The Oaks, Neutral Bay

The Oaks, oak tree

The Oaks is an iconic pub in Sydney’s Neutral Bay.  It opened its doors in 1885 and throughout its 120 year history, it has never failed to be a place that Sydney-siders will frequent time and time again. By a stroke of good fortune, Lorraine had an appointment at The Oaks and asked if, along […]

Nomad, Surry Hills

All the kitchen-action happens right in front of you.

Towards the end of last year, Celia, Tania, Lorraine and I wanted to got together to celebrate making it through another year, the joy of the Christmas season with the exchanging of home-made gifts, and the treat of getting together over a meal. We decided to go to Nomad, a newly-opened restaurant in Surry Hills. […]

The 2013 Top Five

Slow-cooked beef cheeks in red wine and mushrooms

WordPress has very kindly sent me a kind of ‘Year in Review’.  It’s a summary of how things went down over at Hotly Spiced Headquarters during 2013. It let me know my five most popular posts.  I’ve seen these lists before and every year the list never fails to surprise.  I thought I’d share these […]

In My Kitchen, December 2013

Treasured Christmas recipes

In my kitchen is a broken window.  Can you guess who did it?  Yes, it was Archie.  He’s lost three house keys since March and a few nights ago he came stumbling home in the early hours of the morning and realised (no surprise) that he didn’t have a key.  Rather than knock on the […]

Bion Societe, Camperdown

Tuna Salad:  $17.00

Last week I met up with Lorraine, Celia and Tania at Bion Societe in Camperdown.  The reason for the get-together was for no good reason at all except that the four of us hadn’t spent time together since the launch of Lorraine’s book an entire season ago, (almost two). And due to demanding schedules (that […]

In My Kitchen, September 2013

My Bear Grylls

September and Spring already!  It’s such a lovely feeling to see the back of winter. In my kitchen I have a very special balsamic vinegar given to me by Tania.  In Tania’s blog posts she often mentions different types of balsamic vinegars and I have often felt like a Philistine by comparison in that my […]

Slow-Cooked Beef Cheeks with Mushrooms and Red Wine

Slow-cooked beef cheeks

Since starting my blog I’ve become addicted to visiting blogs every morning.  I like this for the sense of community I feel from being invited into a part of your lives but also because I love the sneak peek into your kitchens and seeing what you’re putting on your table.  I find this inspiring and […]

In My Kitchen, August 2013

Coconut and Pineapple Cake

I haven’t done an ‘In My Kitchen’ post for a while; mostly because I didn’t want to bore you with the mundane items that fill my kitchen in order to fill the mouths of hungry uni student and reluctant eight-year olds.  Not terribly exciting! But this month I do have a few things worth sharing.  […]

Irene Gleeson, the ‘Lioness of Africa’

Amongst her children

A few days ago I was enjoying a quick catch-up with Lorraine and Celia.  We were talking about what we’d been up to and I had to let them know that sadly, I’d been to another funeral.  ‘Another funeral?’ asked Celia, ‘Wasn’t there just one?’  And I said, ‘No, there’s been two’. And so I […]

Hotly Spiced in Free-Fall

One bit of enjoyment this weekend has been my new outdoor heater

On Friday night I posted Egg Baskets and…the Sleepover.  Two of you managed to comment on that post before it disappeared.  That post and all my posts written from February until June 21 disappeared.  Poof, they were gone.  Celia and Lorraine started sending me urgent texts.  With minimal IT knowledge I didn’t know what to […]