Shark Attack Birthday Cake

Alfie has just celebrated his ninth birthday with a shark party where nine boys watched Jaws in his bedroom then had pizza and jelly cups followed by a Mintie scramble and a shark attack birthday cake.

The birthday cake arrives on the table

The birthday cake arrives on the table

Hooray!  It’s all over for another year.  That probably sounds a bit mean but I’m currently organising a 21st birthday party for one hundred and ten and that seems less stressful than having nine, 9-year olds over for a movie and pizza.  Am I alone out there in that I find the thought of organising a child’s birthday party enough to bring on a panic attack?

The components from 3 loaf cakes and 2 different cake recipes (2 were fudge cakes, one was a plain chocolate cake - go with a more dense cake like fudge for this design to give the pieces more strength)

The components from 3 loaf cakes and 2 different cake recipes (2 were fudge cakes, one was a plain chocolate cake – go with a more dense cake like fudge for this design to give the pieces more density and strength)

Despite the feeling of dread, it wasn’t too bad; it’s just for anyone else out there organising a party for that age group of boys, this party was too sedentary.  Boys like more action and activity than what we offered and even if you don’t provide it, they will create it.

Covered in icing, now to make his face

Covered in icing, now to make his face

This movie and pizza party was more like ‘war games’.  Everything turned into a weapon.  While the movie was playing they were seated on pillows and bean bags.  These were picked up and used for pillow fights that they whacked into their opponent with such force that if they were taken by surprise they were knocked from their feet.  My pillows will never be the same – they were soft rectangles and now they’re tight little hard circles.

A great white pointer is devouring a lego figure

A great white pointer is devouring a lego figure

They loved the jelly cups that came with little spoons but then came up with the idea of running around the backyard flicking little specks of jelly into their opponent’s face.  This produced riotous laughter and was the noisiest ‘game’ of the three-hour ordeal and every inch of every boy became slimy and sticky.

Jelly cups

Jelly cups

The Mintie scramble was supposed to be a few minutes of fun and it was.  But afterwards they organised themselves into two teams and the minties were used as missiles they hurled at each other with such force it was like being on the receiving end of a Wimbledon tennis champion’s serve.  I cowered behind the sandstone foundations of our house fearing losing an eye.

Ready for the candles

Ready for the candles

I would say it was a success though as there were no concussions, no ‘missing persons’, no tears and I didn’t even reach for a drink.

These boys all have good mothers and they all arrived promptly to take their darling home.  I dangled a lolly bag in front of their son as I thanked him so much for coming and led him to the front gate.

Lolly bags decorated with sharks

Lolly bags decorated with sharks

But in between their war games they told me how much they loved the cake.  Alfie was disappointed with it.  He wanted it to have a women’s legs dangling from the mouth of the vicious people-slayer with blood splattered all around the cake board but I pulled back from the gruesome factor and just presented the shark.  As an appeasement to his disappointed face, we stuck a lego figure into the mouth of the Great White and loudly said that was just as good.

Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

Here’s how you can make your own Great White Shark…

Great White Shark Cake

Serves:  20

Degree of Difficulty:  4/5

Cost:  I used packet cake mixes (but don’t tell anyone).  I believe this cake cost less than $20.00.

  • 3 cakes (any flavour) baked in 12cm (5 inches) x 24cm (10 inches) loaf tins, cooled and frozen (it’s best to freeze cakes as it makes them easier to ice (frost).
  • 250gms (2 sticks) softened butter
  • 3 cups icing sugar, sifted
  • 4 tbspns milk
  • black food colouring
  • poultry pin or skewer
  • 2 x blue smarties (for eyes)
  • peppermint tic taks for teeth
  • cake board approximately 30cm x 50cms (12 inches x 20 inches)

Place butter in a Kitchen Aid (or similar) and beat until it is as white as possible.  Gradually add the icing sugar then when all added, add the milk a tablespoon at a time, then beat until icing is smooth (about 10 minutes).  Add black food colouring until icing turns a light grey colour.

Remove cakes from freezer.  Take 2 of the cakes and join end to end.  Cut out body of shark from these 2 cakes.  (You will have some leftover as otherwise cake will be too long for the board).  Using cut-away pieces of cake, shape side fins.  Take remaining cake and make the shark’s tail and dorsal fin.  Shape cake pieces so they look more rounded like a shark.

Place body of cake on board.  Cover in icing.  Add side fins and cover with icing.  Add tail and cover with icing.  Attach dorsal fin with poultry skewer or similar then cover with icing.

Stick blue smarties into face to create ice.  Poke tic tacs into face to create a mouth. in fridge until ready to serve.

The only kind of shark you ever want to come face-to-face with

The only kind of shark you ever want to come face-to-face with

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  1. Well produced. Ludky boy(s). Jolly fine shark’s teeth too. That candle-lit shot is always worth getting.

  2. Danielle says:

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all and I bet Alfie will remember this party as one of the best in years to come. Your shark cake is most impressive, I don’t think I could assemble anything that resembled a shark, mine would turn out like a lumpy fish. Love the lolly bag idea with the shark stickers!

  3. LOL Happy Birthday Alfie. I think that’s a pretty nifty cake and those teeth – how scary. 🙂

    You’re a terrific mother to make this cake and host the party.

  4. I think you did an amazing job with this shark. I’m with you on the lady hanging out of the shark. That may have had you receiving calls from the parents once the kids were home.

    You really shaped that shark perfectly as for your 20 year old party – that would make me nervous with so many. The only nervous part about 9 year old is the fact that the kids could easily destroy the hous.

    Fun post and great cake.

  5. Lucky Alfie, such a perfect shark party!
    The shark cake is amazing ( I suppose Alfie wouldn’t approve the word cute for his cake 🙂
    Good luck for the next birthday party, I think you probably need a little and well deserved break after this.

  6. Gotta love Alfie! I haven’t had a big kid’s party in a while; I used to have my sons have a couple of boys over for a weekend when they were pre- and early teens.Grandson wants to try that…I have a while to worry about it,

  7. That is one awesome (can’t believe I typed that word) cake.

    I must confess, I never hosted a birthday party for my son, although my daughters had many, likely for the reasons you listed but also because by the third child I was exhausted. Oh, that is no excuse, is it?

    Sounds like the boys had a fabulous time.

  8. Congratulations!! I don’t blame you for that sigh of relief. As you know , I’m gearing up for this very event for Laith and yes, I’m already anxious. He’s already mentioned a few ideas and I think I’m breaking out in hives! Luckily, we live across from a very big park and football field, I’m thinking a BBQ out there and basically, spend most of the time in the fields between the play ground and football. That should be ok right??!!
    Now, the treats to school and the cake, those need some thought ;).
    You did such an awesome job with the shark cake! I’m well impressed. I would’ve liked to see gory too 🙂
    Now at least, you can concentrate on Archie’s 21st, which I’m quite sure will be spectacular! xx

  9. Little boys want a lot of bloodshed and gore at that age, don’t they? Such a cute cake. 🙂

    A mini hurdle overcome before the big one with 110 much older boys (and girls). Good luck and you probably WILL need a drink or three after that one is done.

  10. Okay, I’m so impressed by your cakes! I’m inspired to try a sculpted one!

  11. I yhijk it looks fantastic Charlie! I guess I have wild boys’ birthday parties to look forward to too.

  12. That is one amazing cake, Charlie!! You are truly talented!!! Those goodie bags are adorable, too! Boys… they’re so rough!! 😉 xo

  13. Great cake. I remember the dread of a boy party!! By 9 all parties were off site, somewhere I didn’t have to clean up and my house wasn’t used as a castle with full battle raging. I sort of miss it now! GG

  14. The cake looks brilliant and I am glad not to see blood everywhere after seeing a group called the spooky ukies yesterday which had as much fake blood as I want to see for the next year. I did wonder about if you could have stuck a couple of barbie doll legs in the mouth – best use for a barbie doll that I can think of 🙂 The party sounds like a challenge and a success – having gone through a party recently I feel your pain – though my stress was leading up to the party and worrying about games and collapsing cakes. The shark theme is a great idea

  15. Great cake Charlie and I don’t think anyone could blame you for being relieved that it was over. Boys are a different breed aren’t they? I never had a brother so I missed out on the boisterousness that is boys 🙂

  16. G’day! Happy Birthday Alfie! Great cake Charlie!
    I have been to the real beach the movie was filmed at and when I saw it in the movie theater when it first released….it STILL haunts me to this day!
    AND has affected the way in the ocean water I stand and play!
    Cheers! Joanne

  17. Happy Birthday Alfie! This is one amazing shark cake. You have gone all out on his B-day. I know you rated this cake as 4 out 5 but for me it might be an 8. Lots of technical work here. Thank goodness for frosting it might help me with covering my mistakes. I remember when one of my teenagers was 4 I made a rocket cake and it was quite fun but so much work. I am happy now that they are older they are just as happy with a cheese cake or just a layered cake. Have a super weekend. BAM

  18. What an amazing cake! I once attempted something similar and made a Sloth cake for my daughter’s friend. It took 7 smaller cakes and 6 hours of my time but it was very much appreciated and worth the smiles on the kids faces. Sounds like Alfie and the kids had a ball!

  19. I really think you should have baked another Lego man inside the shark for when it was cut into Charlie- a great gory surprise! Boys love a good scare, don’t they. How bizarre that Jaws was full on horror in it’s day, but now it’s laughable and funny for little fellows? Littlej chuckled all the way through it too and now she wants to see Sharknado.
    I hope the Big Boy party goes as well as the Little Boy’s one. Maybe jelly shots instead of plain jelly cups 🙂 xox

  20. I really love the cake and the entire theme is perfect for a ninth birthday! Happy Birthday to a very special nine-year old boy. He is just the dearest thing…he, and his rowdy playmates. I would gladly go back to my son at that age, although I will be honest and admit that I’m undoubtedly only remembering the good parts. LOL! A delightful party for all, I’m sure, and now you can move “full speed ahead” on Archie’s big event! Great job, Charlie. 🙂

  21. Wow, that is one impressive birthday cake. I bet the birthday boy was very happy with that. Great job on the icing!

  22. You have such amazing talent, I am so envious, and sorry didn’t get the dog artisan treats, I got to carried away with the human food at the bakery, I forgot the poor puppy, but will go back this week or next weekend promise lol. And having a boy/girl twins, it was really hard trying to do two different parties on the same day, I am so glad that is all over and their dad can do the 21st lol 🙂

  23. You are a wonderful party thrower! Despite the lack of provided action (which clearly was a non-issue given they made their own), this sounds like a perfect 9-year-old boys’ party. The cake is very impressive too!

  24. Oh funny Charlie. I sure dont miss the birthday parties etc. Love the vision of you hiding and the one of your circle pillows. You make me smile.

  25. Charlie, you make THE best cakes. I reckon you should book yourself a spa weekend once the 21st is over and done with.
    Have a lovely week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  26. What a great party idea! I love it. I may do this for Mr. N this year. Movie, themed cake and goody bags. Nice and simple! (If I only had your cake skills.) 😉 I’m sure they all had a blast. Nicely done Charlie!

  27. So cute. I did a tele tubby cake once 12 years ago and it about killed me. Now my kids get cookies or pie.

  28. A Happy Birthday to Alfie! What a cake and what a theme! Just like boys I’d say. Sounds like everyone had fun. Of course it sounds like most of your fun was in the prep.:)

  29. I have one coming up…a 11th actually, and it’s giving me panic attacks, much like the shark in the picture would give. Lovely looking cake Charlie! Who cares if the cake is a mix. In fact, even better for non bakers like us!

  30. I would have been reaching for a drink just trying to work out how to make a shark shape with bits of cake!! How cute that Jaws is still a watchable movie for 9 years olds after all this time – remember how scared we all were when it first came out how technical the special effects were? Happy birthday to Alfie. Can’t wait to see what the Archie’s cake looks like – no pressure though!

  31. Sounds like the perfect boy’s party to me. And yes, there definitely should have been some legs hanging out of the mouth. LOL.

  32. What a great birthday cake! Yes, 9 year olds can be hard to plan a party for, they are on the cusp of childhood and pre-teen, so you can never tell if they’ll think something is too ‘babyish’. Sounds like it was a success. 🙂

  33. That’s so cool!!! I love who you’re literally able to make a cake into any shape the vodka bottle before and now a shark 🙂

    I remember I watched jaws when I was 13 and I was freaked out so I’m not sure how the boys watch it at age 9 hehe!

  34. You are way too talented my friend, I love shark attack so this cake is calling to me 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  35. What a fantastic job you did with that cake!

  36. Wow! Your shark is awesome! I bet they loved cutting it up 🙂

  37. The shark cake looks excellent. Oooh how I hate little boy’s birthday’s unless you have a big garden and then they can just “go for it”. How glad I am that it is no longer my responsibility and I can just sit back and watch as my son’s and daughters manage any situation. They have been going out to activities like trampolining or the skate park of late, so much better – and we pray no one needs and ambulance. (Love the lego figurine)

  38. I give you credit, Charlie, for not reaching some “fortification” as the first boys arrived. You did give me a good chuckle thinking of your hiding behind the sandstone foundations — and yet, still no “fortification”. A movie, pizza, and a shark attack cake, too? It sounds like a fantastic party for a bunch of 9 year-olds. Way to go, Mum!

  39. You ROCK! Seriously your skill with cakes is so beyond me. Maybe someday I will try to change this issue, but for now I will just enjoy your lovely creations! What a fabulous cake, Hugs, Terra

  40. You know, it took me a while to make the connection between Jaws and the shark cake… duh, I think I must be a bit slow today! Was that Archie’s choice? I’m surprised they went for Jaws – that’s a super old film… been years since I saw it. Sounds like a fun time. I remember similar things when I was a kid. It must have been so stressful for my poor parents!

  41. Oh my, this cake is incredible!! Wow!

  42. Listen, you might not think you organized a good party for 9-yr old boys (adn I do get what you mean) but not many 9-yr olds get such a cool cake! I took notes while reading this post… this summer my boy turns 5 and I am already having nightmares.

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