Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls and…Mumford and Sons

You’ll be pleased to know the Wedding Singer returned with my car yesterday and was on Cloud Nine because his band’s performance had gone so well.  The bride was so pleased she wrapped herself around my Archie and gave him a big embrace to thank him.  Archie, having never before sung at a wedding, (in a paid capacity), wasn’t sure what songs to sing but though she might like, ‘I Wanna Grow Old With You’, from the Wedding Singer and written by Adam Sandler.

Well that was a tear-jerker.  The bride was a mess!

Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

The wedding was three hours from home and set in a little country town and you would remember that Archie has no wheels and was taking my car.  As he was leaving for the wedding he asked, ‘Ah mum, would you know how much petrol is in the car?’  And I rolled my eyes and handed him a fifty.  ‘Oh, thanks, mum.  I won’t spend it all but do you mind if I use a bit to get some McDonalds on the way down?’  I said, ‘Archie, buy as many burgers as you like, just drive safely’.

On the way back, he and his band members who were all in my car because they are musicians with not an asset between them, needed more petrol and didn’t want to dip into their hard earned cash so they stopped in three different towns and busked.  (And this would be after I phoned him saying I urgently needed my car back and how much longer was he going to be).  Never mind.

Sausage rolls with spicy tomato chutney

He walked in at about 5pm and said, ‘Mum, you wouldn’t believe it.  We did 15 minutes of busking in three different towns and we made enough to fill up your car and buy lunch and you’ve got more petrol now than you did before we left.  Isn’t that great!  And mum, there was someone at the wedding whose son is getting married soon and they want me to sing at their wedding.  Isn’t that great’.

‘Marvelous; but will you be needing my car, Archie?’

And another reason Archie is on an absolute high is because his favourite band in the whole world, Mumford and Sons, is touring here at the moment and Archie has tickets to three of their concerts.  On Thursday night he’s going to one in the city, then on Friday and Saturday nights he’ll be camping in a country town called, Dungog, where he’ll go to two more performances.  You will be relieved to know he doesn’t need my car.  One of the boys has hit on his mother so she will be walking everywhere this weekend instead of me.  But Archie does need his father’s camping equipment.

‘Hey dad!  Have we got a tarpaulin?’

‘Yes’, said Carl, ‘But it’s a really big one’.

‘Doesn’t matter.  I’ll take it.  Can I take the trestle tables?’

‘Both of them?’


‘You can take one’.

‘But we want to set up a really big camp site’.

‘Well you don’t have to bring everything.  Let the others bring some gear’.

‘All right, I’ll just take one.  Have you seen my trangia?’

‘Have a look in your room’.

‘What about camping chairs?  Have we got any?’

‘Probably.  Have a look in the shed’.

So the sorting and the borrowing and the packing went on and then Archie had a shower with his i-phone plugged in beside him belting out the latest Mumford and Sons songs and so Arabella, who was trying to study, burst into tears.  She packed her things and went down the hill to move in with my parents.  But that’s a good thing because she gets more study done there.

And just as well she left when she did because then there was a knock on the door and it was the one they call Tea-Koi and he came in and he and Archie stayed up ALL NIGHT talking about the upcoming weekend and how exciting it’s going to be and who’s bringing what and how many more sleeps etc.

This morning Carl went down the hill and took Arabella out for breakfast.  She’s in good spirits (her spirits aren’t quite at the same level as Archie’s though), but she’s still in good form and was very much looking forward to having her first exam over with.

I made her these sausage rolls for after her exams.  They are quick and easy to make (although messy) and with the spicy tomato chutney in them they really don’t need a lot of sauce.  Just heat and serve!

Plenty for everyone

Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

Makes:  48

Degree of Difficulty:  2/5

Cost:  These are very inexpensive to make.

  • 400g sausage mince
  • 300g chicken mince
  • 1 brown onion, finely chopped
  • 1 large carrot, grated
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • handful chopped parsley
  • 3 tbspns spicy tomato chutney (or similar – you could substitute with a great tomato sauce – something that packs a punch).
  • 4 sheets frozen puff pastry
  • milk for brushing

Pre-heat oven to 220C (430F).

Line 2 baking trays with baking paper.

In a large bowl add sausage mince, chicken mince, onion, carrot, egg, parsley and chutney and add some seasoning.  Mix with clean hands until combined.  This is why it’s a messy business.

Take a sheet of puff pastry and cut in half.  Take one of the halves and add sausage mixture and spread along pastry evenly.  Brush along the edge of the pastry with milk then roll leaving the joined edge sitting on the bottom.  Cut on the diagonal into 6 even pieces and place on tray.

Continue until all sausage rolls are made.

Brush tops of sausage rolls with milk.

Place in oven for 15 minutes.

Serve warm with more tomato chutney for dipping.


A really comforting snack

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  1. Dear Charlie,

    Sausage rolls are one of my fave snacks but I need just tomato sauce though and nothing else.

  2. hahah yay for Archie being such a singing sensation! its getting close to late night munchies and these sausage rolls are looking *really* appealing right now.. especially with that yummy sounding tomato chutney!

  3. Yum … these treats look like a big thumbs up!

  4. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says:

    It’s busy as ever at Chez Charlie but good to hear that everyone is in good spirits! 😀

  5. That is some stellar, stellar busking right there. Hopefully I’ll get to hear Archie perform one day!

  6. Congrats to Archie! That’s so wonderful he’s getting connections. He’ll be famous before you know it…and then you can ask HIM for gas money 😉

    This looks like such a perfect and easy appetizer! I’ll def have to try it the next time I have guests over.

  7. The Good Greatsby says:

    Congratulations to Archie. When you say Archie has tickets to three different concerts I think I might know why he doesn’t have any money.

  8. Green Dragonette says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Lovely to hear how the family are getting on…just! One day
    you will be able to put your feet up for a few hours and relax knowing all is

  9. Lucky Archie it sounds like he had a great experience. And your car was filled too! These little bites sound lovely – very flavourful with the sausage and the tangy dipping sauce.
    Eva http://kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com

  10. thelifeofclare says:

    I love that they busied for their petrol money! Did you get your $50 back such a great post, as always.

  11. Saffronandhoney says:

    Who wouldn’t enjoy a treat like that? And well done for Archie and to you for being the ever supportive mum :).

  12. Oh how I wish I could eat puff pastry! I haven’t attempted a gluten free/dairy free version…that will have to wait until we get settled in NH. Yours look delicious!

    I wish Arabella luck on her first test. And how exciting for Archie! It’s always nice to know other people enjoy something that you do that comes naturally. Tell him to take video so we can all see him performing at these weddings! 🙂

  13. These sausage rolls look sinfully good!

  14. Sweet Posy Dreams says:

    How nice for Archie, and for you to get your car back. I really like the look of these sausage rolls. May try them next weekend when my brood rolls into town.

  15. Rachel - Executive Beader says:

    Yummy as always. I like that you can use different sauces as well. May try this one soon to entertain. As a huge fan of Mumford and Sons, I envy your wedding singer. What fun!

  16. OMG Mumford and son is actually one of the best bands ever 😀
    And your sausage rolls look super perfect as always 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. IronWhisk says:

    Wow! Awesome sausage rolls. Yummy!

  18. InTolerant Chef says:

    I like how you used two types of meat in your recipe, and the zing from the chutney is a great idea.
    Mumford and sons is played very loud, very often at our house too Charlie, they have such a great sound- lucky archie with tickets!
    I think Arabella made the right decision, a stable home is obviously something she she needs right now, and I’m glad she’s finally found one 🙂 xox

  19. Norma Chang says:

    Sounds like Archie will be making singing a career. So thoughtful of him to return the car with lot of gas.
    Your sausage rolls are so simple and easy to make yet so elegant. What a delicious after exam treat for Arabella.
    Norma Chang, http://gardentowok.com/

  20. WOO HOO 🙂 I’m so happy for Archie!!! Super duper happy for him! He’s worked so hard and doing so well now! For people to come up to him and want to book him to sing for another wedding that’s just fantastic!

    Poor Arabella though >_< she must be under so much stress right now sighh I'm actually tutoring a girl in Yr 12 too… and I feel so bad to see her stress out but there's not much I can do to help her….

    Hope Arabella is still eating, sleeping and resting well 🙂 Tell her I said good luck to her exams xox

  21. Victoria of Flavors of the Sun says:

    Good for Archie! You must be almost as pleased as he is (that’s what we parents do–we cheer!). Love this recipe with its two kinds of meats–and I generally love puff pastry as it is just so easy to make quick, yummy recipes with it. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Wow, this looks fantastic. And it is the time of year that we need finger foods for tailgate parties, bon fires, etc. I’ll definitely try these.

  23. Claire @ Claire K Creations says:

    At least you’ll never have to worry about Archie getting by. He seems to be able to get himself out of situations rather well!

    The thought of these sausage rolls would get me through anything. I hope the first exam went well. Sending lots of thoughts to Arabella!

  24. Monet@anecdotesandapples.com says:

    Yes please. My friends from Australia (who actually introduced me to Mumford and Sons) were talking about sausage rolls the other day. Now I have a recipe to try! Thank you for sharing!

  25. I love your kids, i really do. Not because they torture you but because they’re so positive people.
    Oh and I adore hose little blankets.

  26. I had no idea what a sausage roll was before I moved to Australia. I tried to imagine an American breakfast sausage wrapped in a bread roll. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 🙂 We have them every Australia Day and every footy final and on Grand Prix weekend. Archie is on a roll!

  27. I hope the exam went well for Arabella. If Archie was my brother, I’d probably throw his iPhone in the toilet. 🙂

  28. Hahhahahha… I love reading stories about your kids, family and life as a Mum. I always wondered what my Mum would share/blog abt if she knew how to. Nothing bad or too revealing, I hope. Anyway, I assume that me and Archie would be in a similar age group because I LOVE Mumford and Sons too! There aren’t as many decent bands out there like them anymore these days. And that Adam Sandler song has got to be the soundtrack of so many people’s big day since the movie. I went to a wedding once and the best man reworded the lyrics but sang to the tunes of the grow old with you song too, it was great. Great recipe btw!! So quick and easy to whip up in a jiffy =)

  29. I am giggling under my breathe…your family provides great tales even if the stress levels must be high at home! Quick and easy sounds essential for these sausage rolls and they look wonderful.

  30. There is a never a dull moment in your house, lol! I love reading about all the fun you have with your kids. I made something very similar that I still have to post. These look delicious.

  31. yummychunklet says:

    I love “The Wedding Singer”! One of the best Adam Sandler movies.

  32. Good for Archie! I am so glad he’s getting on so well. I like Mumford and Sons too, they have a very unique, folksy sound about them. I also like these sausage rolls. Anything in puff pastry is good with me!

  33. mjskit @mjskitchen.com says:

    Love the Archie saga! 🙂 What a great mom you are! Now for the sausage rolls – I’m hungry right now and I want about 8 of these! After seeing these I know the lunch I have planned (leftovers) will be boring.

  34. GourmetGetaway says:

    Oh what a success for Archie!!! Well done, and you got your car back with petrol and in one peice… Even better, I love homemade sausage rolls!

  35. SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa) says:

    Those sausage rolls look great! Glad the wedding went so well for Archie and his mates… and glad your car made it home in one piece!

  36. Barb Bamber says:

    I love those sausage rolls.. and I don’t mind getting a bit messy if I get to have those to nibble on after! Congratulations to Archie for his successful performance and .. for getting to see Mumford and Sons!! I would have loved to see them in concert!!

  37. The sausage roles are so nice! I can think of so many “comforting” situations where they would come in as a hit. Good for Archie and the role of wedding singer. I am sure his personality combined with talent must make him very popular. I hope he enjoys his camping and concert! And you have your car! 🙂

  38. What a lovely mix of flavors, and I love quick and easy recipes! I for sure don’t work with puff pastry enough! Yum, Hugs Terra ‘

  39. We have two cars and three drivers in our family and there are constant negotiations to see who gets one and when. I do feel like I come at the bottom of the heap so I get a little loud to make my point but I still come last. We are thinking of getting another small car – not good for the environment but good for me.

  40. justonecookbook says:

    Yay for Archie! I love that movie… 😀 I start to feel like your kids are like mine. LOL. Feeling emotions toward them more by reading your posts. You made these with puff pastry? Wow I need to try this one! Great healthy snack and great alternative to sweet ones.

  41. My Inner Chick says:

    I finally bought THE WEDDING SINGER because i love it sooooooo much! Cracks me Up!
    Mr. L would adore those sausage rolls. MMMmmmm. WOW. Xxx

  42. How awesome that he’s getting wedding-singer jobs! that’s great! And I bet that song was perfect – you should video tape him for us to see and hear!


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