In My Kitchen, February 2016

The summer holidays have come to an end, kids are back at school and in a couple of weeks, uni studies will commence for another year.  So life, although still busy, is settling into a bit more of a scheduled routine. In my kitchen I have new salad servers.  I saw them in a homewares […]

In My Kitchen, January 2016

It’s Noah’s flood here in Sydney at the moment.  It honestly hasn’t stopped raining for days and I’ve been living in my knee-high gumboots.  Not only that, it’s cold; today I’m seriously back in winter clothes.  I have a very good friend who booked a family holiday for one week in an apartment on the […]

In My Kitchen, December 2015

My last IMK post for the year and firstly, I’d like to thank my friend, Celia, for hosting the series for the last five years.  Celia has done an amazing job of managing all our posts and sending them out all over social media.  She is now passing the baton to Maureen who couldn’t be […]

In My Kitchen, November 2015

The last month of Spring. In my kitchen I have dried fruits, glace fruits and nuts soaking in orange juice and brandy.  This weekend I had good intentions of making two Christmas cakes but alas, I’ve been out of the house so much it hasn’t possible.  The fruit and nuts continue to soak up the […]

In My Kitchen, October 2015

When the calendar clocked over to October I realised with alarm that it is now that time of year when I start my Christmas baking.  I’ll just have a few days out on the boat relaxing before I begin soaking dried fruits and nuts for Christmas fare. In my kitchen I have a million lollies. […]

In My Kitchen, September 2015

While Spring so far has been much colder than I would like, there’s plenty going on in my kitchen to keep my mind off the weather. In my kitchen I have a birthday cake I made for a very special boy.  He loves the Sydney Swans so I made in a cake in the team’s […]

In My Kitchen, July 2015

In my kitchen I have a lot of goodies brought back from Bali but first, I have a few things that haven’t done as many miles. In my kitchen I have a beautiful purple ‘purse’ that was given to me by my friend, Lindy.  Yes, the box has been a little chewed by Rosie but […]

In My Kitchen, June 2015

It’s June and it’s winter and it’s a lot colder than usual.  And I don’t do ‘cold’ very well.  It’s like a test of endurance and I’m constantly looking at the calendar counting down the weeks until I’ll be warm again.  Here’s what’s happening in my kitchen this month… In my kitchen I have a […]

In My Kitchen, May 2015

Firstly, a very big thank you for all the kind words on the passing of our dear four-legged friend, Ruby.  I was very touched by all your caring comments and your words of comfort, empathy and sympathy helped me through a very sad time. As it became apparent Ruby’s remaining time was short, I neglected […]

In My Kitchen, April 2015

In my kitchen I have two golden passionfruit.  Just two.  That’s because while there have been plenty of passionfruit on the vine, the possums are eating them, skin and all, before they even ripen.  Every now and then, they either miss one and Alfie is able to quickly grab it and bring it to safety, […]