Tour to Northern India

I’m excited to announce that in March, 2016, I’m hosting a tour to India.  A boutique tour for just 16, I’d love you to come with me.

A heritage hotel where will will stay for a few nights

A heritage hotel where will will stay for a few nights

Steve McHardie is a partner of Rush Expeditions, a unique travel company catering to small-group private tours.  While Rush Expeditions takes expectant travellers to exotic, unique and off-the-beaten-track parts of the globe, Steve’s specialty and great love is India.

North India

North India

In partnership with Rush Expeditions, Steve, with his 25-year history of visiting and exploring India, will host a private tour to North India for a party of 16.  You will not only experience the scenic and architectural wonders of the region, but also fall in love with the culinary delights that North India has to offer.



I have never been to India.  But I have three sets of friends who have all been there in the last 12 months and all have returned saying the country is absolutely fascinating, that it was the most unbelievable holiday and that India is so culturally different they all declared it a travel experience they’re so glad they embraced.

I’ve been waiting in the wings.



All good things come to those who wait and from March 24 – April 3, 2016, I will be co-hosting the tour with Steve.  Steve will be our host, along the way we will have private tour guides, and I will help to make sure your culinary knowledge of Indian cuisine not only grows and develops, but that you come away with the knowledge and first-hand experience to cook your own authentic Indian dishes for family and friends.

North India

North India

Independently we will fly into Delhi and our tour with our professional guide begins on March 24.  In Delhi we will have a day of sightseeing where we will visit the tomb of Mughal Emperor Humayun who, during his lifetime in the 1500’s was known as the ‘perfect man’.   Then we will visit the Ghandi Museum that has a lot of photographs, art pieces and other memorabilia closely connected with Mahatma Gandhi.  In the afternoon we will tour the area that is full of the grandeur of British imperial architecture then dine in a popular city restaurant.


Humayun’s Tomb

The next day we will travel to Agra to see the world heritage site, the Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders of the world.  Built between 1631 and 1648 and made completely of white marble, it stands in memory of Arjuman Banu Begum who died tragically in childbirth.  Her husband was so devastated by her loss he commissioned this structure to house her tomb.  While in Agra we will dine in a fabulous local restaurant serving the delights of the tandoor and on another night, dine in one of the best restaurants in the city serving Mughal cuisine.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

We will travel to Jaipur and visit the fabled Pink City, so named because of the colour of the stone used to build its palaces, forts and arts.  That night we will dine in one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city.


Pink City

While in Jaipur we will visit the Amber Palace which is on the outskirts of Jaipur and located high on a hill overlooking the city.  It is a major tourism attraction in the area.  We will also see the City Palace where the royal family still resides and that night dine al fresco on the outskirts of Jaipur.


City Palace

After leaving Jaipur we will journey to the semi-desert region of Shekawati.  On the southern silk route, the towns of this region once enjoyed great wealth, and the homes of the traders were brightly coloured as a sign of affluence.

Horses at the hotel

Horses at the hotel

On the outskirts of the farming community of Nawalgarh sits the Roop Niwas Kothi Hotel.  Once the country retreat of a local prince, it is now a splendid heritage hotel.  We will spend three nights in this hotel enjoying Indian cooking classes and relaxing in the hotel’s incredible environment.  I will probably be lying by the amazing pool but if you don’t feel like swimming you can go horseback riding, tour the region by bicycle or travel by camel to a remote location and enjoy a picnic lunch.


Roop Niwas Kothi Hotel

While staying at the Roop Niwas Kothi Hotel we will visit a local market and return with produce and then enjoy cooking classes with a local chef.  These cooking classes are very ‘hands-on’ and we will sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labour at the end of each session.  We shall all return home being able to cook authentic Indian dishes.  Wonderful!

Market shopping with the locals

Market shopping with the locals

After our stay in the region of Shekawati we will return to Delhi for sadly, our final night.  We will enjoy a farewell dinner at one of the best North Indian restaurants in the country.

Amber Palace

Amber Palace

The founder of Rush Expeditions is Dr Jo Rush whose company reflects her ideals about what makes a memorable travel experience.  She believes visiting a new region needs to incorporate in the travel experience not only scenery but also the history, culture and cuisine of that country.

Spice markets

Spice markets

This is an opportunity to see a country through the eyes of an expert host who knows the region well and will be leading us not only to the best architectural monuments, the most spectacular scenery, the most amazing dining experiences, but also imparting an opportunity to come away with the knowledge, the skill and the love of cooking the culinary delights of North India.

Hotel swimming pool

Hotel swimming pool

The tour has been strategically placed during March/April to ensure the more mild weather allows for a more comfortable touring experience.

I would love you to join me and Steve as we show you India from an expert’s eye and indulge in an ultimate culinary experience.

Camel rides

Camel rides

For more information on costs, inclusions and greater depth on the itinerary, please view the brochure.

Rush Expeditions

Indian Delights Travel Brochure

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  1. Sounds like an amazing experience. I know everyone going will have fun.

  2. Arabella says:

    Count me in!

  3. Wow, Charlie, what an amazing adventure you will have!

  4. How exciting – Charlie – and we will no doubt be able to enjoy the trip with you:-)

  5. Oh how exciting for you Charlie! It sounds wonderful! 🙂

  6. I am so excited for you!! You will love it! I had the opportunity to visit all those places you mentioned years ago when I was a teen. Even then as a youngster I was just fascinated. Even though this is my ancestry, having never lived in India, I was thrilled to learn the history. I will have to dig out my photos for you 🙂
    As for the food, the Mughals knew their food, there is nothing like Mughlai food and you will be in heaven!!
    Can’t wait to hear all all about it!

  7. What an amazing itinerary and how exciting for you – sadly as much as I would love to join you I wiont be able to but will travel vicariously with you on Instagram.

  8. says:

    I am planning a trip to India in November with friends I made on a trip to Sri Lanka last year. Both are food trips. I am excited….and do think that it is a place you love or hate. I have been watching Rick Steins food programme lately. Was fortunate to meet him when he was a guest at the SWF last month. Have fun

  9. How interesting! You’ll have to let me know how it goes. I’ve been asked to host some tours too and I’m a bit nervous about it because I don’t know how it will go!

  10. Oh wow!
    That sounds like a fantastic trip, especially the cooking!
    Have a great time xx

  11. It looks and sound amazing… I hope I can get to go 🙂 Liz xx

    • Hi Liz. Steve here. I’ll be leading the trip to India. If you have any questions about this great adventure, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you in India.

  12. What an amazing itinerary you have planned. I’ve never been to India either, but like you, have heard good things from friends you have. I will look forward to hearing about your trip!

  13. This sounds incredible! What an amazing opportunity! I would love to get to India one of these days. 🙂

  14. Hi Charlie, can’t wait to read your posts about the trip, sounds amazing!

  15. I wish India was closer AND that Bill would be a better sport when it comes to “exotic” food!! You’re going to have a blast!!! xo

  16. Emma Cripps says:

    That looks amazing. How exciting – will add to wish list x

  17. This sounds so wonderful Charlie. I know you will have a marvellous time!

  18. Oh, what a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see your photos and posts.

  19. What an incredible holiday. I can’t afford it this year but I would have so much fun on a trip like this. Imagine spending that much time with other food lovers in a place like India.

    I’m going to bell the cat. How does Steve ensure that all the women will be safe and feel safe? Women aren’t very well respected in India.

    • I think there are ‘parts’ and ‘parts’ of India. We will have a private tour guide with us at all times and we’re not going to those other ‘parts’. I had dinner with friends last night who took their family of four teenage children to the same parts of India we’ll be visiting 18-months ago. They had no untoward incidents to report and thoroughly recommended North India to me.

  20. Wow. I can’t wait to read all about your adventure. What an opportunity for you.

  21. What a wonderful opportunity, especially since a ‘cooking adventure’ is also included. To me India is probably the most fascinating place in the world and of the hundreds of thousands of tourist/travellers every year I have never known any to come to harm except the occasional Delhi belly’ 🙂 !! My ex-husband and family have gone yearly or more for some 30 years and begin planning the next trip they arrive back from the previous one!!! Well I am aiming for the spice province of Kerala in the south: the Venice of India and oh the food!!!!!!

    • Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Eha and it’s lovely to hear your positive thoughts on India as a tourism destination. You will have to let me know about your holiday to Kerala on your return – it sounds amazing.

  22. What an amazing opportunity! Interesting culture and food. Make sure you pack a bit of Cipro for the trip in case as Eha states you get a little bit of the Dehli-belly.

  23. Stunning.
    Those camels take my breath away.
    FABULOUS creatures! xx

  24. My middle son just got back and had an amazing time! Enjoy.

  25. You will have a ball…I travelled to the same areas as you (also Udaipur) last March with three friends…the weather was perfect, the experiences sublime and our hotels luxurious…what an adventure to look forward to…it will be great to read about your thoughts on your return. x PS we always felt safe, we have a private driver and stayed in lovely places and never had a problem…just were careful where we ate and where we walked..

    • Thanks so much for your positive words, Monique. Lovely to hear from you and hear how much you loved your time in India – it’s exactly the same story as my friends have shared so I’m getting very excited about the tour.

  26. Ooo, how incredibly exciting. You are going to have a wonderful time!
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  27. Wow, Charlie. This is exciting. Trips into other worlds, other cultures, always feed my imagination as well as my mind and soul. I know you are going to be blown away by this experience. Can’t wait to read all about it right here on your site.

  28. That’s such exciting news, Charlie! India is definitely on my bucket list … you must be so excited!

  29. Wow, sounds like it will be a fantastic trip!

  30. What an amazing experience that will be! I can’t wait to see all of your posts about it.

  31. oooh that’s a bit exciting! What a great experience!

  32. I have known so many people who speak of travel to India with such enthusiasm it must be simply incredible. Your opportunity is certainly grand, Charlie, and I know you’re going to have an wonderful time. I am certain you’ll attract a wonderful group to travel with you. It will be fun to hear about your plans as they develop! 🙂

  33. Oh Charlie what an experience!

  34. What an exciting adventure you have to look forward to…I can’t wait to be an arm side traveler with you.

  35. OMG OMG OMG That is SOOOOO exciting Charlie 🙂 I bet you are so excited and already starting to count down! I would be so excited too, I’ve never been to India and don’t really know much about their culture or food so you’re going to have to tell me all about it x

  36. how exciting! What a fab adventure. Wish I could come #buysLottoTicket #RequestsFavourFromFairyGodmother

  37. I love your write up on the brochure. It looks wonderful, I have never had India on my bucket list but love the food…and watched with interest Rick Steins adventures. You have made it sound very tempting…….unfortunately the timing next year is not right for me as we are already committed elsewhere. I hope this venture progresses into the future I will watch with much interest your escapades, and food of course.

  38. Hi everyone. Steve here. I’ll be leading this amazing trip to India, and I wanted to introduce myself.
    I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to India on many occasions since my first time there way back in 1986. I now consider it my second home. I love its culture, its food, its differentness (made up word). I’ve led many tours there, in all regions of the country, and I love nothing more than being able to show others my favourite places.
    Joining Charlie and me on this trip will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember forever. During the course of this trip we will not only discover the many different foods of India, but we’ll also explore its history and culture along the way. We’ll visit opulent royal palaces and imposing medieval forts, and the highlight of them all, the superlative Taj Mahal.
    There are only sixteen places available, so please book early. Take a look at the brochure on the Rush Expeditions website, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. It’s going to be amazing!

  39. It sounds like a fabulous way to experience India and I think you will make an excellent co-host Charlie. I’ve always thought you’d make a great tour guide. What a trip!

  40. I’m just three children short of being able to do this sort of trip. I will love this sort of thing when more hands free.

    I’ve got Teen15 safely at boarding school but three still here at home… how soon can I get twins into boarding? Is 9 too young??!!

    • I would love for you to come on this trip, Seana; we would have great fun together. My youngest also wants to go to boarding school and he’ll be going just before his 12th birthday!


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