In My Kitchen, May 2015

Firstly, a very big thank you for all the kind words on the passing of our dear four-legged friend, Ruby.  I was very touched by all your caring comments and your words of comfort, empathy and sympathy helped me through a very sad time.

A most beautiful puppy

A most beautiful puppy

As it became apparent Ruby’s remaining time was short, I neglected and forgot about other things going on in my world.  A responsibility I neglected was in telling you about an event being held in Sydney’s Martin Place during the month of May.

Beautiful to the very end

Beautiful to the very end

It’s called Markets in May which is a community initiative that highlights the importance of markets in supporting local producers and artisans.  I meant to tell you to head to Martin Place on April 30 where there would be a pop-up growers market.  The event would showcase amazing food producers handpicked from various markets in and around Sydney.  There would be free sampling and cooking demo’s along with entertainment.

That pop-up market has been and gone but the rest of the event continues through May.  Let me show you the wonderful quality and variety of products available when you support local producers and shop at markets.
Off to the Markets in May

Off to the Markets in May

In my kitchen I have a variety of bagels from The Bagel Shop.  The recipe for these bagels is so authentic it even comes from a shop in New York City.  Drew and Archie loved these bagels and enjoyed them with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers.

A variety of bagels

A variety of bagels

In my kitchen I have salt from the Whale Beach Salt Company.  I was surprised to hear that this is Sydney’s only locally harvested sea salt.  It is made in small batches for guaranteed quality and purity.  Each batch is made with water collected from Sydney’s well-known and very beautiful Whale Beach.

Salt and tea

Salt and tea

The salt flakes are very soft and a light sprinkle went well on top of some breakfast scrambled eggs.

The Sydney Salt Company also makes teas and included in the parcel was a container of French Earl Grey made from organic ingredients.  The tea is colourful and pretty and made with Ceylon black tea, bergamot, rose and cornflower.
Very pretty Earl Grey tea

Very pretty Earl Grey tea

In my kitchen I have sauerkraut from Ferment It.  We’re all hearing about the benefits of eating fermented foods and how they’re excellent for maintaining and improving gut health with their probiotic properties.  The range from Ferment It is 100% organic.



In my kitchen I have coriander zing marinade made by Spice Vine.  I have seen the Spice Vine range at a lot of markets around Sydney.  I used this on some chicken supremes we had with rice and a salad for a quick, easy but very tasty, family meal.

Coriander Zing Marinade

Coriander Zing Marinade

In my kitchen I have a selection of smallgoods from Backa Smallgoods.  These products have been made in the traditional Eastern European way and are air-cured and fermented.  They are preservative free and gluten free so there are no nitrates or nitrites.  All products are smoked using Australian hard wood.

No nitrates or nitrites

No nitrates or nitrites

The Godfather certainly has a kick to it.  I used it on a pizza I was making for the little guy.  He doesn’t mind a bit of heat and ate three-quarters of this pizza saying it was the best ‘meatlovers’ ever.

Godfather pizza

In my kitchen I have Chunky Dave’s Peanut Butter.  This is real peanut butter that is made in Sydney from Australian peanuts.  The nuts are double roasted, salted and ground.  If you love a peanut butter with texture, you’ll love Chunky Dave’s.  The chilli peanut butter has a lovely kick of heat and I’ve enjoyed it on crackers but also think this would be good scooped into a chicken curry.

No added rubbish!

In my kitchen I used to have a bottle of Rose from Retief Wines.  Retief Wines is a boutique winery specialising in cooler climate wine.  We opened this bottle on a warm evening when the wine was very chilled.  Terribly drinkable, it had hints of cherry, strawberries and lychees.  Sitting on our verandah with a glass of rose was an enjoyable way to unwind after a long week.

A cool-climate wine

A cool-climate wine

Speaking of Rose, a lot of you have been asking how Rosie is doing.  She’s been very sad and confused as she wanders around looking for her soulmate.  We’ve had some whimpering and some barking at doors as she imagines Ruby must be on the other side.  But we have been making sure she is busy and has little time to fret.  I even smuggled her into the hospital where Arabella is recovering from her surgery.  It was the highlight of Arabella’s day.

A hospital visit

A hospital visit

So that’s what’s happening in my kitchen and life this May.  If you’d like to do an IMK post, please link up with Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and let her know when your post has gone live.

Oh dear, the horror of bath day.

Oh dear, the horror of bath day.

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  1. After the last few months you have had Charlie that lovely Rose was much needed I feel – take care. xxx

  2. Lots of lovely loot, Charlie. Retief is a very Afrikaans surname, I wonder if the makers of your enjoyable rose are ex-Safricans?

  3. Danielle says:

    Totally agree with Rachel! Oh what you’ve all been through and the thought of Rosie wondering where her mum is just makes your heart break…but on a more positive note, what a lovely haul of goodies from the market and I love that Markets in May bag! I love markets full stop. I hope the rest of the month is kind to you and wishing Arabella a safe recovery this time.

  4. Dear Charlie, so many good things in your kitchen, love. Love the name of that salt company!

  5. What a great haul of goodies in your kitchen this month. Chilli peanut butter sounds brilliant for a quick satay sauce – love the label. All the Backa products sound fantastic too – totally spoilt for choice what’s my favourite this month but I think sneaking Rosie in to see Miss A is a winner.

  6. Beautiful things in your kitchen. I really loved the post. Poor Rosy….she is stil the best thing in your kitchen.

  7. Great post Charlie. You are making the best of a sad situation. Love all the local goodness in your kitchen.

  8. I’ve heard from so many people whose surviving dog mourns unceasingly for its best friend, even if they had been rivals. Dogs have such great empathy and loyalty. Your poor baby!

    I love seeing what’s in everybody’s kitchen to start each month! Your photos are very nice.

    Good luck with your daughter’s second recovery from surgery.

  9. So much good stuff in your kitchen this month! We don’t eat enough fermented stuff — thanks for the reminder. And glad for the Rosie update — was wondering how she was doing.

  10. I am laughing out loud how you tucked Rosie into that roomy bag and snuck her into the hospital. I hope Arabella’s recovery is going well.

    The pizza looks delicious and that chili peanut butter sounds like something I would love to taste.

  11. I am glad Rosie is coping and hope you are all doing so as well. Your kitchen is certainly well stocked and that tea is beautiful. The peanut butter sounds great too, and I do think authentic bagels are a million miles away from the supermarket pretend variety.

  12. Poor Rose – I am hoping the old adage of time heals all will work for her too – dogs are so unconditional in their love of each other and us – aren’t they?
    That coriander zing marinade sounds amazing! And hope Arabella is feeling better soon too!

  13. Charlie, you are coping so well with the grief, looking after Alfie, chasing a million miles a day to look after Arabella AND you are doing social media, commenting and blogging. I loved you before but now I’m in awe.

    I’m also a bit envious of all this loot!

  14. Bagels and Earl Gray tea are my favourite items in your kitchen this month. How sad to hear that Rosie is missing her mom. Glad you’re keeping her busy and Arabella must have really enjoyed her little visitor.

  15. Oh my goodness, I can’t get through any of these posts without crying! My heart goes out to Rosie.

    I love all of the things in your kitchen. If I was a bit closer I think I’d come by often in hopes that you’d fix me an amazing meal. 🙂 That coriander zing marinade sounds wonderful!

  16. Glad to hear you are keeping rosie from too much fretting. Your local products for this month’s IMK are impressive. I particularly love that photo of the earl grey tea – it looks so pretty. The Sydney salt makes me wonder if any is made is Melbourne. I love the sound of the rose wine (if I do want an alcoholic drink I want hints of fruits like that). And I have the feeling that the bagels and sauerkraut would go together very well, and make you feel like you are back in New York.

  17. It’s been a sad time for you and yours Charlie, but that’s still a nice haul in your kitchen.

  18. What an amazing market Charlie. If only we could do all our shopping like that. You cheeky thing sneaking Rosie into hospital! haha

  19. Oh that market alone would be worth the trip to Sydney! Coming from Northern Europe most of my childhood food was naturally fermented and that sauerkraut looks so good !!! – Would love to buy from ‘Ferment It’ on line but oh the postage!! May have better luck with the very interesting ‘Spice Vine’ with its great choices: homework ahead and thanks for the info. Rosie will require a lot of loving and all the best to Arabella for a rapid exit from bed: hope her uni studies are progressing well from there . . .

    • Thanks Eha, she is trying to do her uni work from her hospital bed. I’m not visiting her today so she can get on with her work. Here’s hoping!

  20. Lots and lots of interesting items in your kitchen this week. Lots of feel good things that you all need right now. Love the picture of Rosie and Anabel.

  21. Annie Potts says:

    Love the look of all those wonderful products !! The only one that worries me is the salami ? Do you remember the Garabaldi Meatworks Scandal ? I’ve not bought processed meats since seeing that poor woman who after eating a contaminated piece lost her nose . Went black and fell off . I’ve been wary ever since 🙁 The zingy coriander looks fab so I’ll keep my eyes open ! Welcome home Arabella and hugs to little Rosie 🙂

  22. What a nice lot of goodies in your kitchen, I wonder if I can find any of those products down here. A little friend next door lost his brother before Christmas and sometimes I still hear him crying in the back yard. Poor thing. I pop in and take big Maxy with me that cheers him up for a while. But it is very sad!

  23. Lots of wonderful things there Charlie!! I’d love to get my hands on “the god father” and the chilli peanut butter would be perfect for some satay – yum!! Jan x p.s. hope Rosie and Arabella both pick up soon xxx

  24. So sorry to hear about Ruby as no words can express the grief!
    Hope this turn around for you and Arabella and thanks for this month’s kitchen view!

  25. What a delicious selection of local food. I’m intrigued by the sauerkraut as I know it’s a good food but have never wanted to make it just for me. Now I’m wondering if someone does a ready made one here.

  26. Sending you so many hugs. How lucky both your adorable dogs were/are to be so loved x

  27. Oh damn! I meant to tell everyone about the Markets in may too but I was just so frantic that week and I thought that it went for May! 🙁

  28. *lots of hugs*!!!! Seems like it’s been such a tough time for you recently. Hope things will get better from here on.

    Would love the things in your kitchen!

  29. Wishing Arabelle a quick recovery! You have so many delicious goodies in your kitchen. I just got groceries today and the boys have eaten almost everything already.

  30. Oh if only I lived closer to get to that Market and how precious of you to smuggle Rosie in to see Arabella.
    Have a beautiful day Charlie.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  31. Very fun to peek into your kitchen, Charlie. If I lived a tad closer, I’d have loved to pop in for breakfast. Those NYC bagels and delicate salt sprinkled scrambled eggs are calling my name!
    …LOL regarding the Godfather sausage. I’d expect the flavor to be a kicker. And a natural for pizza =)

  32. Yum, I love sauerkraut. The photo of Arabella with Rosie is priceless!

  33. I love being a voyeur in your kitchen!! Now I’m craving bagels and pizza! Glad your sweet Rosie is doing OK—I’m sure she’s feeling the loss, too. xoxo

  34. I’m so sorry to hear about Ruby’s death. XO We lost two of our dogs a couple of years ago, and we were devastated. They truly are part of the family. XO

  35. Charlie, thanks for taking the time to write your IMK post amdist the “transitions” in your life — as always, a pleasure to read, xo. You inspired dinner tonight… smoked sausages and sauerkraut! But oh, how I’d love to indulge in a NY-style bagel with smoked salmon about now… 🙂

  36. Lots of goodies in your kitchen, It’s no wonder you put everything on the “back-burner” while Ruby needed you (and you needed Ruby).

  37. gorgeous snap of a young ruby. look at those bagels. they look delish. i didn’t know sydney had a salt harvested at all. how interesting. i love how much i learn from other bloggers. your meat pizza looks the business. hope arabella is doing well and that you are feeling ok after the sad ruby-ness. all the best..x

  38. A completely understandable absence from blogging. Hopefully things are finally improving. How brilliant to smuggle a visit into the hospital! Looks like you still managed to find lots of delicious local goodies this month.

  39. This was such a good re-cap, Charlie. It’s good to hear that Rosie is getting along and with all the love she receives from the family, she will undoubtedly do well with some time. So hard for everyone! And I am glad to see that Arabella looks so good. I still can hardly believe what she’s been through. With so many emergencies I’m impressed that you have had time to do anything extra at all. The color of that beautiful tea sure pulls me in, and the peanut butter wouldn’t last too long in my kitchen. 🙂

  40. I’m loving all your goodies Charlie – my favourites are the coriander paste, the sauerkraut and the peanut butters. I’m going to keep my eyes open down in Melbourne for these products, just in case they make their way to some deli’s down here (you never know your luck in the big city!) I’m glad Rosie is doing well x

  41. So many yummy things from the markets… It is times like this I really do miss Sydney and all the yummy things it offers… I hope as the weeks go on that even though you will never forget your beautiful ruby, that the pain eases a little eat day! Lots of love from Queensland! Liz xx

  42. Some lovely goodies Charlie, I had no idea that there was salt from Sydney! I’m a huge fan of local markets, I love wandering around seeing all the deliciousness 🙂 Fantastic idea to sneak Rosie into the hospital, it would never work with my big boofy German Shepherd though! Xo

  43. Rosie is so lucky to have such a loving family to look after her! I hope Arabella is well and truly on the mend now, and I didn’t know about the May markets – will try to catch them next year if they’re on! And I honestly never knew we harvested salt in Sydney, how fantastic! Thanks for the headsup, Charlie! 🙂 xxx

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