In My Kitchen, March 2014

No excuses for running late now

In my kitchen this month, it seems it’s all about big. In my kitchen there’s now no excuse for running late.  I bought this big clock which is not yet on the wall of my kitchen because I’m waiting for Carl to do a ‘boy’s job’ and drill a hole into the cement-rendered brick wall so […]

In My Kitchen, March 2014

u-Taste Selection

In my kitchen I have a box of goodies from uTaste which is part of the Good44 website. uTaste is a site you can subscribe to and for $29.00/month you’re sent a selection of gourmet goodies from producers in Australia and New Zealand.  This can include wines, chocolates, fudge, crackers, condiments, ciders and much more besides. […]

In My Kitchen – February 2014

Lest we forget!

I can’t believe it’s the second month of the year already.  I really should take down my Christmas lights. On with the show… In My Kitchen I have booze.  It’s not all mine.  But duty free alcohol is very cheap in Port Vila so we stocked up on a few things.  I’ll confess to the […]

In My Kitchen, January 2014

Move over, Nicole Kidman, I'm the new Stepford Wife.

You can all stop holding your breath because yes, it has arrived.  All good things come to those who wait and so here is my brand-spanking-new food processor.  Barely was it unwrapped on Christmas morning when it was placed on the bench, plugged in and run until the motor ran hot.  And it’s been in […]

In My Kitchen, December 2013

Treasured Christmas recipes

In my kitchen is a broken window.  Can you guess who did it?  Yes, it was Archie.  He’s lost three house keys since March and a few nights ago he came stumbling home in the early hours of the morning and realised (no surprise) that he didn’t have a key.  Rather than knock on the […]

In My Kitchen, November 2013

Well stocked!

Well, that’s it for Halloween so down here in Oz, (as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving), our next big event in the calendar is Christmas.  On with the Christmas baking.  In my kitchen I have dried fruits and glace fruits and nuts soaking in brandy and orange juice for the Christmas cakes I will bake next […]

In My Kitchen, October 2013

Rosie with her mother, Ruby

In my kitchen I have a pretty pink box.  It was given to me by my good friend Rach who is a midwife at one of Sydney’s private hospitals and this box had been given to her by the wife of a certain Sydney billionaire.  She had helped deliver their third child.  Everyone who helped […]

In My Kitchen, September 2013

My Bear Grylls

September and Spring already!  It’s such a lovely feeling to see the back of winter. In my kitchen I have a very special balsamic vinegar given to me by Tania.  In Tania’s blog posts she often mentions different types of balsamic vinegars and I have often felt like a Philistine by comparison in that my […]

In My Kitchen, August 2013

Coconut and Pineapple Cake

I haven’t done an ‘In My Kitchen’ post for a while; mostly because I didn’t want to bore you with the mundane items that fill my kitchen in order to fill the mouths of hungry uni student and reluctant eight-year olds.  Not terribly exciting! But this month I do have a few things worth sharing.  […]

In My Kitchen – May 2013

Two special friends, Rosie and Ruby

In my kitchen I have some edible dried flowers given to me by Rebecca when we celebrated her birthday at a high tea recently – yes, Rebecca brought gifts to her own party. I have seen a lot of recipes lately using flowers; there’s even a new cookbook out where every recipe has edible flowers […]