Cracker Mania

Day 7 in our 10-part series and we’ve landed back in Australia and we’re in Sydney. I mentioned in Part 1 of the series that I would be sharing recipes that intimidated me.  This is one of them.  I’ve seen crackers on other blogs and although I’ve been inspired to take up the challenge, I’ve […]

Crispy Baked Chicken with Tonkatsu Sauce

After a couple of days of not being exactly sure of where we were, I definitely know where we are now.  We’re on the West Coast of the USA and in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  (I don’t mean to spoil the illusion but this is a virtual tour – it’s just I’ve had […]

The Novice vs Jamie

I’m celebrating.  I’ve managed to cook one of Jamie Oliver’s 30- minute meals in one hundred minutes.  That’s my best result so far.  Somehow, I don’t think a letter of congratulations is going to arrive any time soon from Jamie Oliver Central. Do you have Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals cookbook?  It’s sold millions of copies […]

She Knows & Chicken and Barley Stew

She Knows is a women’s blogging site that is all encompassing and includes entertainment, beauty and love, parenting, home and living, food and health and wellness.  She Knows has listed their favourite Top 10 food bloggers and I was honoured and overwhelmed to be included on their list. I thought I would introduce you to […]