The Best Day

We live in a quiet street where nothing happens unless you consider one resident having been to prison for manufacturing illicit drugs, a happening.

On Sunday morning Alfie and the boy next door came flying in through the front door and grabbed my i-phone and took off in bare feet.  I wondered what all the excitement was about and as I chased after them I noticed that two doors down and in the direction the boys were running, was a fire truck.

I couldn’t smell smoke so I wasn’t sure what sort of an emergency it was that brought them to our neighbourhood but Alfie is sure he has the story straight and his interpretation is that the mother living in the house had been having trouble fitting a new baby seat into her car so she called emergency services for assistance and they sent around four firemen in a fire truck.

Who knew there was such a service!

The joy of being in a fire truck!

With no real danger to speak of the boys asked if they could have a turn in the fire truck and Alfie handed one of the firemen my i-phone and with nothing more pressing to do, he took a photo of the ecstatic boys.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before the fire truck had to head back to the station and it was only after it had disappeared into the distance that we noticed a lot of blood coming from Alfie’s foot.

‘Your foot’s bleeding, Alfie’.

‘Oh yeah, I know’.

‘Well how did that happen?’

‘It was when I saw the fire truck but I didn’t want to tell you. I think it’s glass ’cause it’s still in my foot.’

‘Well you shouldn’t be running around with glass in your foot.  Come inside and I’ll have to look at it’.  (Through the week I did remember seeing broken glass outside the house next door and as I crunched over it I kept thinking, ‘I must sweep that up’, but then I’d come inside and forget all about it.  Too late now!)

Life is better with treats

Suddenly, this bright and happy child was in agony and absolutely hysterical.  He wouldn’t let me look at it or touch it or talk about it.  I wasn’t in the mood for a performance so I put him in the car and to calm him down we stopped at a convenience store and I bought him a few treats.  We ended up at the medical centre where we’ve become quite well known and were taken through to the treatment room where we patiently waited for the doctor to arrive.  Some fool had left the jar of jelly babies on the counter right there in front of us so we had a few of those and by the time the doctor arrived Alfie was back in good spirits.

Waiting for the doctor

His foot was cleaned and then because it was a relatively large piece of glass it could easily be grabbed with a pair of tweezers and out it came.  Alfie did find that a bit painful!  He was bandaged up and we came home and he ran around with the boy next door for about four more hours in bare feet and like nothing had happened.

And when he went to bed he said, ‘I’ve had the best day’.

A shard of glass

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  1. Gotta love his positive outlook, Charlie! Did you flirt with the doctor this time? 😉

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Sadly, I was dudded on this occasion. The doctor was a middle-aged female. Quite the disappointment when she walked into the room! xx

  2. Boys enjoy such strange things! Wonder what else we can call the fire brigade for?

  3. I think if I got glass in my foot I’d be prone to hysterics from the start, not only when someone wanted to look at it! I would also be far less calm and happy than Alfie seems in the medical room. I am impressed at him enjoying the snacks in spite of it all!

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Yes, he was in quite a bit of pain but somehow could overlook it until the fire truck drove off. xx

  4. We had a ridiculously expensive mercy dash to the doctors when I was in San Francisco with my 2 girls earlier in the year. My youngest found the mild discomfort in her foot she had been tolerating for several weeks had developed into acute pain and – you guessed it – out came a shard of glass. Also extracted were several hundred dollars from my credit account. Still trying to get that back from the travel insurance company.

    • hotlyspiced says:

      I was thinking when I was at the medical centre that I was really glad this didn’t happen in the US because a friend of mine just had an MRI there and somehow it ended up costing $30,000. What is going on there? xx

  5. It seems Alfie may have a good disposition for the life ahead of him. 🙂

  6. Well he certainly had an eventful day! Perhaps next time he’ll remember to put shoes on before running off to hijack a fire truck. 😛

  7. OrgasmicChef says:

    Being in a firetruck WOULD be the best day, wouldn’t it? AND some jelly babies AND some snacks AND a best mate to play with? That’s a gorgeous photo!

  8. what a brave boy! you know when i was a kid, i would run outside barefoot when i hear the drum and bugle corps marching down the street. im so glad i didn’t get any “injuries” like this… as I am so dramatic, I would faint and would think I was dying at that point haha.
    happy monday charlie.. and btw, i was excited to know more of you in Maureen’s blog today. You look great in your red dress too!

  9. lifeonthecutoff says:

    So glad to hear it all worked out well; the baby seat, the fire engine, the shard of glass. What pain a youngster will endure for fun! What a tale to tell in a few years over the Thanksgiving turkey.

  10. LMAO oh you gotta love kids. He would so get on with my Sammy! Glad his foot is all ok. Never a dull moment in your house 😉 xx

  11. Minnesota Prairie Roots says:

    This story reads almost like fiction. Calling the firemen to help install a baby seat? Unbelievable. And how did Alfie manage to run around with that shard of glass in his foot? And why did the firemen not notice the blood? Well, I’m glad all turned out well, but it’s quite a story.

  12. A_Boleyn says:

    Little boys are just full of energy and almost indestructible … until they’re suddenly not. Those two are going to give you grey hairs in the years to come if they keep hanging around together. 🙂 Best of luck to you.

  13. Minnie@thelady8home says:

    What an ADORABLE story!! I LOVE your stories!!! I can only imagine the excitement the boys had!!! Last year in December, I had organized a picnic at a local firestation for the kids in our local community in California. Trust me, it weren’t just the kids who were excited about having their turns in the fire truck posing beside some truly hunky firemen.

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Thanks so much Minnie. Yes, it was a very exciting day and all the more exciting because four firemen visiting us in a fire truck was completely unexpected xx

  14. All That I'm Eating says:

    What a sweet story, the fire truck was just too exciting for anything else to matter! Life is definitely better with treats.

  15. how cute is that???!!!! I LOVE your kid!!!

  16. Amazing how the adrenaline associated with the fire truck kept him from feeling the pain. When my son was about seven he put his arm through a glass panel in a door next door when it was slammed in his face by one of the kids playing with him. He came screaming home, wailing like a banshee, blood flowing from his slashed wrist and stopped as soon as I wrapped a tea towel around it to stop the blood. No blood, no pain it seems. I took him to the emergency room at the hospital where he was stitched up and he never shed another tear. Boys are strange creatures.

  17. Aww that’s such a cute story. I love that some old fashioned fun is the best day ever!

  18. Do emergency services really offer that type of mundane help? or was that woman too stupid to recognize that her issue wasn’t an emergency! I’m guessing the latter!
    Hope Alfie’s foot heals quickly.

    • hotlyspiced says:

      I didn’t think they did. I know when Arabella cut her foot at a party and the host called the ambulance, we were given a hefty bill and they didn’t even take her to hospital, they just bandaged the foot on the spot and told her to go to the hospital the next day when it would be less busy. So how the fire brigade can visit people struggling to install a car seat is beyond me. But, perhaps Alfie got the story wrong. Who knows!

  19. Vanessa Carnegie says:

    Kids are awesome like that. I think even the time I broke my arm in two places and was in the worst pain of my life, it was still a good day because I got to ride in an ambulance!

  20. Aw, I’m glad it ended up being a good day for Alfie after all 🙂

  21. Ouch that sounds really painful 🙁 Poor kid but lol young boys like Alfie are so resilient hehe has Alfie always liked firetrucks thats why he’s so excited? 🙂

  22. ChgoJohn says:

    Whether a fire truck for a boy or a Ferrari for a man, let a guy sit in one and he’s going to declare it “the best day.”

  23. LOL! With treats and a fire truck…a piece of glass is simply a mild annoyance. I love it! 🙂

  24. Awww… too bad he didn’t speak up, the firemen could have “rescued” Alfie!! This sort of day is every boy’s dream, I think!!

  25. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says:

    hehe it’s all relative isn’t it! And glad to hear that he was ok in the end. I think as a child, that any day that had junk food was the best day 😛

  26. says:

    Funny he only noticed it when it was pointed out. Gotta love a little boy. Bit of sugar and a fizzy drink makes things all better ( and 3hen they grow up fizzy drinks are still all the rage)

  27. The Café Sucré Farine says:

    That’s a boy for you, for sure! One time when my son was only about 12 years old, my husband took him to the ER (for some type of “boy” catastrophe). As they were registering at the hospital, one of the questions was “have you ever been here before?” – the man look at his computer and said, in shock “oh my, you’ve been here 12 times before! Always for boy-type emergencies! My daughter never went to the ER! Like your son, these emergencies became “badges of honor”! 🙂

    • hotlyspiced says:

      That’s exactly how it is with me. My boys have all been to the ER dozens of times but my daughter has only been once. And every time I’m at the ER I look all around and it’s dominated by boys! xx

  28. Amy @ Elephant Eats says:

    Oh my gosh, Alfie is so adorable!!! And he sounds like a real sweetheart too 🙂 Weren’t those days the best…when a soda and candy bar made everything better?

  29. Jennifer Cullen says:

    Never a dull moment raising boys, right?

  30. Victoria at Flavors of the Sun says:

    Truly, Alfie is one of the most appealing kids I’ve seen. Everything about him–his looks, his personalitiy, his antics. Glad the cut wasn’t worse–also happy the fool left the jelly babies in clear view!

  31. yummychunklet says:

    Agreed. Life is always better with treats.

  32. I am so happy Alfie wasn’t in a bad way – he is absolutely one of the cutest and most beautiful kids ever 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  33. Ouch, poor Alfie – I swivelled my foot over a shard of glass once. Of course it sliced right in and there was blood everywhere… when I hobbled to the bathroom I could feel it “tapping” against the floor as I put my foot down… lovely 😀

  34. bestfoodies says:

    Kids bounce back so easy, isn’t it terrific! I like stopping for treats when I am having a bad day too!

  35. Alfie is just adorable, Charlie! Two little boys on a fire truck…that’s worth walking through glass! Funny how it hurt so bad after the adrenaline of joy subsided! You aren’t sitting still in one place very often, are you, Charlie! 🙂

  36. InTolerantChef says:

    I’m glad to see Alfie has his priorities in order 🙂 Seriously is there anything jelly babies or chocolate CAN’T fix?

  37. I love this story … Nurse Charlie to the rescue … again 🙂

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