Pelican Rocks Cafe, Greenwell Point

A few weeks ago we had a night in Greenwell Point, a town of just 1,200 people in a fairly unknown part of the NSW South Coast.  After waking up in the caravan park we looked for somewhere to have breakfast.  Being in such a small town our expectations were low however, we were very […]

Happy As Larry

In 2011, the City of Sydney asked the people what they would like for their city.  The overwhelming response was that they’d like better food options after dark.  A two-year trial was put in place and gave birth to the Sydney Food Truck scene serving a terrific variety of cuisine from around the world. Launching […]

Paragon Cafe, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Many years ago when I had just finished school, a friend of mine, Paul, invited me to a B&S Ball in Bathurst, a town west of the Blue Mountains.  I’ll spare you the goings-on of the B&S Ball, but on the way home Paul said, ‘I’ll take you to lunch at my grandmother’s restaurant’. The […]

Batch Burgers & Espresso, Kirribilli

From where we live we can walk to the harbour foreshore where there’s a very picturesque walk that ends under the Harbour Bridge.  From our home it’s a 7km walk so it’s not something we do everyday, however, when the weather is good and we feel like being outdoors, it’s a good option.  A few […]

East Coast Lounge, Chowder Bay

Sydney’s Chowder Bay takes its name from the whalers who used to make chowder from the abundant seafood they caught in the bay.  Up until recently Chowder Bay wasn’t open to the public as in 1890 a base was built for the Submarine Mining Corps then in 1922 it became a depot and barracks for […]

Blacksmith, Mona Vale – Cafe, Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

A few weeks ago I was meeting a friend of mine for lunch in Mona Vale.  We had an Asian noodle bar in mind but as Lou was walking through Pittwater Place she noticed Blacksmith.  And with its bold fit-out, it certainly makes a statement.  Considering it used to be a shoe shop, this is […]

Tom’s Restaurant, New York

It’s hard to imagine a restaurant with a more famous facade.  This humble diner on the corner of 112th Street and Broadway has people descending on it from all over the world.  ‘They land at JFK and take a cab right here’, the owner tells me.  And Arabella and I also had Tom’s Restaurant on […]

Raw and Wild, Bowral

Thank you all for your kind wishes and positive comments regarding my imminent trip to New York to be with Miss Arabella who now knows, solo-travel is not for everyone.  It’s truly lovely that so many of you have offered to catch up with us, if only we were in your part of the US. […]

The Beach Kiosk, Alexandra Surf Club

I think I’ve told you that when we had our mini-break on the Sunshine Coast, the sun didn’t shine.  But it did come out on the day we were leaving!  We woke to a glorious day of clear blue skies and warm sunshine and as we had just a few hours before heading to the […]

Avenue Road Cafe, Mosman

We are having the most glorious final burst of summer here in Sydney.  I’ve never known May to be so warm.  And I’m not complaining either.  It’s perfect conditions for going out for lunch and sitting in the sun and feeling those warm rays before reality sets in and it’s all over until next Spring. […]