Vietnamese Pedi

After my previous experience that was  A Pampering Nightmare I decided to go back to my faithful Vietnamese friends who have a hand and foot spa business just a short stroll from where I live.

It really was beyond time for my last nail colour to be removed and my toes and feet needed a good sorting.

A lot of work needed here

I love it at the Vietnamese place but you don’t go there for serenity, spoiling or special treatment.  It’s quite no-frills, there’s not a lot of pampering and the process from start to finish occurs at lightening speed.  But, there’s no idle chat, it’s straight down to business and best of all, they don’t saw your nails with glass files.  This is supposed to be a mind-chilling experience, not a time that makes you so tense you dig your finger nails into the sides of the chair and clench your teeth until the blood drains from your extremities.

So many choices!

Once in the chair they throw some trashy magazines in your lap and you can begin having a few indulgent moments catching up on all the gossip of what’s (reportedly) going on in the lives of the rich and fabulous.

Oh no! Are Suri and Shiloh in a world of pain?

You might even have the chance to do a crossword!

Glad I brought my pen with me

And after a period of rest that was long overdue, my time was up and it was time to sadly, return the toe separators and vacate my seat for another customer.

Colour: I’m Blue for a Touch of Red


I spent $28.00 and feel a million dollars better.

It’s never too early or too late for a bit of Christmas red

Don’t they do a fabulous job!

What’s the best $28.00 you’ve ever spent?

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  1. ooo so pretty 😀 I love the red on you!

    Hmmm…best $28… I can’t think of anything right now… but I definitely LOVE a good buy ~

  2. I’m so with you, I have a favourite Vietnamese Nail Spa. In all honesty there isn’t much spa about it but they do a fabulous job and I come out with my feet looking and feeling wonderful. Why is it if my feet look glam I feel glam?! Surely, I should be thinking higher up – my Face not my feet!!?

  3. Good for you! That’s money we’ll spent. The best money I spent recently for myself was a $15 bunch of flowers just because.

  4. I don’t get pedis.

  5. Ooh, my last haircut was only $30 but it was probably my favorite so far! I tried out a student from the Aveda Institute, so she was very eager to please as opposed to arguing with me about how I wanted my hair to look.

  6. I, uh… Prolly wouldn’t get myself a pedi let alone pay $28 for it….??? But if we’re talking about pampering, I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $20 bucks to get myself a massage at the end of semester or after my final exams haha…! But, yeah. That’s a tricky question you’ve asked. AHHHH… I can’t think of what the best $28 I’ve ever spent is, dear God!! Maybe the 4 colourful ramekins I got from Victoria Market for $10? Yeah, pretty happy about that. But then, I decided to give it away for last year’s Kris Kringle. BAH!!

  7. I do like having fresh flowers in the house, and can get them for less than $28. I have some red tulips right now that the husband brought home. When those go, I think daffodils are in order if I can find some. I need to believe spring is coming.

  8. Nice looking toesies! I found some vintage but brand new never worn leather Etienne Aigner riding boots recently for $34 and that’s probably my best buy of late!

  9. I am envious! Your toes look great! And Thank Goodness you got to find out about Suri and Shiloh!

  10. Very nice colour!

    I just spent 25€ a few minutes ago on a massage at home, my back feels a million times better and I didn’t even have to drive to get it!!!!

  11. Do they fly to Switzerland??? Your feet look perfect! Like from a glossy magazine! I wish I had a Vietnamese pedicure place here…

  12. Would you look at those beautiful feet – wish I had lovely long toes like you – mine are more like mini pork sausages.
    🙂 Mandy

  13. Ive never had a pedi. Maybe I should try. If I had the time……. oh the treadmill

  14. I just can’t go near those places, and have to hold my breath going past the ones at the shopping mall or I get asthma, they are so stinky with chemicals!
    I recently found some magnetic knife guards on sale for $2 each and bought a dozen, I had paid nearly $70 for a two pack of the same brand earlier from a specialty shop. I love a good bargin!

  15. Not that I’m at all an expert but I have a feeling that most Moms would give far more than $28.00, if they could afford it, for a chance to sit back, relax, and get a little pampering. The fact that toes nails are painted, as well, is merely icing on the cake.

  16. I know what I’ll be doing next week – I am so overdue for a pedi!

  17. Those are some very nice looking toes you’ve got there! I would say the best $28 I ever spent was on my $20 yoghurt maker and a few ingredients. It’s so easy to make yoghurt and so much cheaper than buying it!

  18. You just made me laugh. I thought the first picture was the end result. So glad I kept scrolling down. I have to say my best find of late was a camera off clearance. It was still $100 but it was marked down from twice that and it takes such good pictures!

  19. Did you just say $28? Okay.. for that price your feet look amazing. I once bought a great vintage mirror for $25 that I fixed up and I’ve had for years. I would say that’s the best money I’ve spent in that price bracket that doesn’t involve clothes 🙂

  20. Dear Charlie Louie,

    Definitely won’t spend $28 on a pedicure but that amount would get me 3 hours of great foot massage and reflexology in Bangkok 🙂

  21. Well, it’s nice to know that the pedi is about the same in TO as it is in Australia, Charlie. I have my place (An’s) and it’s run by a Filipino lady. The ladies are very lovely but they don’t speak English (or pretend not to), which is fine by me as I am not an idle chatterer! They have the most wonderful massage chairs that can really do a number. I usually get a French Pedi and they don’t charge me extra (most places add $10-15 on top of the regular price…and why? I ask why? they use less polish!). Hmmm….I was just thinking I would love one. It would be fun to get one together!

    • hotlyspiced says:

      Yes Eva, that would be great. I must come to Toronto and have the Filipino experience with you. And I’m dying to hear how you survived jury duty. Perhaps I’ll read all about it in your next blog???

  22. What a gorgeous color!!! I think a pedicure is the ultimate pampering 🙂

  23. I love the shade of red you’ve selected. The best bucks I’ve spent on was getting a buy one get one free deal for canned foods to donate it to our local homeless shelters.

    I am due for a pedi, like forever 😀

  24. Lovely colour! That reminds me, I need to get my toes done too! 😀

  25. This is funny. We have a wonderful nail salon in my subdivision (I’m so lucky) owned by the funniest cutest couple who are from Viet Nam. My hour there getting a pedicure is the best hour of the week. Massage chair, gossip columns, iPad. I have to agree this is the way to spend $28.

  26. Haha, I’m not much of a pedicure expert, but your feet look indeed well taken care of 🙂

  27. I love getting pedis! I got my toes done last week, they look so much better.
    Good to see you are wearing Havianas. I am addicted to Havis, I own at least six pairs.

  28. Ok you’ve inspired me. I just took a look at my poor neglected toes and I concede, they need some serious attention. I’m a red gal too and pretty much the same darker shade of red as you. Hope your having a great weekend and have recovered from your marathon laps 🙂 xx

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