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Homesick No More

Miss Arabella has recovered from her homesickness.

That’s not to say I’m cancelling my trip.

All it took was my sister taking her for a trip down Rodeo Drive for some therapeutic shopping where she purchased a Michael Kors jumpsuit.

The new purchase

The new purchase

Followed by being picked up by an Audi chauffeur and taken to the premier of the second season of Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber.

Getting ready for a night at a premier

A night at a premiere can make you overlook your homesickness

And the after-party-dinner followed at Nobu, ‘the best restaurant ever’ according to Em, where Miss Arabella was ‘absolutely loving the sushi’.

But back home in Sydney, I’ve been wondering where, while in New York, we might stay.  As luck would have it, Em has a friend with an apartment that’s vacant.  It happens to be on Fifth Avenue, very close to Union Square and Washington Square Park and the shops.  Of course importantly, the shops, are just eight blocks up the road.

Liev Schrieber with his arm around my lucky daugher

Liev Schrieber with his arm around my lucky daugher

Em’s friend owns an apartment in the building and recently purchased the studio apartment next door with plans to convert the two apartments into one.  That hasn’t happened yet.  Meanwhile, the studio is vacant and she has kindly offered it to me and Arabella.  There’s a doorman who will give us the keys on arrival (so very Seinfeld!)  Then there’s a bed that we pull down from a wall (so very Happy Days).  There’s a small kitchen but, ‘every eats out in New York anyway’, and a bathroom.  As this is a very kind and generous ‘gift’, I dare not ask, ‘How about the air-conditioning?’

As the accommodation was all being sorted, Em asked, ‘Why don’t you stay at least one night in LA?’  And I suppose it did seem silly that I’m travelling all that way and not actually catching up with my sister and her family.  So I investigated changing the flights.  That’s where you can be gouged.  Qantas wanted nearly $800 for a direct flight to Sydney but because I agreed to go via Brisbane, the change over fee was less than $200.

Double layer sour cream and chocolate cake

Double layer sour cream and chocolate cake

So now I leave New York at 6.30pm and arrive in LA at 10pm.  I’ll spend the night and all the next day with Em and have dinner with her and her family.  Then they’ll kindly take me to the airport for my midnight flight to Brisbane.  I arrive in Brisbane at around dawn then I have a wait before boarding a flight to Sydney.

I’ll arrive in Sydney at 10am which is hopefully just enough time to arrive home, shower or at least spray my armpits before heading to Bather’s Pavilion for a special lunch launching Gary Mehigan’s new cookbook, ‘Favourites’.

Individual raspberry and almond cakes

Individual raspberry and almond cakes

And of course I absolutely must attend the lunch, firstly, because my friend, Annie bought me the ticket.  A few weeks ago it was her daughter’s birthday.  Annie’s kitchen was being renovated so she wasn’t able to make a birthday cake.  She asked me if I could help her.  I made a double layer sour cream chocolate cake but as I knew her other daughter was gluten-intolerant, I made some individual raspberry cakes as well from Hannah’s blog.  Annie was overjoyed and as a thank you, bought me a ticket to attend Gary’s book launch with her.



The other reason I’m desperate to be there is because I recently posted a recipe for tortellini.  That was one of Gary’s recipes and I absolutely must let him know that the tortellini is the best dish I’ve cooked this year and that I’m going to reproduce it at a dinner party.  And then I hope to have my photo taken with him as well!

So today I’ve had a pedicure in readiness for a New York summer.  With our summer being some time ago, it was a long overdue overhaul. I’m now ready to greet my no-longer homesick daughter in New York.

Four sleeps to go.

Feet being prepared for a summer in New York

Feet being prepared for a summer in New York

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  1. Boom diggity, what an awesome and jealousy inducing post. How exciting that in just a matter of days you will be jetting off to one of the most amazing cities in the world. Gawd Im jealous…

  2. SO excited for you!!! What an amazing trip that will be. 🙂

  3. Your trip will be brilliant, so excited for you! Arabella is obviously totally cool with her life, so she can show you everything 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. So cool for you & your daunter! what a fun trip it will be! 🙂 x

  5. I meant daughter! 🙂 xxx

  6. So glad Arabella got over her homesickness – and it’s gonna be an awesome trip for you to be able to stop over in LA too! Y’all sure did luck out with that apartment in NYC – and from what I remember of NYC – sounds like it’s in a great location! Safe travels and happy reunions, Charlie!

  7. You will have the BEST time with your one and only daughter on a journey where you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. I’m so glad Arabella has calmed down and is having a good time. You and your sister look so much alike – both beautiful.

  8. From homesickness to pure fun! Good to see that your daughter looks happy now with you by her side 🙂

    Gourmet Getaways

  9. That’s fantastic to hear that Em helped Arabella overcome her homesickness.

    Arabella is so gorgeous.

    Happy to hear you will spend some time, too, with your sister and her family. This is all coming together so nicely. If only you had time to stop in the Midwest. Next time, Wisconsin and the Mall of America in Minnesota, right?

  10. LOL! From hostels to hob nobbing with the rich & famous! What a lovely day for Arabella. That would certainly cure my homesickness too. Safe travels to you. You’re going to have a fantastic trip!

  11. Never had a pedi. I am going to have to one of these days… 🙂 Good to hear Arabella isn’t having to hard a time in New York.

  12. Oops, I meant in LA… She hasn’t made it to New York yet! LOL

  13. Sounds like fun plans! Hope you have a great trip. The cakes look delicious, and I want a taste of the tortellini!

  14. Tell Arabella hands off Ray 🙂 What an exciting couple of weeks you have ahead of you. Have fun x

  15. Lord but y’all are a family of high-flyers! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Arabella decides she’d like to move to New York…. 😉

  16. Sounds like everything is going fabulous after all! A little glam sounds like a lovely way to lift the spirits! Your tootsies are pretty and ready!

  17. It was only a matter of days before a 180 degree change in attitude! Thank goodness for Em and her magic touch! You two will have a blast in NYC! I think after that trip I’d need an IV of caffeine to do anything after landing! Can’t wait to hear what you do!

  18. Shopping is an amazing cure for most things including homesickness, and looking amazing wearing that new frock while dining on sushi at Nobu or meeting Liv Schreiber can’t hurt either. You have some pretty generous friends and family as well. Enjoy yourself, you lucky lady, you.

  19. Even more jealous today than I was yesterday!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  20. What a fun trip ahead! And gorgeous toes too. 🙂

  21. Sounds like your going to have a real nice time, glad your daughter is feeling better about things.

  22. No therapy like retail therapy Charlie! Mind you, the celebrity lifestyle doesn’t hurt either 🙂 I’m so glad you’ll get to visit your sister, but I sure hope you sleep well on the return plane trip, or Gary might find you face first in his tortellini! Xox

  23. Happy travels lovely 🙂
    (and wowsers you look like your sister!)

  24. I’m so excited for you Charlie you’ll have the best time! I’m also jealous you get to wear summer clothes for a little while.
    While you’re telling Gary about the tortellini, could you tell him his beef and guiness pie recipe is amazing too please. x

  25. You will forgive me for good natured laughter, won’t you? I doubt most Beverly Hills residents showing themselves off on the Rodeo would even acknowledge there were such things as Youth Hostels in their fair city 🙂 ! Arabella looks lovely in her pantsuit and going to Nobu’s is not an experience most of us have!!!! No wonder she smiles!!!! Hmmm, on my very many trips to LA [business] and many walks up and down the Drive, I have to laughingly think back on the scenes in ‘Pretty Woman’ . . . . we always stayed just opposite the end of the street . . . .and I kind’of agree with the film! Glad she enjoyed it!!!!!

  26. Ain’t life great. I am so proud of you. I sounds so exciting on all fronts.. Have a brilliant time you deserve it.

  27. Well, that’s one way to get over homesickness. 🙂 Her smile is saying it all! Have a great trip to NY and I’m so jealous of the apartment you’re going to get to stay in. I’m sure it will be a great experience. Have Fun!

  28. have fun sounds wonderful.

  29. Oh my goodness but I just can’t possibly keep your amazing schedule straight in my head. I’ll be content to know that you’re in the same general vicinity as I am, and only sorry you can’t stay in Los Angeles just a little bit longer. But it seems you jet-setters are flying all over the place. Have a wonderful and safe adventure with your sweet daughter. This should solidify some wonderful memories for you both. ox

    • I too, am so sorry I won’t be in LA for longer. I would so love to visit you, Debra. I just have 24 hours in town. I do plan to bring my little guy to LA to do all the touristy things like Disneyland and Universal Studios and so I hope to be back before too long. We will just stay on the West Coast and not go as far as New York as it’s too much flying for an energetic youngster. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog – they mean a lot to me!

  30. How exciting! And great to hear that Arabella has settled into LA. I loved it there and it sounds like she did it in style 🙂

  31. What a wonderful piece of luck with your NYC accommodation. It sounds excellent, and I’m sure the extra flight will be worth it to see your sister too. I’m glad Arabella is over the homesickness (for now!) but am sure she’ll still be glad to welcome you.

  32. yes arabella doesn’t look homesick but have you considered that she is probably feeling a lot less homesick being able to count down the days til you arrive? Though I am sure some LA shopping therapy together with good food and good company helped too. That cake looks amazing too – nice that you could time it to get back in time for the launch

  33. Haha but maybe Arabella’s homesickness shall return once in NYC. But, of course, you will be there to save her!

  34. Im so glad Arabella is feeling better! You’ll have such a wonderful time! Enjoy those beautiful warm days!

  35. Arabella looks like she is having fun. Hope you both have a great time. Can’t wait to see what adventures you have in NY.

  36. What a lot of good news! I’m sure it made a big difference to Arabella knowing that you were coming over. What great family solidarity! And Arabella looks so gorgeous. Have a wonderful trip.

  37. Have a fantastic wonderful time 🙂

  38. Wow how very wonderful and how lucky you are. have a great time Charlie, look forward to the stories

  39. Great news about the apartment! You will have a ball. All the food in this post looks amazing.

  40. Enjoy your trip … wish I could go and “carry your bags” … NYC is amazing and you’ll have a ball … can’t wait to here all about it!

  41. What adventure! Enjoy New York Charlie. I am glad you got the change with just $200. Any airline ticket changes can be so prohibitive. Your pedicure looks gorgeous.

    gorgeous girls.
    Hot men.
    and pretty toes.
    This post has. it. all! XX

  43. Oh my word, Arabella got to meet Liev, that is awesome! How exciting, enjoy your trip to New York! Your raspberry almond cakes look delicious! Yum, Hugs, Terra

  44. Arabella is gorgeous! 🙂 I think the Michael Kors jumpsuit was a great idea and i’m glad she’s not feeling that homesick anymore and that you have a sister living in LA so it’s definitely good to have some family! I didn’t know you had so many sisters Charlie and they all live around the world 🙂 LA and Beijing hehe

  45. So happy to hear that Arabella is feeling better and that she’s having a great time! And she got to meet Liev Schreiber; how exciting 😀 The tortellini look wonderful and delicious, yum! Have an amazing trip, Charlie! 🙂

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