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A Sunday at Sirius Cove

On Sunday Alfie was invited to a birthday party.  It was a two-hour party in the middle of the day held at the Scout Hall at Sirius Cove.  I love Sirius Cove not just because it’s very beautiful but because it’s an unleashed dog park so I can take my girls and let them run wild and enjoy lots of freedom.

Heading out on kayaks

Heading out on kayaks

Given we are still officially in winter, the weather was amazing with clear blue skies, a gentle breeze and you could feel warmth and heat coming from the sun letting you know that the seasons are on the cusp of changing – almost ahead of time.

Sitting on the edge of the boat

Sitting on the edge of the boat

I dropped Alfie off and promised to come back in two hours to pick him up.  But when I arrived (with my girls) the party was still in full swing and the cake hadn’t even been cut.  I knew I’d have trouble getting Alfie out of there so I decided to stick around and make a day of it.

Lava flowing from a volcano

Lava flowing from a volcano

The cake was a volcano.  I asked how it had been turned into that shape as I imagined it was a cake made in a pudding basin then inverted but I’d never seen a pudding basin large enough for a cake of that size.  But no.  It wasn’t ‘cake’.  It was made from rice bubbles (rice crispies for my US friends) that were mixed with vanilla extract, melted marshmallows and butter.  Once the mixture has cooled you use your hands to mould it into any shape you like.  When the rice bubbles had been turned into a volcano it was then covered in a no-bake brownie mixture.

Pouring on the lava

Pouring on the lava

For a final effect, lava was poured into it and then sparklers lit.  The lava was made from marshmallows melted in the scout hall’s microwave that was then tinted with red food colouring.  All the children were bedazzled by this cake that’s so simple to make yet certainly looks spectacular.

The cake was cut and then it was on with the outdoor activities and there were plenty of them.  The boys all put on life-vests then took off across the water in kayaks; some of them even jumping over the sides and having a swim.  Alfie climbed onto a moored boat but don’t worry, it’s owned by the scout leader who was very relaxed about it.

Digging a hole

Digging a hole

Then it was time to tie someone up and dig holes and bury that person up to their chin.  Why not!  And the tied up little boy happened to be Alfie who couldn’t have been happier.

There's a lot of rope tying him to the chair

There’s a lot of rope tying him to the chair

We stayed until Alfie was released and the sun was slipping behind the hill.

Making sure he's completely immobilised before throwing him into a pit

Making sure he’s completely immobilised before throwing him into a pit

Unfortunately for the hosts, their car keys had somehow become buried in all that sand.  Situ!  It was a few hours before the keys were found.  And I was so relieved Alfie had nothing to do with the buried keys – it was three-year old twin boys – cousins of the birthday boy – phew – nothing to do with me!

Tied to a chair and buried

Tied to a chair and buried

Sirius Cove is at the bottom of Sirius Cove Road, Mosman.

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  1. It sounds wonderful! That was nice of you to let him stay and that cake is totally awesome!

  2. What an interesting “cake” ! Frosting with rice crispies – now thats seriously yum!

  3. I love Sirius cove! It was a favourite haunt when visiting my grandparents when I was little.

  4. I don’t think there’s any part of Sydney Harbour that isn’t beautiful but that last photo looking past the boats to the center of the city is striking.

  5. It sounds like a great day and it was very nice of you to stay around for the fun and frolic. 🙂 This way, Alfie could get every last moment of fun out of the event, not leaving too early or too late.

  6. I love Sirius Cove! What a perfect Sunday to spend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. What a great day you guys had. Alfe is adorable!

  8. hahahahhahahahah,..What a lovely party, he must have had! Was the volcano cake nice & yummy?

  9. What fun! Alfie looks as if he’s in his element, and Sirius Cove is full of charm.

  10. Alfie is such a good sport. A lovely birthday party. Glad the weather was nice and you and your girls had a great day too.

  11. It never ceases to amaze me what excites young boys! Bring tied up and buried in sand…. something my 8 yr old would thoroughly enjoy too! Glad Alfie had a good time at the party. Sounds like a fun time and what an awesome cake!


  12. What a great idea for a Birthday party! Nice to see something that’s not too high-tech. I never would have thought of that for a cake. Very clever!

  13. What a great idea for a cake…even the decorating challenged like me could pull it off! I hope we have a winter like you…though the farmer’s almanac just predicted our winter will be snowy and cold. Ugh.

  14. What a fun day! I love the cake idea for kids. My son, at 23, still loves Rice Krispie Squares–that’s when you put the same mixture into a buttered rectangular cake pan and cut in into bars are squares.

  15. What a great place for a birthday party! And I love the idea of the lava cake will you be able to post a recipe? 🙂 Sighh kids parties these days are so much better than the ones I use to go as a child hahaha xox

  16. What boy wouldn’t love to get tied up and buried in the sand by his friends? So glad you stayed so that Alfie could have that experience. Your last photo with Alfie in the foreground and Sydney off in the distance is a good one. Tell us, how much sand did you bring home with you in the car? 🙂

  17. G’day Looks like Alfie really enjoyed himself Charlie, true!
    Has a cute smile and used to love volcano cakes myself when I was little too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  18. What a fun lava pour!

  19. a kilo of sand in each pocket? 🙂

  20. What a good, old fashioned day of fun Charlie! Food colouring, sugar, water and dirt- that’s what kids parties should be made of 🙂
    Thank goodness the keys were found, I can’t imagine the frustration involved, and thank goodness they had nothing to do with your child! xox

  21. What a fun looking day and that cake is such an awesome idea! Will have to give it a try in future!

  22. Seems it was an enjoyable party, and I can’t believe that it was a winter day, there… seems like a wonderful summer day… I loved the volcano cake too 🙂 Thank you dear Charlie, have a nice week, love, nia

  23. How annoying would it be to lose your keys in all that sand?? Oops.
    Charlie looks pleased as punch to be tied up – boys are too funny.

  24. I used to love burying my siblings in sand at the beach as a kid 🙂 Good to know that it still goes on with the youth of today 😉

  25. I’ve never heard of Sirius Cove, or a volcano cake made from rice bubbles! Both sound very intriguing although I suspect I’d like the former more than the latter in a personal sense. Sounds like a fun afternoon for children and dogs 🙂

  26. What a pretty place!

  27. Just wanted to say, I’ve been wanting to make that volcano cake since I saw it yesterday! Too bad my sister said no for an engagement party. 🙂

  28. Looks like the kids had a blast!! And I love the sound of that cake…makes me think I should do more sculpting with rice krispies.

  29. How cool is that volcano cake?!!! Awesome Charlie!

  30. LOL he looks so utterly delighted to be the one tied up! 😛

  31. Somehow I think Alfie will always remember this party.

  32. That looks like a perfect spot for a little boys birthday party, and your girls had a great time too. That lava cake looks fantastic, I bet it was delicious too, being a huge fan of rice bubbles. I can see this cake making an appearance on Hotly Spiced sometime in the future.

  33. Oh how interesting! a wonderful moment together.

  34. Such a pretty place Charlie…and a very exquisite cake 🙂
    Enjoyed the pictures…have a lovely week my dear!

  35. Ha! I guess if you’re going to feed small boys solid sugar in the form of a cake, you can’t be too surprised if your keys get buried in the mania that ensues! Sounds like they all had a wonderful time! 🙂

  36. Wow it DOES look beautiful!! And how cool is that cake?!

  37. What a wonderful place, and how great to have had such beautiful weather. Love the lava cake…what child wouldn’t be delighted with it! Now losing those keys…that would have been heart-stopping! Glad it all worked out. And very glad you had NOTHING to do with it! 🙂

  38. Ooo la la, my brothers’ have the same problem with their kiddie and things going missing or being broken. What a fabulous party and how lovely you were able to let your girls run free.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  39. Oh I remember this place from your old post – you had bbq party or something like that, right? It’s such a gorgeous place to live! My son was into volcano and lava when he was in Kindergarten. He didn’t ask for the volcano cake (and I’m not creative at all) but he’d be so excited to know it’s possible to make it. 😀

  40. I love that Rice Krispies are called rice bubbles, makes more sense! That volcano cake looks so fun, such a perfect cake for a kids party! Sirius Cove looks gorgeous, Hugs, Terra

  41. Cool looking cake! Naughty little boys though – burying keys in the sand! Not cool… it’s lucky they were found in the end!

  42. Super, all the way around.They really know how to throw a party there! “Rice Krispie Bars” recipe can be made into a lot of shapes.I have been experimenting myself but a volcano? I would thrill my grandkids with that!

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