The Trio Becomes a Quartet

Archie’s high on life.

Has been for a while.  Probably a long while.

He’s back at uni and loving it and enthusiastically gets out of bed in the morning and irons a shirt and packs his low-carb lunch and off he goes.  Because not only is uni grand, Archie’s band (although widely unknown) is keeping his spirits high.

A few months ago Archie was wandering through the city and came upon a group of buskers playing classical music.  Within the group was a lovely young girl playing the violin and singing vocals and Archie was drawn by her talent.  When the group stopped for a break Archie (who as you know gets right in your face and doesn’t hold back), said, ‘You’d be good in my band’.  And she was totally surprised to be sure but interested as well.  Archie questioned her and found out she is a Year 12 student at the Conservatorium of Music where she proficiently plays the piano and the violin as well as having singing lessons.


Learning she is still in school was a bit of a concern but Archie quickly recovered from any thoughts of disappointment that might be imposed due to her study timetable and said, ‘Well, we wouldn’t take up too much of your time because you’re obviously really talented so you’d pick it all up in a heartbeat and if you’d like to join our trio, here’s my details.  There’s some u-tube stuff you can look at and here’s the link to our facebook page.  If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you’.

Can you believe the girl actually contacted Archie, said how much she loved his music and that she’d love to join the folk band.  Archie was thrilled.  They rehearsed with the new girl a couple of times and found she brought a wonderful new dimension to the group.  They now have Archie on lead vocals, guitar and harmonica, David on mandolin and vocals, Nat on double bass and Emma on violin, piano and vocals.

So the next thing was to gig and Archie announced to the group they had a gig booked.   ‘Where is it?’ they asked.  ‘We’re doing the trains’, said Archie.


And so last Friday night the band, together with all their instruments (and I do feel so very sorry for Nat with the double bass), boarded a train at Kings Cross Station.  Nat with the double bass found a spot where she could lean against a wall so she could stabilise herself then Archie yelled to everyone on board, ‘We’re Jack Selwyn and we’re here to entertain you.  One, two, one, two three, four and Archie began the foot stomping and the passengers sat there stunned and the band played and Archie began to sing the songs he’s written.

And no one stopped them.  Everyone seemed to love it or they were too scared to say they didn’t and they all brought out their i-phones and recorded the performance and stomped along with the beat.  In the next couple of hours Archie and his band rode all over Sydney gathering an audience.  One woman had an auntie who’s a record producer and she has passed on the band’s details to her and she has already asked Archie to send in a demo.  The morning after the train gig their facebook likes had increased by one hundred.  Archie is on a high and he just can’t wait to get into the recording studios – that’s the next step.


They were on the trains Monday night as well.  Archie always walks in completely wasted.  ‘What’s for dinner, mum?’

‘Marinated chicken.’

‘Any carbs?’

‘You could exclude the rice’.

‘Thanks, mum,  I’m trying to get in shape.  And here’s the MX paper.  Look what someone wrote in and said…

‘To the band that was playing on the Eastern Suburbs train that left Town Hall on Friday 7.17pm; I didn’t catch your name.  Do you play live gigs anywhere else?  You guys were great.  Well worth being at work late to catch your performance.’

Is that a widely read paper, Archie?  (I’d never heard of it).

‘Not really mum, it’s just something everyone grabs so they have something to read on their journey.  But what the guy said was nice.  We’ve got to keep doing this, mum.  People on the trains seem to really embrace a live performance’.

Probably because they think they’re getting more than their ticket’s worth.  ‘Good on you, Archie; you’re helping create a kink in their otherwise routine journey.  No wonder you’re getting a wonderful response’.

The band will be doing a gig to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia on Sunday, 10th March at the Mosman Hotel at 5pm.  If you would like to come and are in the area, here’s all the information you need…

Children’s Cancer Institute Australia fundraising event.

Now this is really poor quality and it’s extremely brief but here’s what a stranger uploaded from Friday night’s performance…

Mini-performance recorded by a passenger!





  1. They seem so nice in these photographs, Good Luck for them. I tried to listen and to watch this mini performance but doesn’t work nice… How I wished to be there and to listen to their concert. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Good for Archie! Wish the mini performance was longer. Hope they raise tons of money for the Children’s Cancer Institute. You must be one proud Mama, congratulations.

  3. How fantastic for Archie, no wonder he’s on a high! And what good fortune that things are falling into place, you must be very proud of him, I’m sure it’s not easy breaking into the music business. I’ll check out the video when I get to work, I’m on the streetcar now (wish R&R had entertainment on our trains).

  4. How fantastic for Archie, no wonder he’s on a high! And what good fortune that things are falling into place, you must be very proud of him, I’m sure it’s not easy breaking into the music business. I’ll check out the video when I get to work, I’m on the streetcar now (wish we had entertainment on our trains).

  5. Archie is so so resourceful and quite a little entrepreneur. I totally see him going far in life! Wish I had some musical entertainment like that on my commute home 😉

  6. Youth is so wonderful. The young just jump right in with no fear, no concern of rejection and with such enthusiasm. I admire Archie’s determination and wish his band much success. You should be quite proud of this fine young man/musician.

  7. That’s fantastic for Archie and I enjoyed very much listening to his music!
    You must be so proud of him.)

  8. That’s such a great age – endless possibilities and so much to discover. The train concert sounds like a fun time for the band and the commuters. And for us, who get to read about it. 😉 Let’s hope Archie’s band can move up from the “widely unknown” designation (great phrase).

  9. What a lovely post! I do think this bunch of talented kids are going to go places. I think doing a train gig is a brilliant idea, you never know who is listening. I loved the snippet.

  10. I loved this post. Very telling of Archie’s character–and talent to boot! I loved the train impromptu gig. Do you have other links where we can here his music. Talented, yes, but it his sheer exuberance that is so endearing. Good for him in every way! It is so nice to be high on life…

  11. Charlie, they are Wonderful!! I just “liked” their page on Facebook and listened to their demo track, Sleepy Love. Fabulous. They’re sure to be famous some day. You must be so proud of Archie! I love that they play on the trains for people. 🙂

  12. Is this real life? Wowzers! Go Archie and co!

  13. Aw, what a sweet story…to be so young and enthusiastic about what you love. And I’m not surprised one bit hat you raised a son with a caring, altruistic side as well 🙂 Good job, mom!

  14. Kudos Archie! You have an incredible spirit and your tenacity will take you and your wonderful band beyond the stars.
    Charlie your photos are incredible!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  15. Good on Archie for supporting a good cause and pursuing his talent 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. Great music. Great musicians. Great cause. Thank you so much for sharing this, Charlie. I can’t seem to stop smiling! (Liked their FB page, too.) 🙂

  17. Well Archie is no shrinking wallflower is he? He obviously believes strongly in himself, and that belief is contagious….. or like you said, people are just to scared to tell him No.
    Bring on the recording contact I say- go Jack Selwyn!

  18. That is such a lovely story. What joy they must bring to passengers. Getting out there and making it happen is such a great way to live. I am a Facebook linker now and will watch their career develop with interest.

  19. They are fantastic! What a treat it would be to be serenaded on the train!

  20. Archie seems to have a good business head too, good on him! Wishing him and you all the best.

    Nazneen xx

  21. I love the black and white photos!

  22. Go Archie! They look great in the little clip. How nice to think they’re making such an impact. At least I can say I met the famous muso one day.

  23. What a clever chap he is! And how wonderful to have the exuberance of youth with the courage to put himself out there like that. I bet those passengers loved it.

  24. This story put a big smile on my face. I can’t wait for Archie’s US debut.

  25. You must be so proud of Archie – this is really inspiring to read. I love that he loves it so much too. With all the followers they are getting I’m sure they are well on the way to a record deal of some sort!

  26. YAY I’m so pleased for Archie! We always knew that he had star power but things really look to be happening for them. Their music is fabulous too! I wish I could come along on the Sunday!

  27. Fantastic! Love the new gal 🙂 ! Sheesh, wouldn’t it be fun to follow them on a multi-hour gig on the trains . . . 😀 !

  28. I wanted to hear more!!!! They are seriously fabulous hun. I am definitely going to try and ake that gig. Can kids go? You must be one very proud mama – I m thinking we are going to see some big things happening with Archie and his band. xx

  29. I love that get up and go that he has obviously inherited from you and Carl, Charlie! What a shame we are heading into town to see ‘The Addams Family’ at the Capitol Theatre the evening of the 10th. What a noble gesture to do a fundraiser for such a worthy cause.

  30. This is so fantastic; a guy who makes things happen! There’s so much energy and life in that little snippet. You must be so proud of him.

  31. I’m a big supporter for Archie! I wish him and his group the best. Would you share a youtube video of their music one day? I’m interested!

    • Hi Nami, yes, I’ll definitely share one. They’ll be heading into the recording studios some time this year so as soon as they have their tracks laid down, I’m sure I’ll be given permission to share them!

  32. Isn’t that fantastic! Gosh he looks like you in that video! In person he looks like both of you but in that one you did it all by yourself. 🙂

    You must be very proud of him – he’s a very clever young man.

  33. Hey, what a cool post, and dude! I must share with my teens.

  34. Yay! You must be a very proud mum 🙂
    That’s awesome!

  35. I sure hope one of these passengers can do something for him and his bandmates and I imagine doing charity functions is a great way to get your name “out there”. In the not too distant future, we may all be saying things like we “knew Jack Selwyn when … “

  36. What a super feel good story!! I am so happy for Archie and his group. Time to be a proud mum 😉

  37. How great for Archie! 🙂 That’s lovely!

  38. I LOVE this sort of music! Please give us the You Tube links and we’ll drive it to the thousands of viewings:) And Facebook as well.. you may have done so before, but I don’t have the links and would love to support someone so talented! xx

  39. Love to hear a positive story first thing in the morning putting a smile on my face. Congrats to Archie.

  40. Great work Archie 🙂 So proud of him that he’s playing at this even to help raise the much needed donations fro the charity ~ even though his band may not be well-known at the moment, I know he will succeed and make it big one day! xox

  41. They’re great. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for including the link.

  42. I missed this one; I saw the ‘Lamb dinner’ one;(I guess this is the girl who is either a vegetarian or doesn’t eat meat (!).LOL! Sounds like life is interesting, in a good way.

  43. I made the little snippet work well enough to see their enthusiasm, and to hear their sound and enjoy it! What a great story and that’s a real treat to see the band performing for charity functions now, and this is just the beginning! You must be very proud, Charlie!

  44. How fun to get to hear and see a little bit of Archie’s band in action!

  45. I’ve known about Jack Selwyn all this time! It was a very nice surprise when I read this and discovered he’s your little boy – they make gorgeous folk music I really wish them a successful musical journey – so excited for you!

  46. Your Titanic Party looked WONDERFUL‼️ I wish I could have attended. I’m fascinated by “all things Titanic” and everything looked absolutely splendid‼️‼️‼️ Archie will remember that night his whole life through. Saying “well done” doesn’t come close to the admiration I have for you for pulling it off.💜

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