and gave you a holiday on the beach. Not bad … well … except for the …

  30. mjskit says:

    Hooray for Miss B!!! Glad it’s all working out and you were able to have a fun family gathering!

  31. You had my kind of day! A day on the water. Beautiful! You had me laughing outloud at the picture of you checking for the wayward worms under the seat of your car. That, and unreasonable Carl. I just wonder what Carl would share about your exploits if he were writing a blog? I am mostly relieved for Alfie. The worms I will just continue to envision as having found a nice home…somewhere! At this point I think you’re probably hoping they don’t show up, right? Yikes!

  32. Kiran @ says:

    Ms B is definitely a life saver. Three cheers!! 😀

  33. Three cheers for Miss B lol. Glad to hear Alfie is not going back to school empty handed. xx

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