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Coco Chocolate Giveaway

If you have been reading along with me for a while now, you might remember that I participated in a course at Coco Chocolate that taught me how to temper chocolate.

Coco Chocolate has three stores that are all in Sydney and as well as running their chocolate school, you can buy a wonderful range of chocolates from all three of their stores.

Beautiful packaging

Beautiful packaging

I’m fortunate to live within walking distance of one of their stores and when Alfie has swimming lessons he walks from school to the swim centre and passes by Coco Chocolate where he wanders in pretending to be a customer and helps himself to one of the complimentary chocolates on offer.  I can smell it on his breath when I meet him at the pool!

To make up for my son’s ‘buying habits’ I call in frequently and buy hostess gifts to take to dinner parties and these gifts are highly treasured.

The bars open like an envelope

The bars open like an envelope

Recently, Rebecca Kerswell, chocolatier and the owner of Coco Chocolate, contacted me to let me know they have just launched a new product range.  It was birthed out of her customers frequently asking for a chocolate range that has no added sweetener, including agave.

Rebecca produced a range that not only has no added sugar but is also gluten-free, vegan and 75% organic.  With a cocoa mass of 90% chocolate, this range is incredibly dark, bitter and rich.  Rebecca has created 10 different varieties including drinking chocolate and I have been fortunate enough to have been given five of the varieties to sample.

I wish you could smell it!

I wish you could smell it!

As I have come to expect, this new range is beautifully packaged.  Each packet has a minimum weight of 70gms and retails for $10.50.  The packets open like an envelope and Carl said it reminded him of opening a roll-your-own tobacco packet although clearly, the contents are much better for you!

In terms of varieties, I have sampled raspberry, hazelnut & sea salt, fig & date, orange, and aztec which is a blend of chilli, cinnamon and vanilla.  I absolutely love dark chocolate and I love the quality of chocolate that is made by Coco Chocolate.  I believe this beautifully packaged vegan range will be extremely popular as customers buy it for themselves and purchase extra packets for gifts.

Coco Chocolate 90% Fig and Date

Coco Chocolate 90% Fig and Date

In celebration of the launch of this range, Coco Chocolate is very generously giving away 50 packets of this chocolate that will be divided between five lucky winners so each winner will received 10 packets of chocolate valued at over $50.00.  And with Easter just around the corner, what excellent timing this is!

All you have to do to enter the competition is like Hotly Spiced on Facebook and be following along on either Instagram or Twitter.  And please let me know in the comments which variety of the bars sounds like your favourite.  Now there’s a catch!  The competition is open to everyone however, due to how difficult it is to post chocolate, you do have to be able to collect your prize from one of their three stores!

Coco Chocolate 90% Hazelnut and Sea Salt

Coco Chocolate 90% Hazelnut and Sea Salt

Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella is also giving away 50 bars of this chocolate so for extra chances to win, you can enter her competition as well.

The competition ends at midnight on April 6 and winners will have three months to collect their prize.

Good luck!

Here are the locations of the Coco Chocolate stores:  

Coco of Kirribilli
Monday-Saturday 10.00 – 6.00pm & Sunday 10.00 – 4.00pm
Shop 12 3a-9b Broughton St Kirribilli 2061 (a couple of shops down Bligh St!)
Ph: 02 99224998

Coco on the Mews
Myahgah Mews Mosman
Monday-Friday 9.00 – 5.00pm Saturday 9.00 – 4.00pm
Rear 565 Military Rd Mosman 2088
Ph: 02 99606540

Coco of Willoughby
Monday-Saturday 9.00 – 5.00pm & Sunday 10.00am – 2.00pm
Shop 4 183-191 High St 2068
Ph: 02 99585548

Coco Chocolate Studio Chocolate Cellar Door
Monday-Sunday 10.00 – 4.00pm
Headland Park Mosman
(past Burnt Orange and HMAS Penguin at Chowder Bay Rd turnoff)
Ph: 02 99605848

Beautiful packaging

Beautiful packaging

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  1. Elegant presentation as well a delicious. I like dark chocolate best, in fact, the darker the better.

  2. I love dark chocolate and I know it’s good for me. I think the fig in chocolate sounds heavenly! I follow you everywhere and would follow you to the ends of the earth. I love your writing.

  3. Dark chocolate is my very favorite. I shan’t be winning this giveaway as I don’t have a way to pick up the goods, but this is a fabulous one! The packaging is delightful! Good luck everyone! xo

  4. Wow! How have I never had Coco Chocolate before?! I think the fig & date looks (and sounds) absolutely divine. What a delicious, sugar free indulgent treat!

  5. Oh my gosh this does look super rich and delicious, what a lovely chocolate!!
    I’m not entering unfortunately but one day, I definitely will try it 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. It all looks and sounds delicious! 🙂

  7. beautiful packaging! I like the sound of ‘Fig & Date’ or anything with sea salt – Im obsessed! these look delicious!

  8. The sea salt and hazelnut sounds divine. How lucky to live so close by. I’d be spending waaaaaay too much money there! 🙂

  9. G’day! I love dark chocolate Charlie!
    I will be on the lookout for these locally! YUM!
    Cheers! Joanne

  10. Ohhh yum, dark chocolate, I wish they would open a store in Avalon but then again it may be far too tempting to do an ‘Alfie’ and pop in for nibbles ….. I love the sound of the fig and date and anything with nuts !!

  11. Good luck to everyone entering! 😀

  12. OMG it sounds like heaven 🙂

  13. Good luck to everyone who is entering! I live on the sunny Gold Coast, so I’m ineligible (sad face)!

  14. Lovely! I wish I could hope on over and taste a few bites myself. The new line sounds fabulous! I think you are going to be getting a few more dinner invites 😉

  15. Damnnnnn I won’t be able to come to Sydney to pick up the chocolate that’s so annoying 🙁 But they sure look delicious!

  16. Yum. If only I lived in Sydney…

  17. What a great excuse to visit Sydney. Love dark chocolate and that Aztec variety would definitely have me hooked, I would be doing an “alfie” all too often.

  18. I will just have to imagine how wonderful this chocolate is, but I’m happy that three of your visitors will have the opportunity to taste it for themselves. There’s nothing more delightful than really good chocolate! I fun that your little guy has figured out how to get his chocolate fix before swimming. 🙂

  19. I am totally salivating at the thought of the hazelnut and salt… and the fig and date sounds divine too…

    I can also wholeheartedly recommend this excellent chocolate. I sometimes meet a friend for coffee in Willoughby at the cafe right beside the Coco shop there and I have to always pop in for a var… or two… it’s VERY high quality… * rushes to phone friend and meet for coffee!

  20. Love the sound of Aztec! Sounds so unique I would love to try

  21. I’ll say the fig and date. Parents will be taking pick-up duties if I’m lucky 😉

  22. I’d have to say the one that sounds most delectable is the hazelnut and sea salt.
    I love the contrast in the combination of salt and chocolate and the hazelnuts add a bit of crunch to the smoothness of the chocolate.

  23. I think I’d love to taste the fig&date type and the orange one. Yum! Thanks for organizing the give-away and spreading the word on this artisan shop.

  24. Bummer, too bad I can’t swing by and pick it up, though it sounds so good. I’d love to take a course like that – tempering chocolate sounds so fun!

  25. Yummmm it all sounds too good. Please send some to ME!

  26. The hazelnut & sea salt looks incredibly delicious!!

  27. They look so pretty! Its exciting that even chocolatiers are starting to embrace things like moving away from sugar, wihout impacting on flavour. I would love to try the sea salt and hazelnut flavour!

  28. Adele Chenoweth says:

    What gorgeous looking chocolate, the orange and aztec and raspberry are looking like my favs

  29. Tatum Freeman says:

    I would love the Hazelnut and Seasalt. Dark Chocolate is my favourite

  30. Charlotte says:

    Ooo delicious, and this new range is perfect for my newly-vegan brother for Easter!

    Cocoa nib sounds delectable… I adore the name, it is so appropriate for me as I use chocolate as a fuel whenever I have to write anything – essays, stories, blog posts – it really is my number one writing tool!

    Thanks for the chance. FB liker and follower on Instagram (@allaglow)

  31. Karen McWilliams says:

    What wonderful selection of delectable flavours,in amazing combinations…If i had to make that big decision,i would love to try Fig and Date combo …mmmm

  32. Jayne K says:

    FB liked. Twitter followed. Hot footing it to Mosman to try that Rose and Pepper combination for some sweet heat!

  33. Helena Leung says:

    Fig and Date, because I grew up with a fig tree in our garden (Dad’s pride and joy!) and eating figs always reminds me of my family 🙂 My mum would get such a kick out of eating fig chocolate!

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