Almond Biscuits and…Starting School

Long, long ago when Archie was at pre-school there came a day when it was time to make that transition to big school.  I had booked Archie into a school that said you could only attend if you turned five before the end of the year.  Archie wouldn’t turn five until the January.  The school […]

Chinese Chews and ‘TV Will Rot Your Brain’

Having freed up my Saturday mornings by removing myself from Art Classes, my father, who didn’t like us to be idle, would put us all into the Holden (no disc brakes, no air-conditioning, no electric windows, no air-bags, no CD-player, no sun-roof and no heated seats), drop my big sister off at Art Class and […]

Currant Scones and ‘m Back on Air

Did you miss me? I missed you all terribly.  I did let all my facebook friends know that my little guy, the one who was my favourite but now isn’t, downloaded a virus onto my laptop.  He and the boy nextdoor are into something called Mindcraft (or it could be Minecraft – who really cares), […]

Social Etiquette

A few nights ago I attended an event in the city.  An Australian food company was launching a new product range and had chosen an international celebrity to be the face of the new range so that celebrity was going to be the star attraction of the event.  I was invited because I am blogging […]

Bubble Bars and…The Help

Over the years we’ve had many babysitters for our children and some have been excellent; the kind where you walk out the door and feel no anxiety.  Others have just been appalling. When selecting a babysitter the problem is that you’re limited by choice because usually you end up with whoever will say, ‘yes’.  Other […]

Rock Cakes and…Transport, Torch-Light and Going Topless

I had another holiday in the Marlborough Sounds when I was 14.  By then we were living in Australia and my parents gave me a trip to New Zealand as a Christmas present.  I stayed in Wellington for a while and then took the ferry across the Cook Strait (wonderful voyage this time) and then […]