Crispy Baked Chicken with Tonkatsu Sauce

After a couple of days of not being exactly sure of where we were, I definitely know where we are now.  We’re on the West Coast of the USA and in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  (I don’t mean to spoil the illusion but this is a virtual tour – it’s just I’ve had […]

Sokyo at Star, Pyrmont

It’s been almost two years since I went to Sokyo.  In November 2012 I attended an event at the venue where Al Pacino was the guest of honour.  That was a cocktail party so I wasn’t able to sit down and dine and experience the brilliance that is Chase Kojima, head chef of Sokyo. Chase […]

Konnichi Wa, Ogenki Desu Ka

When I was a teenager I attended the local high school that was only a short level walk from home.  There was nothing terribly remarkable about this school however it did become known for having educated a girl named Elanor McPherson who for many years has been better known as ‘Elle’ or ‘The Body’. Besides […]