A Birthday Party and…Psycho Delilah Cake

A few days ago I was at Alfie’s swimming lessons, sitting on the sidelines next to my friend Sally.  I asked her what she had planned for the weekend and she told me and then asked what I was doing.  I told her we were having Alfie’s birthday party.  She looked at me with a really shocked look on her face and said, ‘How can you be so calm?  Why aren’t you stressed?’

And I was so glad she said that.  Because finally I knew I wasn’t alone and that there was someone else out there who also dreaded ‘the child’s birthday party’.  I’ve been doing children’s parties for 19 years and although I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way, I’m still not in a state of calm when the day of the next one rolls around.

‘Psycho Delilah’ complete with a pierced nose and eyebrow

I’ve hosted a few parties that have gone quite well but there have also been some horrors like the pool party for Archie’s 12th birthday where there was a near drowning, the beach party where it rained like Noah’s flood, the party that had to be cancelled because Archie ended up in hospital, but probably the worst was the clown party where the clown failed to turn up.

Jelly Cups

Although I was dreading this weekend’s party, it was a huge success.  We held it at the beach in a club house that we hired for the occasion.  The weather was beautiful, a couple of mums stayed around to help and we did a lolly scramble which is something that in 19 years I have never done and the children loved it.  All the children got along beautifully, there were no accidents or injuries and the parents arrived on time to collect their children – and that’s always a bonus!

Marshmallow Fruit Sticks

When you finish hosting a child’s party, you feel so much relief that it is wonderful to have a night at home and just relax with a glass of wine knowing it’s all over for the next 12 months.

Lolly Bags

And that’s exactly what I’m doing tonight!

This is the cake Alfie chose from the Women’s Weekly Cookbook

The cake can be found in the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Party Cookbook. 

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  1. I would have been so HAPPY that the clown didnt show up, I would have been more comfortable at a spider party. Actually, no….needless to say, I laughed when I read that. Love your bags (er, your lolly bags. um – the childrens party bags…)
    T x

  2. Hmm maybe this is why my mom stopped throwing us birthday parties after age 7…too much stress! Sounds like it went off without a hitch though and that cake looks amazing!

  3. I have to admit if I need a party thrown for me – I think I’ll pop on over and get it organised with you … the cakes, bags, jellies .. love being a child sometimes .. the marshmallow fruit sticks – good ones … then the ice-lolly scramble – what’s that?

    Glad you’re back enjoying your wine … cheers Hilary

  4. Oh I absolutely dread the kids’ birthday parties. Every year it’s such a source of anxiety for me. I just want it to go well for their sake, and like you said there are just so many things that have to go right. It sounds like you did a fabulous job and that everyone had a great time. Love the psycho!!! 🙂

  5. Eva. Kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com says:

    Sounds like you’ve had your share of drama at the kids birthday parties, Charlie! Stress, drama and isn’t there an enormous cost as well? My brother gave his kid a laser tag party and it cost him nearly $1000! My friend Kim took her kid and 9 friends to a trampoline party and rented a bus to take them there: $700!! What ever happened to pin the tail on the donkey and bingo?
    I’d be chucking back more than a glass my friend! 😉

  6. I first saw the picture of your cake on Pinterest. This is a crazy cake — love it! The gummy worm hair is outstanding. Your kids must think you are the coolest mom. (Does saying “coolest” immediately disqualify me from being up to date?)

  7. I am an awful mother. The only birthday party I ever threw for my now 18-year-old was a party with family on his first birthday. And then he had to share the day with his sister, who was turning eight the following day. He never asked for a party, so… As for my girls, I hosted one party with their friends on their ninth birthdays and all the other years I had the grandparents and other extended family over for dinner. That was stressful, but not as stressful as dealing with a group of kids. All three of my children were born during the cold and snowy winter months, which isn’t exactly conducive to a big party when you live in a small house.

    Anyway, glad you survived another party and that everyone had fun.

  8. must be a great party indeed, with the cute lolly bags 🙂 may i know what are inside?

    Latest: Walk This Way or “Wok Dish Way”?

  9. Everything is so pretty. Love the pierced nose and brows. How modern:) You deserved at least a couple of glasses of wine for all that work.

  10. Thats sweet! I remember only one birthday party with some kids from school in mcdonalds. lol

    Your treats look a million times better! Love the marshmallow fruit sticks, my husband has to see that. =P

    thx for sharing your experiences… I ll remember them for my own future!

  11. I love everything you’ve pictured above … even the jelly cups, and as another poster said, I’m curious as to what’s in the lolly bags aka grab bags on this continent. I wish I had gone to this party. 🙂

  12. I’m not sure what a lolly scramble is, but I am certain it was fun. I am, as always, in awe of your inspired cakes. These stories bring back so memories of birthday parties I did for my son, who is now 22. Yikes! How did that happen?

  13. The cake looks extraordinary and I wouldn’t mind having a beautiful jelly cup now 😉

  14. You make me want to host a birthday party now – so glad it went without a hitch 😀
    Everything looks simply fabulous (and super delicious!)

    Choc Chip Uru
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  15. Wonderful photographs… so creative all of them. “Happy Birthday to him”… You did great dear Charlie, Thank you with my love, nia

  16. I hope the party goes/went well. No doubt as I’m sure you’re a wonderful host … so, enjoy your glass of wine.

  17. Thank goodness it went off without a hitch! The cake sure looks Fab, and jerky cups are always a hit indeed. This year littlej wants to go rock climbing for her birthday- a group of excited kiddies, sugar, rocks and rope….. I’m sure I’ll be joining you in that wine, but BEFORE and DURING the party 🙂

  18. Looks like a lot of effort went into that cake. Almost looks like a clown, at least this one was present, probably ahead of time.

  19. Happy Birthday Alfie! What a wonderful looking party!

    I used to love my Birthday parties when I was younger. Mum always let us chose our cake from the Women’s Weekly book and she and dad played host with lots of fun games. In year one dad dressed up as ‘the mintie monster’ (he put on a scary mask and threw minties) and all the kids there (not so much kids 21 years later) still talk about it.

    It might cause you stress but rest assured your kids will remember and cherish it forever!

  20. All that birthday party food looks great!

  21. Magnolia Verandah says:

    Oh my goodness, it is such a lot of effort!……and then all the cleaning up. But it looked great!
    Mums really do deserve a medal.

  22. Will you organise my next birthday party?

  23. that cake is awesome! i love kids parties!

  24. I am quite certain I would approach children’s birthday parties with trepidation, if I had to host them! It sounds like you did a great job. And I recall that cake from the Women’s Weekly book – very well done on your part in making it look so close to the picture!

  25. What fabulous food and how beautifully presented. I’m impressed! I did one big birthday when my son was 9 and the food got thrown all over the place, and never again! I said. You must have found the knack.

  26. With all that you have been through with your kids, I think you should be Mom of the year, every year!
    🙂 Mandy

  27. Hehe that cake is marvellous! I can’t even imagine how stressful it is planning a kid’s party! 😮

  28. Beautiful cake!!

    I had my 22 bday party yesterday, it was so much fun and of course, I cooked everything which is really stressing on your bday but so worth it!

  29. That is another in a great cake you made, Charlie. You really do have a knack for these. I would think it abnormal not to feel at least a little stress before throwing a children’s birthday party. You, though, seem to thrive in these situations — and that is so not me. Between the cakes and the parties, you’ve given your kids some wonderful memories. Well done, Mom!

  30. I think it’s amazing how you’re able to stay so calm Charlie! I don’t think I could ever be that calm, even though it was only my nephews birthday I was already so stressed ~ LOL not sure how I’ll do it when I have my own children’s bday party hehe ~

    The cake looks amazing!!! Sooooo pretty 🙂

  31. Oh yes the parties, I dread the teenage parties more. At least you can tell the parents to pick the kids up after a few hours…… the teenagers just set up camp in a square metre of floor space and dont leave.. The cake looks great, the face looks smooth and wonderful. Best Mother award **

  32. And.. this is why I’m glad my children are 18 and 20:) Birthday parties are in a restaurant with a cake at home.. then off they go to the pub with friends! I do have good memories of those parties, now that they’re done. I LOVE that cake, I def didn’t try baking anything quite that intricate!!

  33. My daughter is only 20-mo, so I dread those upcoming years when she wants and requests a party for the very same reasons you listed!! 🙂 I need a glass of wine just thinking about it already hehehe 🙂 Love the cake!!

  34. When Small Man was 12, I offered him a birthday party or $300 to spend at Hobbyco. We took the bus into town, bought an electric train set, and never looked back again.. 😉

    Your party looks perfect though, Charlie, I love the clown cake and the classy lolly bags. You even made coloured jelly look elegant! 🙂

  35. Okay.. I found myself.. yet again, focusing on the yummy photos you have on here lol. It was just so darn hard to read when you have marshmallows and fruit saying “Make me” lol

  36. And yet again, I find myself concentrating on the wonderful food photos. I just couldn’t continue reading because the marshmallows and fruit were saying “make me” lol

  37. oh wow, u made the cake? looks fabtastic… all teh arrangements indicate a fabulous party 🙂

  38. See I knew you wouldn’t disappoint. Love the cake and sounds like it was the perfect party for Alfie. a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the little guy. I so admire that yoU looked like tou weren’t stressed, I was so beyond stressed it wasn’t funny. I have to ask, what is a Lolly scramble? Xxx

    • hotlyspiced says:

      That’s when you throw lollies all over the ground and line the kids up in a row and then shout, ‘Take your mark, get set, go’ and they have little paper bags in their hands and they have to try and collect as many lollies as possible. The one with the most lollies wins! Great game because it keeps them occupied for hours looking for that elusive lolly they might have missed! xx

      • The lolly race sounds like an easter egg hunt where you hide candy, chocolate and real dyed eggs all over your lawn and the kids go out with their baskets to see which one finds the most. You can even make a giant easter egg basket so if someone finds THAT one it’s just as good as winning the prize for the MOST eggs found. 🙂 With Easter coming up soon, that came instantly to mind when I read this.

  39. Wow! that cake looks amazing
    I actually enjoy preparing birthday parties, sure I get stressed out and swear this will be the last time every time but when a party goes well and the kids are happy you just forget all about it

  40. That’s awesome! I should post pics of some birthday cakes I’ve done…though they’re not that great! I dislike the whole birthday thing, too – ugh – but it must be done…

  41. I thing that you are born to planning kids parties! that cake birthday is amazing! yummy, yummy 🙂

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