Batch Burgers & Espresso, Kirribilli

From where we live we can walk to the harbour foreshore where there’s a very picturesque walk that ends under the Harbour Bridge.  From our home it’s a 7km walk so it’s not something we do everyday, however, when the weather is good and we feel like being outdoors, it’s a good option. 

Batch at Kirribilli

Batch at Kirribilli

A few weeks ago we had a weekend of very mild temperatures and lovely sunshine where during the day, you only needed to wear one layer of clothing.  Yeah!  We were sitting at home with the little guy who was wanting ‘to do something’ so we decided to walk along the foreshore to the bridge and then take him to Luna Park.  He was excited.

Off we went and by the time we arrived at the harbour bridge we were hungry.  Alfie wanted to go to Batch, a tiny hole in the wall in Kirribilli that’s been open for about two years.  It’s a retro, 1950’s-looking American hamburger diner that’s always busy.  Alfie knows about it because he does early morning swim squads in a pool nearby and on the way home we stop there for a hot chocolate or a thickshake.  It was time to try something more.

Early morning swim squads

Early morning swim squads

Batch is so small it only has a few stools to sit on up at the counter and a couple of outdoor tables.  When we arrived there were a lot of people standing outside waiting for takeaway which is how a lot of their business is done.  Alfie wanted to sit up at the counter and we were fortunate to find three stools in a little patch of sunshine.

Outdoor dining is available

Outdoor dining is available

Alfie ordered the hotdog and was disappointed it was a real sausage instead of a traditional hot dog sausage.  However, disappointment over, he ate his hotdog with no complaints.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog:  $10.00

He also ordered the chocolate sundae that came with three different types of chocolate.  When he ate this he was absolutely silent – a sign that he was really enjoying it. 

Chocolate Sundae

Chocolate Sundae:  $9.00

There are quite a few burgers on the menu and I chose one of the less exciting.  I went with the standard cheese burger that came with onions, pickles, cheese, American mustard and ketchup.  The burger arrived quickly and I liked its presentation on the board with a knife stabbed through its centre.  The bun was very soft and a little sweet and the meat pattie had good height and was cooked medium rare.  With the listed ingredients, it did remind me of a fast food burger only this was a true burger and a vastly different experience.  

Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger:  $12.00

The French Fries arrived in a little basket and they were crunchy and crispy and I loved the retro sauce bottle.  When I was growing up everyone had one of these on their kitchen table.  Then they disappeared along with kitchen tables.  It’s lovely to see tomato sauce containers again. 


French Fries:  $5.00

Drew ordered the Grilled Chicken burger with avocado, cheese, lettuce and mayo.  He said it was the best burger he’s ever eaten. 

Chicken Burger

Grilled Chicken Burger:  $12.00

I wasn’t actually in blogging mode and was enjoying a day off.  Had I gone to Batch with an intention to write about it I would have been mindful to select the more interesting and exciting items on the menu.  Alas, I went for the standard cheese burger but, halfway through our meal I was so impressed with the setting, the speed with which the food arrives, and the quality of what’s produced, I knew I needed to share Batch with you.  

We sat at the counter

We sat at the counter

The retro vibe is engaging; the service fast and friendly, and while the menu isn’t exhaustive, what they do, they do very well.  And if you’d like a beer or a wine, it’s also licensed.  

Takeaway and home delivery is popular

Takeaway and home delivery is popular

And just a short walk away is the entrance to Luna Park – our next stop.

Luna Park

Luna Park

Verdict:  Out of a tiny space comes consistently fantastic food.

Batch Burgers & Espresso:  2/3A Broughton Street, Kirribilli 2061

Ph:  02 9929 8883

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  1. This is rad. I love little hole in the wall / street food style vendors that pump out incredible and tasty foods. How lucky is Alfie to swim in such a gorgeous location. I reckon id be inspired to be a swimmer if that was my outlook. Gorgeous and pinning for sure. 🙂
    Happy week to you Charlie. Hope its been pleasant and happy and fun filled so far.
    Cheers, Anna

  2. That has got to be the best outdoor swimming pool in the world – what an amazing view and sunrise. I laughed at Alfie being disappointed at getting a proper sausage instead of the usual crappy hot dog. What a great burger shop – incentive enough to do the walk to get there I think.

  3. I don’t eat burgers. But I know my husband would enjoy one like yours. And I would love the atmosphere. Great pick, Alfie.

  4. Sounds like a great little burger joint. It’s hard to beat a really good burger. Sadly I find the really good ones to be rare. Love the setting of the swimming pool too. Gorgeous!!!

  5. Great food, fun location and the weather was nice too. What more do you need? 🙂

  6. Sounds like a fabulous spot to take the family! Sounds like a fun day 🙂

  7. What a fun day! We’ve been walking to more places in our neighborhood lately. It’s so fun to arrive on foot. This has me craving a chicken burger now.

  8. Danielle says:

    I love everything about this post, but in particular, the photographs. Just gorgeous.

  9. I crack up at darling Drew. Everything he eats is the best ever. I want to be like that. He always finds something good to say about everything. (However, I do realise he’s a man. Nuff said)

    Sad about it not being a real US hotdog but I would really like this place too.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful place, sometimes they are the best places.

  11. This sounds like my kind of place Charlie and I will put it on the list when next in Sydney!

  12. We loved the retro design here! It’s so cute. The burgers were also good as well as the fries 🙂

  13. This looks like a great little place and nice to have so nearby. That top picture with the pool and the bridge is just gorgeous too – what a great view to have (almost) on your doorstep.

  14. What a gorgeous sunrise at Alfie’s swim practice. Batch looks like a fun place – I would love to go there.

  15. This looks like a good place to dine with kids. The picture of the pool is charming.

  16. I love when you share your adventures w/ me/us!!!
    Your life seems so much more exciting and fun than mine, darling! xxxx

  17. Great colors on the early morning swim squads picture — really fun photo. And this sounds like my kind of place. And there’s nothing wrong with blogging about standard cheeseburgers — that’s usually my burger of choice, too!

  18. I am so turned on by that Hot Dog. Is that bad? Or… Inappropriate? LOL

  19. This diner really does have an authentic look to it! When I was a child these diners were everywhere. There are still many of them in the United States and I think we all have our favorites. Sometimes our “favorite” isn’t the one with the best food. It’s all about how you feel when you sit in those booths, I think. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed your meal. It looked delicious!

  20. We haven’t had burgers for the longest time. Think we will have to braai a few when Pete is back home.
    Hope you are having an awesome time away.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  21. That definitely looks like a good find Charlie, the burgers sound fantastic. And it’s a good sign (at least it is in Canada) where burgers are not permitted to be served medium rare unless the restaurant makes the burger from scratch. It’s interesting that Drew’s chicken is called a burger, when it’s a chicken breast (or at least I think it is). Here a chicken burger would be ground chicken patty like a traditional beef burger only made with chicken. The cheese burger looks amazing. A hot dog for $10 seems a little excessive though. Lucky you to be that close to the beach! We have a half hour walk to the lake but only 10 minutes to the park.

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